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Ice Cream is one of America’s favorite desserts. It goes with anything, and for hard core ice cream lovers, even the cold weather of winter does not discourage them from enjoying this frozen treat. Years ago when ice cream makers first came on the market, making ice cream meant hand cranking ice cream in a barrel with rock salt. These machines have come a long way and now can be operated with the push of a button. So for all the ice cream lovers out there, here are evaluations on the best models that stand out among the crowd of ice cream making machines.

Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker


Editorial Rating
Value (10 of 10)
Quality (9.5 of 10)
Popularity (9.7 of 10)

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Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker Review

Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Indulgence is a fully automatic 2 quart ice cream maker. It makes ice cream, yogurts and sorbets quickly and automatically in about 30 minutes from start to finish. The Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Indulgence comes with an ingredient spout for mix-ins. This allows you to make customized ice cream to your families taste. Add in Oreos or M&M’s and create a special treat for the family. The Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Indulgence is easy to use and comes in a sleek brushed stainless steel housing. With easy clean up and simple instructions your family can be enjoying homemade ice cream in no time. The Cuisinart-ICE-30BC Indulgence has a double insulated freezer bowl that must be frozen before use. It is a compact design that can be kept in the freezer between uses, for faster ice cream making. The unit comes with a recipe book that includes no cook recipes and custard based recipes. Add the ice cream cookbook by Ben and Jerry’s and you will have the whole neighborhood begging for freshly made ice cream. It comes with a three year warranty.


  • Make frozen treats in less than 30 minutes
  • Fully automated
  • Integrated spout for mix-ins
  • Double insulated freezer bowl makes 2 quarts of ice cream
  • 3 year warranty

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Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker


Editorial Rating
Value (9.8 of 10)
Quality (9.9 of 10)
Popularity (9.2 of 10)

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Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker Review

Cuisinart ICE-21 is a 1 ½ quart fully automated ice cream maker. It also makes sorbets and yogurts in less than 30 minutes. The double insulated freezer bowl allows you to make ice cream and frozen treats with no mess. Just place the bowl in the freezer until there is no movement between the insulated bowls. Then you know the center is frozen. Then add your cold ingredients, press start and watch ice cream being made. The Cuisinart-ICE-21 comes with a clear, easy to lock lid. This enables you to watch the ice cream being made, and to add mix-ins during the end of the process if desired. The clean-up is easy and the frozen treats are creamy and delicious. If you are looking for a fun family activity, or just want to have fresh ice cream while controlling the ingredients, then the Cuisinart-ICE-21 is the ice cream maker to get. The machine comes with a 3 year warranty.


  • 1 ½ quart fully automated
  • Double insulated freezer
  • Clear lid with spout for mix-ins
  • Makes frozen treats in less than 30 minutes
  • 3 year warranty

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Maxi-Matic Elite gourmet Ice Cream Maker


Editorial Rating
Value (9.8 of 10)
Quality (9.6 of 10)
Popularity (9.1 of 10)

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Maxi-Matic Elite gourmet Ice Cream Maker Review

Maxi-Matic Elite gourmet ice cream maker has both electric and manual settings. This pine bucket design creates the nostalgia of old time ice cream making, combined with automatic settings that are easy to use. The Maxi-Matic Elite makes ice cream, gelato, sorbet and yogurt treats. The machine uses ice and rock salt, like the old fashion machines, instead of the double insulated frozen canisters. Users can decide whether to use the electric motor or the hand crank option. If you hand crank the ice cream after the motor has finished making the frozen treats, the ice cream will get harder. The Maxi-Matic Elite makes 4 quarts of ice cream in around 40 minutes. Softer serve frozen treats like sorbet and yogurt take less time. Step back in time, and enjoy some homemade ice cream that will remind you of family picnics and holidays of days gone by, without all the work. The Maxi-Matic Elite provides the best of both worlds.


  • Pine wood bucket
  • Manual and automatic options
  • Makes frozen treats in 40 minutes
  • 4 quart bucket
  • Easy to clean and operate

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