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Best Bathroom Scale

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Bathroom Scale Reviews

The great outdoors is a nice place to enjoy various recreational activities such as camping, hunting and fishing. While engaging in these activities it is also good to be mindful of your personal hygiene. The traditional cleanup methods such as using a bucket do not really inspire one to take a bath. This is exactly the reason why you might need a camp shower. Camp showers are those portable showers that you use on camping trips. Camping showers come in a variety of sizes and designs, your choice will depend on your budget and functionality. There are the really simple ones that are simply buckets with a hole in the bottom plugged with some kind of stopper to regulate flow of water. There are also more advanced showers that make use of a car’s electrical system and propane tank to heat the water. There are also others that make use of solar power to heat the water. It is truly up to you to choose which variety that you like.

Most Popular Bathroom Scale


4.9/5 Product Rating

This high accuracy BalanceForm set of bathroom scales uses an amazing selection of 4 precision sensors, the latest version available. These sensors provide you with a guaranteed accuracy of your weight every time you step on the scales. Using the ‘smart step on’ innovation you will find instant readings of your weight and measurements just by stepping on the scales. No longer do you need to tap the scales to turn them on. Even with all this up to date technology, these scales are still user friendly and come with an easy to read and perform instruction manual. The scales are beautifully designed to make them easy to function and use. The LCD screen provides the user with a large font displaying the information sharp and clear.

  • No tapping to turn on the scale. BalanceFrom has the smart step on technology with a non-slip bottom that will not scratch floors.
  • Instant readings.
  • 4.3” LCD display using a blue backlight containing extra-large numbers making it easy to read in any lighting.
  • 4 latest sensors for precision readings allowing for measurements up to 400lbs (180kg)
  • Calibration occurs automatically and saves power and battery life by auto turn off.

Best Overall Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Getfit Digital

5/5 Product Rating

EatSmarts get fit scales are a unique bathroom scale that measure weight, BMI, water levels as well as muscle and bone mass both quickly and easily. This is done by using the latest innovating ITO BIA technology making this product perfect for users that are passionate about taking care of their body and their health. The BIA technology stands for Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis. This is a new process in calculating the fitness of your body by recording your gender, height, age, level of activity and finally your weight. By standing on the scales bare footed this remarkable technology will send electrical signals right through your body to measure the fat and the resistance that the signals receive. These signals are 100% safe and do not cause any pain or discomfort.

Storing up to 8 different users allowing the whole family to create personal profiles with the ability to differentiate between each person means that as soon as you stand on the scales the correct information will be allocated using the auto recognition software, making using the scales incredibly easy.

  • Functions include body fat %, Water levels, muscle mass and bone mass %.
  • Can store up to 8 different users’ personal data using automatic identification technology.
  • No tapping needed! To turn on there is an instant ‘step on’ reading, giving fast results.
  • A 3.5 blue LCD display that uses a backlight to read easily.
  • Calibrates automatically using an auto power off mode.

Best Budget Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

4.8/5 Product Rating

EatSmart have created these scales for the easiest yet most stylish use of bathroom scales to date. Using the step on technology this means there is no more tapping to get your readings with an increased capacity of 400lbs without affecting the precision and quality of the products functions. An ideal tracking method to record your weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes available in seconds! The blue back light located behind the screen means that even in bright bathroom lights the font can still be seen as clear as day. Having a slim line contemporary design means these scales will fit into many homes creating a stylish and modern approach to using bathroom scales. But for safety purposes the slim line glass has been tested against holding 400lbs in weight and has been successful in doing so. EatSmart are giving away a free body tape measure to help you track your progress in addition to using the scales, you can record triceps, biceps and waistline measurements too.

  • EatSmart have updated their Auto on technology and improve the sensor accuracy for the scales.
  • Bestselling scales from EatSmart for 5 years running.
  • A large 3.5” LCD display using a blue backlight making the screen easy to read from ant distance.
  • Precision sensors x4 giving accurate and dependable readings.
  • Millimetre-thick tempered glass with a sleek finish.

Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

Bathroom Scale 3

Having a reliable bathroom scale can help you to keep on track with your weight and fitness goals. In addition, some people need to be on the lookout for weight fluctuations that can signal a health problem or to stay within the parameters of eligibility requirements for certain sports. This is only possible if the scale you choose is accurate in the measurements and properly calibrated.

Choosing the best bathroom scale is not as simple as it may seem as not all of them are created equally. There is a huge assortment of different brands, styles and sizes and some are more accurate than others. How can you choose the best bathroom scale for a reasonable price? We’ve created a guide that will help you to know what to look for in a bathroom scale that will give you the accurate results that you need.

What Are You Looking For In a Bathroom Scale?

The first step in finding the ideal bathroom scale is to figure out what you will be using it for, how much space you have for storage and how much you are willing to spend. Also, do you need a standard sized scale or will people who are extremely heavy be using the scale, creating the need for a stronger and more durable type? These are the considerations that first must be made when determining the type of scale that will be required in addition to any features that must be included.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales come in two different types. These are digital and analog types. Analog types are the less accurate of the two, but they are easy to use and the price is affordable in most cases. The reason that they are less accurate is that they operate off of a spring mechanism and as the parts begin to wear, they decline in accuracy.

Digital scales are generally accurate to within a tenth of a pound differential. They are generally more expensive than analog scales but they can make up for the difference in the quality of performance, especially when accuracy is a requirement. Some digital scales offer additional features such as the capacity to store past readings in a database for comparison and tracking of weight gain or loss patterns.

Specifications and Features of Bathroom Scales

Standard floor scales can come equipped with a height bar, similar to the ones you find in a physician’s office. When reviewing scale specifications it is important to make sure that the scale you select will meet the required weight capacity of everyone who will be using the scale. Some models feature a higher capacity for weighing larger people who weigh more than the standard allowance.

Some models are designed for use by the visually impaired by including the added features of an audio readout that will tell out loud, the reading on the display. Some others may include features such as a printable data sheet that will relay the recorded information to a printer for paper documentation of weight gain and loss patterns.

Some of the more advanced features for digital bathroom scales include the ability to measure the body mass index, the resting metabolism, body fat percentage and other relevant information. Some units are even capable of connecting to the internet and interacting with certain programs and applications for further versatility in tracking and analyzing information gathered. The addition of these features result in a cost increase, but for users who need the information for health or fitness reasons, it could be worth the added expense.

Bathroom Scale

Other Things to Consider When Looking For a Bathroom Scale

As a matter of preference, bathroom scales also come in an assortment of designs, styles and colors that can complement nearly any bathroom color scheme or theme. The price ranges depend upon the type and the features which are included. In general, the ones with the most features, particularly advanced technological features will be the highest in price.

What to Look For In a Bathroom Scale

The most important consideration is to find a bathroom scale that will provide accurate results. What good is a scale that fails to provide accurate information? Not much. Keep in mind that digital scales offer the highest degree of reliability. Next, narrow down the choices yet further by choosing a scale that is the right size and capacity for every one that will be using it. If you need to have an accurate reading for health or fitness considerations, then the best bet is to go with a digital model.

Look For the Features That A Common amongst Bathroom Scale Owners.

For example if a member of the house is visually impaired, then you may want to consider a version that reads the person’s weight out loud. If your prefer to obtain extra information on body mass index, the percentage of fat in the body or other fitness related information, then look for a scale that offers these features, but remember to keep everything within a realistic budget if this is a concern.

When establishing the best value for the cost, it is important to remember that the most expensive scale is not necessarily the best, nor is the cheapest a good deal. The old saying that you get what you pay for is generally true. Look for something in the middle price range and you should do alright.


By following the recommendations and tips found within this guide you now have a sense of what you need to take into consideration before purchasing a bathroom scale. In order to get the right one, you have to know what elements make it the best for you. Finding a scale that will meet all of the needs of your household is made much more quickly and easily when you first establish what it will be used for, who will be using it, note any special needs or requirements of the users and look for a model that possesses the needed features. Just a few moments of advanced planning can save you time and effort in trying to find the right bathroom scale.

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