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Water filter pitchers have become more popular in recent years as health conscious consumers seek to purchase products that are healthy, save money and environmentally friendly. The water filter pitchers accomplish all three of these objectives. They are healthy because they remove contaminants from the water. This not only makes water taste better, but provides a healthier drink. They save money by reducing the number of water bottles that are purchased. They help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that are used and then disposed of.

Finding the right water filter pitcher for your family can be a challenge. With so many products available on the market, we have reviewed and selected the ones that best meet consumer needs.

MAVEA Water Filter


Editorial Rating
Value (9.7 of 10)
Quality (9.5 of 10)
Popularity (9.2 of 10)

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MAVEA Water Filter Review

MAVEA-1005770-Elemaris-Filtration-Pitcher filters water leaving in the good minerals while taking out the bad. The Mavea Maxtra filter provides clean and safe drinking water in a pitcher that is easy to refill and re purify. The MAVEA-1005770-Elemaris-Filtration-Pitcher takes out harmful contaminates like chlorine, mercury, copper and herbicides often found in water. It also lakes out lime and softens hard water. On the other hand it leaves in beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are all minerals we need for a healthy body. There is never a need to wonder when to change the filter as the MAVEA-1005770-Elemaris-Filtration-Pitcher has an indicator that will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. All parts are BPA-Free. The pour through lid makes refilling the pitcher easy and convenient. It also has rubber feet to prevent slipping and scratching. The Mavea Maxtra filter has a micro screen that activates the carbon in the filter without presoaking. The MAVEA-1005770-Elemaris-Filtration-Pitcher arrives ready to use for many years of cleaner, safer water.


  • Mavea Maxtra Filter
  • BPA-Free
  • Change filter indicator
  • Pour through lid
  • 9 cup capacity and comes in 6 different colors

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PUR Water Filter


Editorial Rating
Value (9.9 of 10)
Quality (9.6 of 10)
Popularity (9.4 of 10)

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PUR Water Filter Review

The PUR-Dispenser-Pitcher-Filter-DS holds 180 ounces or 1.125 gallons of purified water. Each filter can purify over 40 gallons of water. There is a change filter indicator that tells you when the filter needs to be changed. The PUR-Dispenser-Pitcher-Filter-DS removes harmful chemicals, bad taste and odors from water. It removes over 96% of contaminants found in water, including hard water problems. The filter removes 13 different contaminants, where most filters only remove around 6. This provides you with pure great tasting water. If used daily the filter will last around 2 months. The PUR-Dispenser-Pitcher-Filter-DS has a very narrow design which allows it to fit neatly in the fridge. The pour spout makes for dispensing water easily without removing the pitcher from the fridge. There is a handle that provides an easy way to move the pitcher to the sink, to refill it. The PUR-Dispenser-Pitcher-Filter is dishwasher safe.


  • Removes 96% of contaminants
  • Holds over a gallon of water
  • Narrow design and pour spout for easy storage and use in fridge
  • Change filter indicator
  • Handle for easy portability

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Brita Water Filter


Editorial Rating
Value (9.8 of 10)
Quality (9.9 of 10)
Popularity (8.8 of 10)

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Brita Water Filter Review

The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher has an 8 cup capacity. The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher reduces chlorine, zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium, which are the most contaminants found in tap water. 1 filer will replace around 300 water bottles. The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher has a change filter indicator which takes the guesswork out of when to change the filter. The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher saves you money from having to constantly purchase filtered or bottled water. It also helps the environment by not sending all that plastic to landfills. The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher is BPA-Free and dishwasher safe. It has a comfort grip handle that is comfortable to lift and easy to pour. The Brita-Marina-Water-Filter-Pitcher has an easy fill lid with a flip top. This makes pouring water simple and easy as well as refilling the pitcher. The sleek design makes the pitcher good for serving and putting on the table as well as keeping in the fridge.


  • 8 cup capacity
  • BPA-Free
  • Change filter indicator
  • Easy fill lid and comfort grip handle
  • Reduces the 5 most common contaminants found in tap water

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