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Best Beginner Guitar

Beginner Guitar 2

Beginner Guitar Reviews

Many people dream of playing the guitar, but the process seems complicated. Here are reviews for beginner guitars. Guitars bring a great sound and are an easy instrument to learn to play. There are lots of online instruction that provides tips and tricks to get started. Many of the beginner kits offer resources that provide playing instruction in addition to the guitar itself. Grab on of these beginner guitars and take your love for music to the next level.

Most Popular Beginner Guitar

Full Size Black Electric Guitar

5/5 Product Rating

The Electric-Accessories-Beginner-Starter-Package includes everything you need to get started on the electric guitar. The full size guitar made by Davidson Guitars is black in color and is built for right handed players. The guitar is 39 inches and is a full scale guitar with an amp case included. The amp is a 9X9X5” amp with an overdrive button. The guitar has a Humbucker Pickup that creates a solid rock sound. The neck and the fretboard is made of maple wood. The Electric-Accessories-Beginner-Starter-Package comes with a gig case, strap, a cable, guitar pics, and a pitchpipe included in the starter kit. The pitchpipe that is included picks Stringwinder Cord. The amp includes a headphone jack for enjoying your music, without disturbing others around you.

  • Full Size right handed guitar
  • Accessories include: gig bag, guitar strap, amp, cable, guitar pics and a pitchpipe
  • Maple fretboard and neck
  • 39 inch full scale guitar
  • Humbucker Pickup for rock sound

Best Overall Beginner Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Jasmine-S35-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural is a full size acoustic beginner guitar. The guitar has a spruce top and a rosewood fret board. The neck and sides are made of laminated Nato with a satin finish which maximizes resonance. This provides a top quality sound in the instrument. The tuners are chrome covered. This dreadnought guitar offers bold acoustic tones. The guitar has 20 frets and a fingerboard radius of 12”. The Jasmine-S35-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural includes advanced X bracing and Agathis back and sides. It has a slim neck for easier playing. The full scale guitar is 25 ½” scale length. This provides easier playing. The guitar is pre-strung with Phopher bronze strings that are light gauge at .012-.053. The Jasmine-S35-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural produces bold acoustic tones and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Full size acoustic guitar
  • Dreadnought body made of Rosewood
  • Satin body finish
  • Advanced X Bracing
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Budget Beginner Guitar

Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Guitar-For-Dummies-Acoustic-Starter pack comes with everything you need to get started playing the guitar. The kit includes a soft sided gig bag, pics, a tuner, the Guitar Basics for Dummy’s book and an audio CD. The guitar itself is a Kona deluxe. The neck is made of spruce providing a top quality sound. The Guitar Basics for Dummies book will help you understand the mechanics of playing the guitar and will get you started. The gig bag is soft sided and includes a carrying handle. This makes it easy to carry the guitar wherever you go. The digital tuner, provides fast and easy tuning, even for beginners. The tuner offers an easy to read LED digital readout. The kit also includes 3 picks. The Guitar-For-Dummies-Acoustic-Starter kit provides a hex key, for tuning the neck. The guitar is 40.5X15X4” making this full size guitar perfect even for smaller hands. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

  • Kona Deluxe Guitar
  • Guitar Basics For Dummies book and audio CD
  • Digital tuner with LED readout, hex key and 3 picks included
  • Spruce top for premium sound
  • 10 Year limited warranty

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