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Best Baby Food Maker

Baby Food Maker 6

Baby Food Maker Reviews

Nowadays people are becoming more concerned about what they are eating. This is even a bigger concern for parents all around the world. To ensure that their babies are getting all the nutrition they need, they are opting to make their own baby food. Making your own baby food will allow you to eliminate the preservative found in store bought baby food. You can also ensure that your baby is getting the freshest ingredients as well as the necessary vitamins and nutrients for a healthy development. A baby food maker will allow you to do this quickly and easy. This is one of the most ingenious inventions that every parent should own. Below are the top three brands that we recommend.

Most Popular Baby Food Maker


4.7/5 Product Rating

This beautiful Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer is ideal for those parents looking to own an appliance that can serve many proposes. The 4-cup work bowl will steam, chop, and puree your ingredients to perfection. It can also warm your baby bottle to the right temperature without to give you peace of mind about burning your baby’s mouth. This appliance is a dream-come-true and best friend of parents all over the world. The innovative Blade lock System holds the blade in place while pouring. Steam is distributed evenly for quick and efficient results.

  • Bowl seal to prevent spitting and improve steaming
  • Powerful motor for quick steaming and precise chopping
  • Measuring cup, adapter ring, spatula and recipe booklet included
  • 18-month warranty
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 12.2 x 10 inches

Best Overall Baby Food Maker


5/5 Product Rating

This Ikea Stralande Rotary Baby Food Maker may look a lot like the graters used in fine restaurants and that’s because it is very similar. You can choose to grate your cheeses finely or coarsely depending on your needs and it works great on all types of cheeses. When grating soft cheeses, stick the cheese in the freezer for about 30 minutes before grating and you’ll have excellent results with no cheese sticking and gumming up the cutters. With stainless steel blades and an ABS plastic body, this shredder works equally well for both left and right handed people. The insert comes out easily making cleaning a breeze. Kids love this style of grater because it’s fun for them to turn the handle.

  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • Insert removes for easy cleaning
  • Choice of coarse cutting or fine cutting
  • Equally easy for left or right handers to use
  • Great for all types of cheese

Best Budget Baby Food Maker

Magic Bullet

4.3/5 Product Rating

Not giving the right nutrition to our children since the first day they are born has developed bad eating habits for our youth, leading to children being overweight. Parents today are becoming more involved and concerned with what their children eat. This is true for newborn parents as well. With the Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System you will find making baby food easy and fun. With the Care System you will be able to save time by batching a week’s worth of food and dating it to track its freshness. The batch bowl allows you to do this amount of food in one shot, saving you preparation time. It also comes with two blades, one for milling, and the other for blending. You will be amazed at how much preparing your own baby food will benefit your child.

  • Includes a short cup, a stay fresh lid, 6 storage cups with dial date, a spatula, a stay fresh lid and tip proof tray
  • User manual and recipe book, pocket nutritionist
  • Prepare food in less than five minutes
  • Accessories included: power base, batch bowl, blend and milling blade, milling blade, and pop silicone batch tray
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Baby Food Maker Buying Guide

Baby Food Maker 1

Having a baby is the greatest gift you will receive in your entire life. As parents we do everything we can for our children. You tend to buy a lot of things like the cute tiny clothes, baby crib, milk and most importantly, food. If your baby is six months or older, you will now start feeding him foods; cereal, fruits and other kinds of steamy foods. But, fruits and vegetables are suitable for your baby. Of course, you will not push your baby to eat big slices of vegetables and fruits.

Thinking Of Buying a Baby Food Maker

Having a food maker makes you save money and time. It cuts down food preparation time significantly and results in food with even texture and consistency to make feeding pleasant and enjoyable for your toddler. A food maker is an all-in-one appliance that purees your baby’s food.This buying guides will give you knowledge on what consideration you need to know before purchasing a food maker and will also give you recommendations on what baby food makers will meet your needs.

Before buying a baby food maker, you must check its features. A food maker does not have only one motor speed. Check also if it is functioning very well and make sure to examine the unit for damage. Make sure that accessories are complete.  Most units come with a bowl, a cooking basket, a spatula, and a recipe book. You must also choose a food maker that is easy to clean.  You already have a lot of chores to attend to and you do not need to spend more time on the sink cleaning your equipment.  Convenience, after all, is the reason why you are buying this piece of equipment.

You also need to consider the size and the capacity of the baby food maker. It is likely to be small but if you are feeding twins or triplets babies, you will tend to buy bigger. Most of the baby food makers are one to two and a half cup-sized but the biggest is fourteen cup-sized. The size will only depend on how many babies are you going to feed and what types of recipe are you going to prepare with the food maker.You must also check if the machine is powerful enough to handle chopping raw fruits and vegetables or shredding a hard cheese.

Some baby food makers have accessories and attachments. It’s a great advantage to have these things. Accessories and attachments in food makers include different sized work bowls, disks that cut and grill food by different thickness. There are also attached speed settings that turn processor into a citrus juice. But, don’t be thrilled with this accessories and attachments because they likely are expensive and ask yourself if you really need these things.

Baby Food Maker 3
Another consideration to think about is the brand and price of the baby food maker.  Do a comparison of the available baby food makers in available in the stores. Look up other buying guides or read reviews of the certain brand if you already have chosen what food maker you are going to buy. Consider also your budget. If you don’t have much money, go with simpler food maker models that do not have many attachments and accessories.

This buying guide will also give you different kinds of baby food makers for you to select from based on the convenience and affordability factors:

1. Beaba Baby Cook (The Steam and Mush) – It will let you do cooking and pureeing in the same food maker. Set it to steam and if the food is already soft, set it to blend. It can handle two and half cups. It only costs $120.
2. Baby Breeza One Step food maker (The Meals on Autopilot) – It is also a two and a half cup-sized and can do steam and puree. Unlike Beaba Baby Cook, you can steam the food and automatically puree it without switching the settings. It costs less than Beaba, the prize is only $100.

3. Oxo Tot Baby Food Mill (You’re In Control) – This food maker is a grinder. You load the steamed or chopped food into the mill, turn the crank and it’s already pureed. It will also keep the seeds and skins out of the puree if you grind fruits such as berries. It only costs $80.

4. KidCo Baby Steps Deluxe Food Mill with Travel Tote (An Original) – It is a portable food maker, so you can steam and grind food wherever you go. It can only handle half cup, so it is better for travels and outdoor activities. It costs $18

5. Boon Mush (Let It Rip) – You don’t need electricity in using this food maker. This is an affordable, electric saver, quiet and neat looking food maker. You need to chop the food, pull the cord and it will automatically grind the meal. It costs $24.

6. Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System (Mini Me) – It’s an electric blender. It is based on the popular food processor for adult, the Magic Bullet. It costs $80 with a book with nutrition tips for your baby.

7. Hamilton Beach Bebe (Mix It Up) – It’s a small blender perfectly for your new born baby. It is also less expensive than the others which only cost $20.

8. Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick (Very Handy) – It’s an immersion hand blender. It is suitable for soups, batter and foods for grown-ups. Cost only $30.

9. Oster Stainless Steel 14-Cup Processor (Way beyond Baby Food) – It’s a food processor for adults that can be used for babies too. It costs $70 as its dual purposes, for adults and babies.

10. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (Best for Batches) – As the description stated, this is best for batches. Because it have three separate blending cups, you can make another baby food recipes in a row without stopping to clean the bottle. It costs $80.

11. Dex Baby (Ready to Serve) – This only best for single cup. The bowl you used in blending will be the bowl you will use to feed the baby. It will save your time from cleaning. It costs only $19.
With these options, you can surely find the equipment that you need to feed your baby healthy food all the time.

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