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Many people fear going to and enjoying the great outdoors, camping in particular, for the very fear of not having clean, sanitary and smell free toilet facilities. Well, with the advancement of technology there is no need to lose out on enjoying good times with your family. Today there are very neat and easy to use products to cover you in this regard. The solution today is the camp toilet. A camp toilet is simply a mobile toilet for you to use whenever you go out camping. Long ago they used to be nothing more than an advanced bucket waste holding and disposal system. Today however they have evolved and there are many forms of advanced toilets with flushing mechanisms and waste holding tanks. Today’s camp toilets comprise a regular toilet bowl at the top and a waste holding tank at the bottom. These toilets also have a flushing mechanism which is mostly battery powered. All toilets be it old or new use some form of chemical to both mask the smell and help the breakdown of human waste. It is worth noting that you must never place any other form of waste into these toilets such as diapers or women’s sanitary towels to avoid destroying these toilets. Finally, you must always dispose the waste in a correct and environmentally safe manner. With that being said it is now the time for you to get yourself one. This is of course if you already do not own one, and start enjoying the great outdoors with your loved ones.

Most Popular Camp Toilet

Sanitation Equipment Limited

5/5 Product Rating

This is an amazing camp toilet. It features a 2 level indicator and is designed for easy usage with a 2 directional rinse and a replaceable pump. The 2 directional rinse is to ensure maximum coverage of the bowl. The bowl is quite deep for additional comfort. It features a lid that snaps closed so as to prevent vibration during transportation. The waste level and fresh water level are easy to read and it features a spout that’s detachable. The holding tank has a vent for easy and clean waste discharging. The teal also features a seal to prevent leaks and odor with a quick release latch. The toilet has a capacity of 3.7gallons for water and holding capacity of 6.3 gallons. When shipped the entire package weighs 12.2lbs.

  • It features a great flushing mechanism
  • Great concealment of odors
  • Much larger holding tank than other models
  • It is quite comfortable to use
  • The weight is comfortable to allow easy transportation

Best Overall Camp Toilet

Reliance Products

4.8/5 Product Rating

This is a great foldable to-go toilet from Reliance. It is really designed for those that are space conscious or don’t have a lot of space to spare. It weighs 4.5 pounds and when folded down it achieves a height of 5 inches. For ease of transport it has an integrated handle. The leg locking mechanism is well built to enhance sturdiness of the toilet. It is designed ideally for use with the Double Doodie Bag system. The package actually comes with one free bag (Double Doodie). The toilet comes with a manufacturer’s warranty covering 5 years for any defects associated with the manufacturer only. It is designed for use for all those outdoor activities such as camping, boating, RVs, hunting and even in case of emergencies.

  • The toilet is practical and sturdy
  • There is no feeling as if you have to balance yourself when using it
  • The setup for the toilet is quite easy
  • It can use even the regular trash bags
  • It is a great piece of survival gear

Best Budget Camp Toilet


4.6/5 Product Rating

This is a 5.3 gallon toilet which you will surely enjoy. The holding tank is completely detachable and the sliding valve seals in bad odors and protects against leakage. The latches on the side secure the toilet to the holding tank beneath. It employs a flushing mechanism of the ‘bellow type’. The flushing mechanism also has a pull aside valve to facilitate easy flushing. The construction of the toilet is quite sturdy. When shipped the package weighs in at 14.8lbs and the toilet weighs 13.1lbs. The toilet is designed for camping, boating, hunting, or any other kind of outdoor recreational activity. It comes with a packet of biodegradable toilet chemical from Camco. The toilet is really easy to use and you should aim to make it a part of your camping activities.

  • The toilet has a great height for use as well as convenience
  • The toilet is quite sturdy and built to be durable
  • The holding tank is quite large in size so you won’t keep having to empty it
  • The toilet is light enough for relatively easy transportation
  • It comes with instructions that are really easy to follow during setup

Camp Toilet Buying Guide

Going camping once in a while is good for your health. You get some fresh air, enjoy a barbecue with friends, and relax. Being away from home does not stop nature’s call. It is going to happen after several drinks and plenty of food, that’s why you should have your camp toilet. Choose one that will meet your needs depending on several factors including several people in the group.

7 Types of Camp Toilets

1. Chemical Toilets

In the chemical toilet, there are chemicals in the holding tank that mask the terrible smell. This happens when they stop the bacteria from spreading, and the odor is suppressed to the minimum.

2. Urine Diverting Dry Toilet

This toilet comes in handy if you are planning to go on camping in an area where water is scarce. It collects the urine and feces separately and does not need water to flush because the waste is dried up.

3. Composting Toilet

In this toilet, human waste is turned into compost. The toilet is similar to the dry one since no water is used. The waste goes through a biological process to facilitate its decomposition and turns it into compost.

4. Container-based Toilets

This is a portable toilet where the human waste is collected in a sealable, but removable container or cartridge. You then have to transport the waste to a treatment facility where it is disposed of or used to make things like fertilizer. This means you do not have to deal with the human excreta at any point.

5. Bucket Toilet

This is a common choice for many campers. However, all human excreta are collected in a single compartment. This causes odor and therefore, the camp toilet may not be the perfect choice for a larger group of people.

6. Freezing Toilet

This type of toilet is not usable unless you are camping in an area with an electrical connection. But it is extremely efficient. The waste is quickly frozen and leaving no chance for odor or bacteria to breed.

7. Incineration Toilets

These toilets are perfect if you are camping in an area where there is no facility to dispose of human waste. The waste is incinerated into ash, making it pathogen-free. Incineration toilets are cheap to maintain and can use gas or any other source of energy in addition to electricity. This enables you to use them far from home and in areas where there is no electrical connection.

What to Consider When Buying a Camp Toilet


Camping means you have to carry the toilet with you. Be sure to choose a light model because you do not need something that you cannot lift. Some of the things you need to check include:

• Is the toilet foldable to fit in small spaces?

• Can it fit in your backpack, a cabinet or car trunk?

• How much space will it occupy in your car?


This is related to the toilet’s portability. A high-quality camp toilet is compact and therefore, may not be light. While you need a stable and reliable toilet, you shouldn’t get one that you can hardly lift from the car to the camping site.


This one is important; you do not want the toilet to collapse when you are doing your business. It would be a messy and smelly situation. Buy a camp toilet that is strong enough to hold your weight so that you can comfortably relieve yourself.


A fancy toilet is likely to give you a hard time when packing. Buy one with a minimal design, and you will not have to worry about losing parts of the toilet. After all fancy decorations such as bells and whistles do not add any value except the aesthetic appeal.


The odor is the main problem, and you must check to know how bad it’s going to smell. You do not want a camp toilet that will spread waste odor all over your camping site. However, most of the camp toilets will only release odor if the seal doesn’t close off completely.


If you are camping as a group, privacy is important. Get a camp toilet with a privacy system to shelter you as you do your business. They are usually tent-like shelters. Often you will need to buy one separately.


Finally, check how disposal is done with the toilet. Some use disposal bags, while others turn the waste into compost. It uses bags; go for biodegradable ones so that you will bury them when disposing of without harming your environment.

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