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Some photographers question their need for a lens hood, but it actually is quite important to the quality of your pictures, and the safety of your lens. What the hood is designed to do is reduce flare, and protect the lens at the same time. It clips into the front of the lens and extends past it. What this is really doing is blocking the glare from the sun, in most cases. The popular, flowering “petal lens hood” is shaped in its curious fashion so that it can extend out as far as possible without placing itself into the picture. But the more normal looking hood is called a “round lens hood”. You’ll find this style on prime lenses more often than you will on zooms. So, do you need a lens hood? The answer is yes, because no one wants a good picture damaged by light bouncing into the lens from the sides. With this does is diminish the contrast and color of your imagine; and you definitely don’t want that.

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5/5 Product Rating

Canon knows the importance of a little shade in your photographs. What I’m implying here is that shade greatly improves the contrast in your photographs, as well as amps up the color concentration. What too much glare will do in your picture is bring unnecessary discoloration and hazing. That’s why the lens hood is so important, and Canon has made a very durable one here. This lens hood is compatible with EF 28-135mm, snaps on with ease, and really does a great job of blocking the light, and protecting your lens from debris or water damage. Canon makes great accessories in general, and this is a small piece that seems insignificant, but don’t let the size of it fool you. This is a fantastically made hood, and its durability is going to last you for a number of years. So if you’ve got a Canon, and you don’t have a hood for it, it’s time to protect your lens and improve your photos.

  • Lens hood creates shade
  • Improves contrast and prevents haze
  • Protects lens from debris and water
  • Lightweight design easy to carry
  • Works with EF 28-135mm

Best Overall Camera Hood


4.8/5 Product Rating

This lens filter accessory kit is only compatible with a 58mm camera lens, and only works with a couple of Canon cameras. That being said, if you have a Canon camera and a 58mm lens, then you’re in luck, because this is a wonderful kit. First of all, you’re getting three stunning filters that transform the quality of light and make your picture look just the way you want it. This includes; the UV lens, which improves contrast by diminishing ultraviolet light; the CPL filter, or circular polarizer, that removes unwanted reflections; and lastly, the FLD filter, which is great for transforming the dullness of fluorescent light. And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll find in this kit. Also included is the 58mm lens hood, which is perfect for blocking unwanted light and protecting your lens. This is the tulip-shaped variety, or “flower” hood, which is very versatile and never shows up in your picture uninvited.

  • 58mm filter kit
  • Includes 58mm petal lens hood
  • 3 exciting filters, including UV, CPL, and FLD
  • Snap on lens cap and keeper
  • MagicFiber cleaning cloth

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