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Best Baseball Bag

Baseball Bag

Baseball Bag Reviews

Baseball bags are not just for your baseball bats. Think of all of the other equipment you need during your practice or games. These include glove, balls, batting gloves, helmet, mouth guard, uniform, change of clothes, and so forth. As you add up everything that you need to carry, a baseball bag becomes more of a necessary. The following baseball bags are made of the highest quality on the market and will make your baseball experience more enjoyable.

Most Popular Baseball Bag


5/5 Product Rating

The Easton Stealth Core Catchers Bag is designed to carry your catcher’s equipment. However, even if you are not a catcher, the bag is very roomy and could be used by any dedicated baseball player with a need for a roomy baseball bag. The bag comes in four different color options including: black, red, navy, or royal. The Easton Stealth Core Catchers Bag has a large main compartment with a U-zip access for leg guards. The end pockets will easily secure your helmet and mitt. There is a cleat tunnel to hold your cleats to prevent your bag from getting dirtier than necessary. The Easton Stealth Core Catchers Bag has a side pocket that will fit your chest protector. This baseball batting bag also has in-line skate wheels to help you transport your bag from place to place. The Easton Stealth Core Catchers Bag has a separate sleeve that can hold two bats. For support and comfort this baseball batting bag has bottom rails.

  • Four different colors available
  • Large main compartment with U-zip
  • End pockets
  • Cleat tunnel
  • Side pockets and in-line skate wheels

Best Overall Baseball Bag


4.9/5 Product Rating

The DeMarini Vendetta Bag with Wheels will allow you to carry your heavy baseball equipment with ease. The bag comes in nine different colors including: black, purple, dark green, maroon, navy, orange, royal, scarlet, or black/navy. Instead of having the usual black baseball bag, set yourself apart from your teammates by personalizing your baseball bag. The DeMarini Vendetta Bag with Wheels has an extra-large main compartment to fit all of your necessary equipment. If you are a pitcher or catcher you will certainly appreciate this feature. The DeMarini Vendetta Bag has a vented shoe compartment to hold your cleats, which will also prevent the inside of your bag from getting dirty. This baseball bag has an insulated water bottle pocket and a side pocket for accessories. These pockets will allow you to hold your I-pod, phone, keys, or other necessities, keeping all your important accessories close by. The separate bat compartment holds up to six bats. The DeMarini Vendetta Bag has durable urethane wheels that will last for years allowing you to transport your baseball bag easily.

  • Nine colors to choose from
  • X-large main compartment
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Side pocket for accessories

Best Budget Baseball Bag

Louisville Slugger

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Louisville Slugger Equipment Bag is a great bag that will allow you to carry all of your baseball equipment with ease. The baseball bag is offered in two different colors: black or navy. The Louisville Slugger Equipment Bag holds two 35 inch bats in the bottom loading bat compartment. The baseball bag is made with 600 Denier polyester. Polyester material is stain resistant and is more durable. The Louisville Slugger Equipment Bag has a handy shoulder strap that will allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder instead of having to only use the handles. The handles on the Louisville Slugger Equipment Bag was designed for your ultimate comfort. There are dual carrying straps with a blank back side allowing you to personalize the bag. The Louisville Slugger Equipment Bag also has dobby nylon accents to make the bag more stylish.

  • Two different colors offered
  • Holds two 35 inch bats
  • Made of 600 Denier polyester
  • Shoulder strap
  • Dual carrying straps

Baseball Bag Buying Guide

Baseball Bag 1

Baseball bags are an essential piece of equipment for modern player. Bats, cleats and gloves are often awkward to carry. Without a bag, players may have to go for several trips to assemble this equipment. A baseball bag helps players and coaches to save time and reduce frustration. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers are now producing high quality and expensive baseball equipment. Using a simple bag to haul this gear can damage it, leading to huge losses. This is why you need to invest in quality baseball bags and batpacks. Baseball bags can be found in different styles and sizes to suit the needs of each player. This will guide will help to make the best choice when you go shopping for your baseball bag and batpack.

Carrying Styles

Baseball bags are designed to accommodate three different carrying styles. There are bags that are backpacks, shoulder straps and handheld. Each type may include wheels to make rolling of the bag easy.

Handheld Baseball Bags – These long and narrow bags are developed from duffle bags. They have two straps attached to the top. The player holds those straps when carrying the bag. The bags are ideal for carrying multiple balls and bats.

Backpack – This type of baseball bag is designed to resemble a school backpack. Just like school backpacks, these bags have two straps to allow even distribution of weight on the wearers back. The bags also have mesh sleeves on the sides to carry bats with.

Shoulder Strap – These bags allow the player to carry heavy equipment. This is because they allow the body to support the weight of the equipment. These bags can, however, be uncomfortable if the player is travelling for long distances.

Things to Consider When Buying Wood Baseball Bag

Check handheld and shoulder bags to establish if they are long enough carry a bat. Some manufacturers have come up with short bags that have an opening to allow bats to extend from the bulk of the bag. Backpacks are designed to accommodate one or two bats on the sides.

Uniform and Clothing – Look for a bag with different compartments to separate your clothes and uniform. This will keep your uniform clean and free from damage by cleats.

Baseball Bag 2

Cleats – These are normally the dirtiest items in a baseball bag. They can also harm other pieces of equipment. Thus, you need a bag that can separate them from gloves and clothing.

Glove – This is one of the most expensive and personal equipment that every player should have. Cleats and bats can destroy your most priced asset. Choose a backpack with a dedicated glove pouch to protect your equipment.

Helmet – Helmets can carry a lot of dirt that can destroy other pieces of equipment. To avert this situation, you need a bag with a dedicated compartment for helmet.

Water Bottles and Sunscreen

You need to have water with you when playing baseball. This is because the game involves long exposure to sun. A good bag should have mesh pouches on the outside to accommodate water bottles.

Keys, Wallet and Other Accessories

It is very frustrating to lose track of your keys after a long and tiring exercise. It is not easy to carry these accessories with you when playing. Thus, you need a bag with small zippered pockets to keep your personal belongings.

Design and Capacity

The design of a bag will to a great extent affect how it is used. Some bags have different compartments to fit every piece of baseball equipment. Others only have one large container with a few pockets on the outside. A good bag should be able to accommodate the piece of equipment that you want to carry.

Materials Used To Make Baseball Bags

Durability of a bag is determined by the type of material used to make that bag. Look for bags with two layers. The outer layer should be made of tough material that can last long under different conditions while the inner layer should be soft to protect equipment from damage during transport. Look for bags with ripstop nylon as the external layer. This material is lightweight and highly resistant to tearing. It has reinforced threads that are woven throughout the material to protect the material from having big tears. You also need to look for bags with a reinforced bottom. Rubber is one of the best materials that can be used in reinforcing a bag to prevent it from tearing.

Specialized Bags

Every baseball player will need a baseball ball to carry bats, gloves, helmet, cleats and other pieces of equipment. However, umpires, coaches and catchers may require more specialized bags to carry their equipment. There are specialized bags for these purposes.

Baseball Bag 3


Coaches are responsible for bringing spare bats, helmets and balls for practice sessions. A coach’s bag should therefore, accommodate more balls, bats and helmets. Some bags are designed like a bucket cover to make transportation of practice balls easy. The bags should also have pouches and pockets for notebooks, mobile phones, pens and even laptop computers.


Catchers need more equipment that a normal player. The mask, helmet, shin guards, chest protector and other pieces of equipment can be heavy and time-consuming to transport. Most manufacturers have designed large bags with reinforced straps to help catchers carry their equipment. Most of these bags also have wheels to ease their movement.


Umpires also have a large amount of equipment to carry. To address this, manufacturers have come up with bags that can hold umpires uniform, leg guards, chest protector and mask. The bags may also include pouches to hold count indicators, plate indicators and other pieces of equipment.

Buy Baseball Bags and Bat Packs Online

To buy baseball bags and batpacks, research reviews online.. Narrow down your search to baseball and softball because they use similar equipment. You may find that baseball bat reviewers re people that play the sport

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