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Best Bicycle Seat

Bicycle Seat

Bicycle Seat Reviews

Cycling is a great pastime as well as a great way to exercise and get fit. However, not having the proper seat can be detrimental to your health. Most bicycles are designed with one standard seat that tends to be too narrow. These seats put pressure that restricts blood flow which then creates inflammation. Luckily these seats can be removed and replaced with one that fits your body and your cycling style. It is important that you take your time researching the different types of seats available and discuss with your bike store sales representative the different options they offer that may meet your needs. Below we have listed our top three choices based on their specification and comfort level.

Most Popular Bicycle Seat

Planet Bike Anatomic

4.8/5 Product Rating

This seat is designed specifically to meet the comfort and safety of our male bike riders. It is ideal for the use on a commuter or cruiser bike. The seat is made out of a thick padding that has the middle cut out to provide the user with anatomical relief. It also has a weather resistance cover to maximize its life span. The chrome coil is also designed to minimize tough road impact to your lower back and tailbone. This seat provides high quality and support at a low cost to you. This item is definitely a must have by those who love to commute to and from work in his bike. Investing in this product will be one of the decisions you will never regret.

  • Seat is designed to get rid of pain, numbness
  • The seat padding comes with a flex base that offers the highest comfort and support
  • Seat is anatomically designed
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 25% of the proceeds support bicycle advocacy

Best Overall Bicycle Seat

Planet Bike Standard

4.7/5 Product Rating

This simple and standard anatomically correct bike seat is meticulously designed to meet the needs of the male rider population. It has a full center indentation that targets the anatomic relief for the perineum. It also has gel pads that are made to provide you with the necessary comfort of your sit bones as well as your lower back. The chrome spring coils are designed to reduce the impact of bumpy roads, and the water proof covering will guarantee to increase the lifespan of this simple yet wonderful bicycle seat. You will be so happy that you will look forward to your next bicycle ride adventure.

  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Clamp Style: Std Rails
  • Length: 270mm Rail
  • Material: Steel

Best Budget Bicycle Seat


5/5 Product Rating

This Bicycle seat is wide and has dual density gel foam padding for the comfort of the rider. It also has chrome coil springs to minimize the impacts that bumpy roads causes. It is so comfortable that you will not believe that riding a bike can feel this good. What makes this seat even better is that it is universal and can be used on any standard bike. This seat is great for those who ride on a daily basis as it will not give you a sore buttocks or sore back. You will not have to worry about having any injuries or inflammation as it is designed with enough space to balance your weight accordingly, and with the chrome coils you will be protecting your lower back and tailbone. This is definitely a seat to consider by the everyday rider.

  • Seat measures 10.5” W x 10.5” L
  • Weight of seat: 1 pound
  • Dual-density gel foam padding
  • Chrome coil spring suspension helps smooth out bumps
  • Designed for the comfort of the everyday bike rider

Bicycle Seat Buying Guide

Bicycle Seat Review

The process of choosing a bicycle seat can be challenging although it’s worth the effort. However, comfort is key since the more comfortable you are, the faster and longer you can ride. The make and shape of your bicycle seat largely depend on your type of bicycle. Most new cyclists don’t look at the design of the bicycle seat when purchasing a new bike. Later most of them realize that it’s essential to have a comfortable seat that doesn’t hurt, poke, cause saddle sores or numbness when riding. You need to replace your bicycle seat if you feel it’s uncomfortable. Below are some top tips to help you choose a perfect bicycle seat:

Purchase Consideration

1. Type of Cycling You Expect to Undertake

First of all, you must understand that the design and shape of a bicycle seat varies according to the bicycle type and style of cycling. So, if you purchase a cruiser bike that you’ll use specifically for leisure riding such as shopping or visiting your friends, you’ll need to purchase a seat that’s wide enough and well padded. However, you can also purchase medium or narrow bicycle seats depending on the purpose of your cycling.

2. Give It a Try Before You Purchase

It’s essential to test a few bicycle seats before purchasing one. This is because you might fail to get a comfortable one even if you’re trying out seats meant for a certain cycling style. The only way to know whether a bicycle seat is firm, wide and strong enough, is to try out different seats in a bicycle store. Never buy a bicycle seat until you’re perfectly certain that it suits your needs. However, it’s not recommended to purchase a bicycle seat from online stores, unless you’re simply purchasing the same model and make you’ve been using in the past.

3. Type of Material Used

The material used in making the seat will help to determine its effectiveness, longevity and even cost. For example, a bicycle seat made of leather is very comfortable, although it’s not weather resistant, and can easily get damaged when exposed to constant sweat. Ensure you check all materials used for making the cover, rails, shell, and suspension before purchasing to avoid wasting your hard earned cash. Bicycle seats made from carbon fiber are expensive, although they can last for quite some time. On the other hand, steel and titanium railed seats are relatively cheaper and can last longer.

Bicycle Seat 3

4. Perfect Width

There’re some ways of checking whether your sitting bones comfortably rest on the bicycle seat or not. Most bike stores have a tool called Body Geometry Saddle which is used to measure the width of your sitting bones. You can also use a tape or memory foam instead. Depending on your body size, ensure you choose a seat with the perfect width for comfort when riding your bicycle.

5. Gender

Most gender specific bicycle seats are usually designed while keeping in mind the male and female structure or anatomy. Therefore, depending on your gender, you’ll be able to choose hybrid designs which provide comfort and make cycling safe and enjoyable. These seats are designed with cutaways and cutouts which help to ease pressure on the genitalia and prevent long term numbness.

6. Adequate Padding

Ensure you press your thumb on the bicycle seat to determine its firmness and if there’s padding. You need to understand that racing bikes need the least padding amount compared to mountain bikes and hybrids which need a thin padding layer. For wider bicycle seats, more padding is required for the sitting bones to rest easily.

7. Adequate Suspension

Look for bicycle seats that provide greater suspension to absorb the vibrations and shock experienced when cycling. This feature is of great importance especially if you want to ride through uneven and rough terrain. Getting a bicycle seat with adequate suspension helps to prevent unnecessary pains, aches and muscle strains.

In conclusion, these are some of the top tips to help you choose a perfect bicycle seat. Remember that any variation in your seat height can also have an impact on the comfort you feel when riding a bicycle. Therefore, it’s recommended to lower or raise the bicycle seat to get the desired comfort.

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