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Best Bath Fan

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Bath Fan Reviews

Bathroom fans are an important feature when it comes to reducing moisture that can build up in bathrooms. When you shower the bathroom air becomes very moist. This creates an environment where mold and mildew can grow. A fan creates a ventilation system that will reduce the moisture in the air reducing or preventing the growth of bacteria. By having a bath fan in your bathrooms you can allow your bathrooms to be better ventilated for yourself and for your guests. We have selected the best bath fans that will ventilate both moisture and odors and keep your bathroom smelling and looking fresh.

Most Popular Bath Fan

Air King

4.9/5 Product Rating

The Air King AK150LS Energy Star Deluxe Quiet Series Bath Fan will allow you to use your bathroom confidently without the loud sounds some fans may make. The Cfm of this bath fan is 150 with a sone of 0.8 allowing the device to operate quietly. The face of the bath fan is contoured. This device will not only ventilate the bathroom but other rooms within 150 square feet of your bathroom. The Air King AK150LS Energy Star Deluxe Quiet Series Bath Fan can be installed with ease due to the brackets that will hang onto the ceiling. The brackets are included and can be adjusted based on where you want the device. The fan will only protrude from the ceiling 0.5 inches making it blend in well. It comes with a limited warranty for five years.

  • Strong quiet fan with cfm of 150
  • Low profile only 0.5 inches from ceiling
  • Face of the bath fan is contoured
  • Ventilate within 150 square feet of your bathroom
  • 5 Year limited warranty

Best Overall Bath Fan


5/5 Product Rating

The Nutone QTXN110HL Ultra Silent Bath Fan with Heater and Light 2-60W Lights 7W Nightlight 1500W has many features that will keep your bathroom fresh and user friendly. This bath fan will offer you maximum ventilation due to its powerful voltage. With the heating feature you will also be able to keep your bathroom warm when you get out of the shower. By adapting the temperature you will no longer have to get out of the shower and feel uncomfortable with the cold air. The Nutone QTXN110HL Ultra Silent Bath Fan with Heater has a sone of 0.9 and a Cfm fan of 110 making the fan extremely quiet while still being effective. This bath fan is meant to perform regularly allowing you to use the ventilation system and heater as often as needed. The fan also comes with 2 lights, which will make the bathroom brighter when the fan is in use. There is also a nightlight, which gives a soft glow in the event you wake up at night and need to use the bathroom.

  • Maximum ventilation
  • Fan and heater to keep your bathroom warmer
  • 2 60 watt lights for brighter light in room
  • Ultra quiet fan with cfm of 110
  • Soft glow nightlight

Best Budget Bath Fan


4.6/5 Product Rating

The Broan Model 659 Heater/Fan/Light, 50 CFM 2.5 Sones, White Grille will allow you to stylishly ventilate, light, and heat your bathroom. This bath fan has dual wheels for ventilating the space within your bathroom at maximum performance. The dual wheels are oiled to perform consistently as often as necessary with a motor that plugs in. The light within this bath fan is 100 watts adding a bright light to the bathroom. The heater in this bath fan provides you with 1300 watts of power allowing the entire bathroom heat evenly and be warm when you get out of the shower. The Broan Model 659 Heater/Fan/Light, can be installed easily due to the 4 inch duct that is round in shape. The sleeve is tapered allowing you to adjust and position the device wherever would like it to be.

  • Dual wheels for ventilating
  • Dual wheels are oiled to perform consistently
  • Plug in Motor
  • 100 watt light bulb to brighten the bathroom
  • Heater to keep bathroom warm when in use

Bath Fan Buying Guide

Bath Fan  Review

Excessive moisture in your home can result in a multitude of problems such as peeling paint, damaging finishes, and even mold and mildew growth. Bathrooms are usually more susceptible to the above problems due to people taking showers, baths and using the sink. Fortunately, a simple bath fan can eliminate excess moisture from your bathroom which will help to protect wall paint from peeling as well as other problems from starting. Additionally, a bath fan also eliminates bad odor and maintains healthier air quality. However, before purchasing a bath fan, there are some essential things to consider as follows:

Things to Consider

1. Size

This is the most important factor to consider when selecting a bath fan. A too-small bath fan won’t completely eliminate the moisture. On the other hand, a too-large bath fan can be inefficient and too noisy. Bath fans are rated and sized depending on their capacity to move air in CFMs (cubic feet per minute). The small and less powerful bath fans tend to generate fewer CFMs and are the best choice for smaller bathrooms. On the other hand, large bath fans generate higher CFMs and are ideal for larger bathrooms.

2. Noise Level

When selecting a bath fan, ensure you consider its noise level. Look for a quieter model and avoid those that sound like a jet engine. The sound of bath fans is usually rated in sones. Generally, a sone measures the rate at which sound is sensed by an average individual. However, if you need a quieter bath fan, select a model that has a sone rating of 2 and below. Bath fans rated at 3 or 4 sones usually generate more white noise.

3. Installation

Bath fans come in a wide variety and models. There’re those that can be installed in the ceiling and others in the wall. You bath fan should be installed in a manner that it vents air outside through duct work and also the nearest soffit, and not the attic. This is because venting air into the attic transfers moist and warm air to other parts of your home which can lead to moisture-related problems like the growth of mold and mildew. Before purchasing a bath fan, determine where you want it to be installed i.e. the ceiling or wall.

Bath Fan 3

4. Efficiency

Today, efficiency is becoming a key thing to consider when shopping for an appliance or system and many models in the market are very efficient. For instance, some bath fan models are 70% energy efficient which contributes to reduced energy costs. They also qualify for low wattage consumption, low sound emission as well as powerful performance even under constant pressure.

5. Features

You’ll get certain models of bath fans in the market that have key features which make them easy and convenient to operate. Some models come with integrated lights which can replace the existing fixtures or even add more lighting. You can also find models that have night lights to enhance a soft illumination, especially during the night hours. Bath fans with in-built heaters can add extra warmth especially if you live in cold areas. A motion and humidity sensor helps to improve the efficiency of your bath fan and also conserves energy. The work of a humidity sensor is to monitor your bathroom and turn on the fan if humidity levels rise beyond a certain point and turn it off when humidity reduces. It’s also essential to choose a bath fan with proper ducting for proper and effective functioning. The duct must have the right size to fit the fan’s duct connector and must also be routed to the right area to ensure the moist air is exhausted outside.


In conclusion, these are some of the top things to consider when selecting a bath fan. If you aren’t experienced in electrical works, make sure you hire a professional to install your new bath fan. This is because doing it by yourself can result in an improper installation or interfering with some parts of the fan. You may think that you’ll save by doing it by yourself but end up destroying everything and incurring extra costs for purchasing another bath fan and hiring a professional to install it the right way.

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