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Best Back Support Chair

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Back Support Chair Reviews

In this modern world people spend a lot of their time in the office working. If you are a professional or maybe even self-employed, chances are that you spend long hours sitting at a desk. The more hours you spend sitting the higher the chance of developing bad posture, back problems and a wide array of issues. To solve this problem having proper back support is very important. A back support is a device added to a regular chair, office or dining, to make chairs ergonomically correct. A back support is attached to an ergonomically incorrect chair by a strap and these back supports will have contours that emulate the correct back posture. This will enhance your posture and give proper support to your back area. The back supports come in various designs, material and density depending on user preference and need.

Most Popular Back Support Chair

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support

4.8/5 Product Rating

This back support is made of memory foam to support the mid spine as well as promote natural posture. The support offers support for the lower lumbar through 3 sections made of memory foam; these facilitate conformity with the lower portion of the back. The support features an attachment system of 3 attachments hence no need for adjustments. The memory foam will respond well to the warmth and weight of your back to offer you custom support. This particular back support is adjustable and is designed to fit most of the office chairs available. This back support is also treated with antimicrobial protection to keep it clean and is quite easy to set up. You just place the support on the chair, position yourself in the correct way and strap the support on.

  • The support fits quite well on a car seat or office chair
  • It offers quality at prices better than visiting a chiropractor
  • Great accessory especially for people with continuing back problems
  • The support is comfortable
  • Effective in preventing back pain

Best Overall Back Support Chair

ObusForme Burgundy Lowback Backrest Support

5/5 Product Rating

The Obus Forme Lowback is one of the only supports that are proven scientifically to reduce up to 35% of the pressure on your back. The support was created to offer comfort while sitting for long periods. The support alleviates back pain through spine realignment and also maintaining a posture which is ideal. The support features a lumbar support that is both adjustable as well as removable, this is important to cater to varied personal and functional needs. The support turns any seat into an ergonomically correct form due to its S-Shape that realigns the spine for the correct posture. The support is made of polyurethane foam that supports the contours of your back in a gentle way and the cover is made of nylon, which is removable and washable.

  • Good support especially if you sit for long hours
  • It actually does help in alleviating back pain permanently
  • The shape of the support is a comfortable fit in with the shape of your back
  • The support helps you to maintain correct posture when seated
  • It works on a variety of chairs

Best Budget Back Support Chair

Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac

4.7/5 Product Rating

This support comes with a strap, an insert and has a lumbar support that is ideal to help alleviate pain in your lower back. The support is made of foam that is molded and is highly resilient over long-term use. You may use the support for home, office use or even travel. The support also features a cover that you can remove and wash. The support has straps that will help you secure the support to the chair and transform the chair to an ergonomically correct form. The support is orthopedic in design which will help keep your spine properly aligned and help you relieve tension. When shipped the package weighs in at 1.6lbs although the support itself weighs in at just one pound.

  • Can be used on any kind of chair to make it ergonomically correct
  • Reasonably priced
  • The support is made of high quality, durable material
  • Easy to use and effective pain reliever
  • The cover is removable for cleaning

Back Support Chair Buying Guide

Back Support Chair 2

The back is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to mobility. A human being won’t be able to stand and walk properly with back injuries or any associated pain. How many activities have had to be passed up only because of the common complaint of having a painful back? Especially for people who reach a certain age, they could not enjoy certain family gatherings because they feel immobilized by back pains.

Most people would prefer to talk to their chiropractors – experts in the field of spinal rehabilitation, to check if their back pains may indicate more serious injuries. Serious injuries range from sciatica, slipped disc, sacroiliac joint pain, and the like. These are diseases which are absolutely in need of products like back support equipment and braces. If you do not have an injured back but do heavy lifting, there are commercial products that can help ease the pressure on your back.

A back support product is effective in helping the spine maintain its correct posture which has a forward curve in the lower back called lordosis. This proper posture makes your back stronger when taking loads on the upper part of your back. This also helps people with their core stability which indicates the strength of the core and lower back muscles in supporting and maintaining the proper posture. This is a big help for standing properly and most especially when lifting heavy objects.

A number of studies would discourage people from purchasing back support products because they assume that the people who use them tend to be overconfident. They lift heavier weights than they normally would have in the absence of the product. As in all types of support and braces, it common sense to only use them as what they mean, as “support.”

They do not give extra power or strength to the user. While there are still debates going on as to the pros and cons of using these products, there are no clear studies to show that they are harmful to a user’s health. So now we have the prevalence of commercially available back support and braces for the public.

Benefits of Back Support Chair

There are however, serious cases that consider using these products a must like those who have slipped discs. A person with this condition has to undergo physical therapy and has to use support for his/her back so as not to be subjected to pressure and pain. A chiropractor makes sure that the weight of the body, never mind lifting of objects, is evenly distributed to the joints of the spine.

So while undergoing therapy, a patient must avoid unnecessarily straining his/her back until the therapist advises an increase of the intensity of rehabilitation. This is probably the best time to slowly reduce usage of back support products. Another group of people who are deemed to be in need of these are those who work in big hardware stores or factories where heavy lifting is involved.

These companies often provide their workers with supporters to try and alleviate their most common health complaints. This helps in lessening workers being absent from their job just because they couldn’t get up from lying down because of the pain emanating from their backs. Athletes like weight lifters also need these products because when they train, they subject their bodies to wear and tear and they need all the help they can get to try and maintain a healthy and injure-less state for when their time to compete comes.

Back Support Chair 3

Types of Back Support Chair

Different kinds of back support can be used for the different needs stated above. There are specifically manufactured medical ones which can be custom made and prescribed by a chiropractor for their patient’s needs while in therapy. These have metal sides or braces to make sure that the areas that need to be protected are immobilized and constricted to limit pressure and pain to the area. They can eventually be removed as the therapy progresses.

For workers and athletes, there are elastic ones which are adjustable to wearer and for the type of activity they engage in. They are worn tightly around the abdomen and can be loosened when not needed. Some are like belts while some have suspenders that have to be worn like straps on the shoulders so the supporter stays in place even with movement.

There are also specifications for pregnant women because they are the ones prone to lower back pain during pregnancy because of the widening of their pelvic bones. These are the types which are not constricting and give just a bit of support to make sure that their backs stay straight and ensure the proper posture even with the added weight of an unborn child.


Most of these products are made from materials that are appropriate to the wearer’s needs. Neoprene is the most common with athletes because it is breathable and elastic. It is a special kind of material that is also water resistant and easy to wash when dirty.

The prescribed metal sides and clamps are made of lightweight aluminum. They do not add too much weight for the consumer. There is also the knitted variety for those who do not plan to use them outdoors and do not need them to be very elastic like the ones for pregnant women. The straps that act as suspenders are lightweight too. There are those that have extra cushioning like foam that come in contact with the lower back that serve as pain relief too.

These are very easy to wear. They just have to be wrapped around the midsection of your torso. It will then support the lower and upper middle part of your back and should be strapped into place.

You can use a Velcro tape to do that or you prefer you can use snaps. Some similar new products are being developed nowadays. They may have different features but they have the same general purpose of helping the geriatric set to ease the discomfort they experience.

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