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Bathtub Reviews

Most modern on the market are constructed of fiberglass or acrylic. There are also tubs available in more durable materials such as cast iron and enameled steel. Bathtubs come in thousands of differnt design in order to fit any decor and budge and can be installed as a stand alone unit or as part of a shower. Althoughg white is the standard color for most bathtubs found on the market, there are other option. Also, bathtubs can come in different depths, shapes and sizes.

We have brought together all of the top models and narrowed the list down of the ones we think are the best.

Most Popular Bathtub


5/5 Product Rating

The Kohler K1123RA0 Archer 5′ Bathtub with Comfort Depth Design features a “Comfort Depth” design, which is built for you to experience the joy of deep soaking. The bath is easy and safe to exit and enter to and from because it has a low step-over height. The Kohler Arch 5 Foot Bath has a water depth level that is the same as a standard bathtub. It’s overflow which is uniquely slotted, allows you to soak in 19” to 21” of water. The Kohler Archer Bath will complement many different bathroom decorative designs and is part of the “Archer”, transitional aesthetic suite. The Archer bath also provides armrests and lumbar support making your deep bath time enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Bath is 5′ long
  •  19″ height
  •  Arm rests and lower back support
  •  Complements many bathroom decors
  •  Slotted overflow raises water depth for a deeper soak

Best Overall Bathtub

American Standard Cambridge

4.9/5 Product Rating

The 5 foot Bath Tub in the Cambridge style made by American Standard is made with “Durable Americast”, a material with a glossy porcelain finish. The Americast material makes the tub lighter by 50% and compared to a traditional bath made of cast iron, it is more durable and is built to be roomier, flatter and deeper. The AS Cambridge 5 foot Bath Tub is available in a white finish as well as bone and linen and has a slip resistant surface. The Cambridge 5 foot bathtub is designed for easy, low cost installation because the tub side that faces the bathroom is pre-finished. The Cambridge 5 foot Bath Tub is safe and is ADA compliant with the seat installed at the head end. There is also a beveled headrest which will make your routine baths comfortable and relaxing. The Cambridge 5 foot bath is the perfect tub for any style of bathroom.

  • Sleek porcelain finishing
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Easy to install
  • Compliant with ADA standard (optional)
  • 50% lighter than cast iron tubs

Best Budget Bathtub

American Standard Evolution

4.4/5 Product Rating

The American Standard Evolution Bath is an acrylic tub reinforced with fiberglass. Simple quality, comfort and optional accessories make this Bath Tub desirable and attainable. The are 2 armrests molded into the frame, there are dropin or under-mount installation options and the bottom of the tub is pre-leveled. The 130 year reputation for quality and design is something unmatched for American Standard. Their products are in worldwide airports and hotels as well as every 3 out of 5 American homes. AS proves once again proves that their products can fit into all lifestyles. This will fit any bathroom decoration style.

  • Options for installation – dropin or under-mount
  • Reinforce with fiberglass; Acrylic finish
  • Armrest bevels in frame
  • A drain that is reversible
  • Acrylic White Finish

Bathtub Buying Guide

Bathtub Lady

Modern household bathrooms have turned into places of relaxation, sanctuaries for the busy entrepreneur to the ordinary housewife. Having the perfect bathtub where a person can relax and lounge in can make a big difference in the functionality of a bathroom. With the number of bathtubs being sold today, there is undoubtedly that one bathtub that you know you’ve got to have. This is your guide to knowing what type of bathtub is best for your needs.

Things to Consider while Purchasing

Bathtub Size and Depth

The size of the bathtub is the first feature that a buyer should consider when buying a tub. People with the average height need a bathtub that measures 5 feet in length, which is also the average length for bathtubs. However, taller people may opt for a 6-foot tub to be comfortable in. If you should opt for the longer bathtub, you should make sure that it still fits within the measurements of the bathroom that it belongs in. This shouldn’t be a problem with people who can customize their bathroom in a jiffy. You should also check the tub’s height. It should have a height that you can easily step in to without your tripping over.


The color of the bathtub is important in completing the overall look of a bathroom as well as giving it a certain feel. White bathtubs are the most common bathtubs sold in stores because they match almost every type of bathroom no matter what the color of the walls in the bathroom are. White bathtubs also give off the feeling of peace and calmness, which are important to make you feel relaxed while you sit in your tub. White is also the color you should choose if you want the bathtub to look clean and tidy. You wouldn’t want to step into a tub that looks filthy. But of course, it is still up to the buyer to choose what color he wants for his bathroom. Most bathtubs still have a clean look even though they don’t have that pure white color.

Bathtub Design

Most bathtubs come in that standard rectangular shape. But there are many other options nowadays. There are square tubs and circular tubs, too. Find a tub that would fit in the space of your bathroom. Some tubs fit nicely onto one wall of a bathroom while others can be installed perfectly into a corner. Rectangular tubs are perfect for a wall but square or circular tubs look great in a corner. The outer surfaces of the bathtub also make a difference. Some tubs are just rectangular outside while others have curves. Some stand on their feet while some are a solid block all throughout.  Depending on your bathroom space, the design of your bathtub may be as simple or as quirky as you want. The bathtub could be one of those things in your house where you can showcase your personality.


The material used to make the bathtub may also matter to a buyer. Some materials are sturdier than others so this definitely counts. Bathtubs usually have different layers of materials. The surface maybe made of porcelain enamel but the materials used underneath are equally important. There are bathtubs that are composed of acrylic material and others are made of alloy. There is one type of acrylic material present in certain bathtubs that makes it more resistant to cracking and chipping. This one is more flex-resistant compared to other materials. A certain bathtub manufacturing company has designed their own kind of bathtub material that is sturdier than cast iron yet weighs much less. It resists scratches and chips, retains heat longer, and absorbs sound better than average bathtubs do. Basically, you should be aware that the bathtub you choose to buy shouldn’t dent, crack, chip, or scratch easily.

Bathtub Safety

One of the more important things to consider when buying a bathtub is safety since many accidents happen in bathrooms. People slip and fall all the time in their bathrooms, leading to bumps and bruises and other worse conditions like head trauma that may cause paralysis. Not to scare you, but safety is important in all things. The inner bottom surface of a bathtub that you intend to buy should be textured and slip-resistant to avoid slipping and sliding accidents. Having that slip-resistant surface would save you the trouble of buying slip-resistant mats for your bathtub.

Bathtub Lounge

Thing to Consider Post Purchase

Installation Process

Most people would want to buy a bathtub that takes no time and effort to install. Before you buy a bathtub, make sure you know how to install it properly into your bathroom. You should take into account how to install the drain properly. You should also have a pretty good idea of how the bathtub would install into the bathroom walls and floor. A bathtub takes up a lot of space and it is awfully important to know where exactly you would install your bathtub for it to be safe and accessible.


The manufacturer warranty should be considered, too. Only quality bathtubs produced by the best bathtub manufacturing companies would give you a lifetime warranty for their products. A bathtub is something that should last a lifetime since it would be installed into the walls and floor of your bathroom. Your house should be able to last for as long as you are alive and the bathtub is one of those things in your house that isn’t easy to replace. Unless you plan on renovating your house after some time, you should buy a bathtub with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


Buying a bathtub isn’t complete without the fixtures. Before buying a bathtub, you should check how the drain outlet is positioned to know if it will fit into your bathroom. If you have doubts on how it is positioned, you may have previously planned a way to fix this. If it’s impossible to think of a remedy, then maybe that bathtub isn’t the right one for your bathroom.  Don’t worry though. There should be many other choices in that one store alone. Faucets should also be well thought of when buying a bathtub. Some bathtubs come with built-in faucets while others don’t. You should also be aware of which wall they are to be installed in and if the bathtub would fit in that area beneath the faucet’s position.


Apparently, bathtubs are not only for cleaning up but also for relaxing after a busy day. Soaking in the perfect tub should be able to help make any person feel fresh and rejuvenated after bathing. Having the perfect tub for your bathroom would offer that luxurious feeling that anyone would want to have.

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