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Best Arthritis Glove

Arthritis Glove Review

Arthritis Glove Reviews

Hand Arthritis is a terrible disease because it causes severe inflammation and pain. In the end, you may also lose of the use of the fingers and functions in your hands. Fortunately, there is a remedy to this in the form of Arthritis gloves. Arthritis gloves are a specialized type of glove designed specifically for Arthritis patients. The gloves are designed to reduce pain and even swelling to improve mobility of the hand. This is achieved through mild compression. There are various types of arthritis gloves available and your choice often depends on your budget and the functionality that you require. All arthritis gloves have the finger tips open as to provide grip and enable touch. An important thing to note is that they can be worn all day and night. There are also other types of arthritis gloves which are heated to improve circulation.

Most Popular Arthritis Glove


5/5 Product Rating

These arthritis gloves are simply wonderful. They work by capturing your natural body heat to relieve you from pain brought on by arthritis. The gloves are shaped anatomically to give warmth, compression and support. The outer material of the gloves has a texture to provide better grip and functionality. The gloves reduce the likelihood of swelling and even reduce pain in the sore joints. These will be particularly helpful to those that require mild heat therapy for stiff joints in the hand. The gloves feature a Velcro wrist closure, which allows for a better fit and easy application.The gloves may be worn when doing chores around the house or performing a wide variety of tasks that can trigger swelling.

  • Excellent fit and forms to the hand
  • They provide the required amount of compression while allowing for the use of the hands
  • Reduce and assist with the negative effects of arthritis
  • The gloves are excellent to use in all kinds of weather be it cold or warm
  • They provide excellent support required for advanced stage arthritis

Best Overall Arthritis Glove


4.8/5 Product Rating

These compression gloves are from IMAK. They are warm, light and were actually designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The gloves are knitted and are designed to provide you with some mild compression to reduce swelling and pain by enhancing circulation of blood in your hands. These gloves allow you to continue performing your everyday tasks without restriction. This is even if you suffer from arthritic hands that are either cold or stiff. The gloves come with open tips in the fingers so that you continue to feel, grip and touch while keeping your hands well insulated, comfortable and warm. Caring for the gloves is easy by hand washing and air dry.

  • You can still use a computer keyboard while wearing them
  • Provide the required warmth and compression for arthritic hands
  • The gloves have an excellent fit and are very comfortable
  • The gloves do not prevent performance of everyday activities
  • Durable and easy to care

Best Budget Arthritis Glove


4.6/5 Product Rating

These arthritis gloves are designed specifically for women. They come as apair, which is a wrist and carpal tunnel typeof glove providing pain relief for the hand. The gloves provide support in addition tomuch needed warmth to alleviate pain and stiffness. These are specifically made for arthritis patients with mild to severe conditions and offer mild compression in order to lessen swelling and pain. They are also quite good at providing warmth by enhancing the circulation of blood. The gloves are made of thin material, which means that performance of your daily activities will not be restricted. The open tips in the fingers allow you to touch, grip and feel. When shipped the package weighs 2.1Oz but the gloves weigh just 1.4oz.

  • The gloves have a very nice fit for women
  • Fast relief of pain and swelling
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Allow you to continue daily activities that requires detail and feel of the fingers
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Arthritis Glove Buying Guide

Arthritis Glove 2

It is fairly common to see old people have gnarled and disfigured hands, the stuff of horror stories. Some have knobby knees with odd protrusions while they are also hunched. You’d think it was okay because they’re old anyway.

Some may even think that don’t need to function like the rest of society. However, what they have can also be found in middle-aged and even young people. It does not choose the age, race or gender that it victimizes. Many fully-functional workers have it which becomes a burden for them and eventually renders them incapable of working anymore.

Many people suffer from joint stiffness accompanied by pain and sometimes swelling especially in the fingers, wrists and the knees. Every morning, some have difficulty unclenching their hands because that’s how stiff they’ve become. These people have arthritis which has more than a hundred different types.

That is most commonly seen in the aged, but the younger generations are not immune to it either. This disease afflicts millions of people around the world and is a serious factor in decreased productivity for a lot of them as it is also the leading cause of disability in the U.S. It is also progressive and degenerative meaning that as you get older, your condition may worsen especially if you do not take medications and the appropriate care needed by your joints.

Types of Arthritis Gloves

Two types of arthritis are most common, osteoarthritis where the cartilage between the joints stiffen and rheumatoid arthritis where inflammation and swelling can be seen. Both are very painful and uncomfortable. Medications can be prescribed but there is still no known cure.

This is why it is important for people with this disease to have proper pain management and guidance as to how to still be productive individuals. There are many devices and aids that people with arthritis may use to ease their functioning through the pain of this disease because it is known to be debilitating that even opening a jar of jelly can be a daunting task for them. One such device is arthritis gloves that are for sale in the market now.

In general, arthritis gloves work by soothing the pain experienced by people who have arthritis in their fingers. They serve as cushion for the inflamed joints and also as a warm compress to lessen the swelling and pain. In theory, the heat produced by the hands is trapped by the gloves thereby keeping it warm.

Some products though have balms that you have to apply and spread on your hands and fingers. Then you cover them with gloves which then provide the warmth that you’ll feel to soothe your stiff fingers. There are arthritis gloves that use infrared rays to decrease the swelling of the joints and provide comfort to the consumer.

Arthritis Glove 3

They are made with bio-ceramic fibers. These fibers emit infrared rays that eventually help the patient. When they get in contact with the skin, they work to lessen the pain and stiffness their users experience as they increase blood circulation in the hands. With proper circulation, inflammation is diminished in the area.

These gloves usually have holes for the fingertips so that consumers will still be able to use their grip and to handle things. They much look like ordinary gloves used by weight lifters, workers, and the like.

Another type of arthritis gloves are the ones that serve like insulators for the hands like the ones mentioned above. One advantage of this type is that it is easier on the pocket because it is cheaper than the infrared kind. You will just have to try the different brands available to make sure you get the best one suited for your everyday needs. Some people prefer them to be a bit tight to ensure maximum compression and cushioning but some like only a bit of compression so they choose a bigger size. The important thing is you need to get the maximum benefits of proper blood circulation when you use them.

A variety of these gloves is made from a material called Lycra. This is a breathable and stretchable fabric that makes your hands more dexterous while maintaining compression and heat. Another material used is Neoprene, a lightweight and elastic fabric which has a lining that wicks away moisture from the hands even while locking in the heat to decrease the inflammation. People with carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can also use this and benefit from its effects.

Considerations for Purchasing Arthritis Gloves

When purchasing arthritis gloves, you need to make sure of the kind of fabric you want. Breathable fabrics are the best because they are not uncomfortable because they don’t lock in the moisture in your hands. Prolonged use of these gloves can be leave an icky feeling if you don’t choose the best material it is made of. You also need to try on the size that fits you perfectly. It has to be snug so as to provide the best compression while also making sure your blood circulates well inside your hands.

There are certain people who find that this product does not give the benefits that it claims to have. Some find that the infrared ones are bogus and do not really work to increase warmth in the hands and that the ordinary ones used with balms do not really enhance the effects of these salves.They’d much rather use rubber gloves when they’ve applied the balms on their hands! First and foremost in purchasing any product should be is that it serves its purpose for the consumer.

If you find that purchasing this product has benefited you and has helped you in your daily activities, then you should have no qualms in continuing to use it. If home remedies are effective to some, they can also continue using the remedies they found to be perfect for their condition. If you are afraid of undergoing surgery or not a fan of the side effects of certain medications, arthritis gloves are the best option for you with the proper consultation with a health care professional.

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