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Best Car Scratch Repair Kits

Car Scratch Repair Kit 2

Car Scratch Repair Kits Reviews

Cars are a large investment and many buyers want to maintain their cars appearance to the best of their ability. The best way to do this is by using professional grade kits that can keep you cars paint looking its best, keeping headlights clean so they give you adequate light at night, and repair kits that will remove scratches. Unfortunately cars get dinged and scratched over time and restoration kits can make a vehicle look like new. We have selected the best kits on the market that will help you to maintain your investment in its top condition.

Most Popular Car Scratch Repair Kits


4.7/5 Product Rating

The 3M-39071-Scratch-Removal-System will remove scratches to your cars paint from your vehicles clear coat finish. The repair system is easy to use and comes in a five step system that will keep your paint looking new longer. The repair kit can repair multiple scratches that are surface scratches. The 3M-39071-Scratch-Removal-System has a three stage system which includes sanding the area, compounding the scratch and then polishing with a clear coat. Included in the kit is a disc holds and a sanding pad that is 3000 grit. One compounding and polishing pad, rubbing compound, scratch remover, and directions for use. You need to provide a microfiber cloth a spray bottle with water and a drill. 3M guarantees that it will remove light scratches and scuffs. It cannot remove deep scratches that must be touched up and matched with the cars paint color.

  • 5 step process to remove surface scratches
  • 3 stage process to provide a permanent solution to existing scratches
  • Kit includes sanding pad, compound pad, polishing pad, rubbing compound and scratch remover
  • Works in surface scratches to the clear coat finish, not deep scratches
  • Maintains vehicles paint keeping it looking new

Best Overall Car Scratch Repair Kits


5/5 Product Rating

The Meguiars-Brilliant-Solutions-Paint-Restorationkit will make your dull paint shine again. The repair and restoration kit includes a 16 ounce bottle of Gold class car wash material, a clay bar for cleaning the car and an 8.5 ounce bottle of detailer. This is enough to clean 1 to 2 cars depending on their size. The 10 ounce bottle of compound is made for a clean that will revive dull paint and bring it back to life. The liquid wax comes with a foam pad for easier application. There is also a microfiber towel included in the fit, giving you everything you need to detail your vehicle. The Meguiars-Brilliant-Solutions-Paint-Restoration is safe and easy to use and will bring consistent results if used according to the directions.

  • Enough material to clean 1 to 2 cars depending on the size
  • Kit includes car wash soap, scrubbing and cleanser, waxing and applicators
  • Revives old paint and creates a shine
  • Clay compound bar included along with microfiber towels
  • Safe to use on all paint types

Best Budget Car Scratch Repair Kits


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Sylvania-38771-Headlight-Restoration-Kit will completely remove the haze and corrosion that build up on the lens of the headlight over time. The kit offers a simple three step process that will keep your headlights looking new and shining their brightest. By completing this restoration the vehicle will give you better light for night driving and make traveling at night safer. When your headlights are covered with haze and dirt there is less light to see with and a higher level of glare. The Sylvania-38771-Headlight-Restoration-Kit can complete the car in minutes and will provide you with a clearer safer drive, as well as a vehicle that will look like it’s well cared for. It includes a protective UV coating that will keep the lens clean for an extended period of time. The kit offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. This permanent restoration will provide you with 3 times the distance when driving at night.

  • Everything you need to permanently restore the vehicle headlights
  • Reduces glare and increases night sight by up to 300%
  • UV coating to protect lens from further issues
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle

Car Scratch Repair Kits Buying Guide

Car Scratch Repair Kit 1

When it comes to body repair for vehicles and boats, the majority of people postulate that it is too different to do themselves. The truth is that with the right equipment and a little practice, a person might be surprised at what they can do. One of the easiest repairs to conduct as far as body repair is concerned, is scratch repair. This is simply the act of removing or filling scratches in paint. Although scratch repair kits are designed for the repair scratches in paint on cars, boats and motorcycles, they can be used on a number of other painted surfaces with great efficacy.

Body Repair or Scratch Repair Kits

Acquiring a complete body repair or scratch repair kit will definitely make the endeavor of body repair much easier. Buying a kit will ensure that the user has everything that they need to get the job done effectively. A good repair kit will come with the necessary tools and the instructions as well. These kits are ideal for the novice and the more experienced body repair technicians as well.

The great thing is there are quite a few different types of kits for people to choose from. Although scratch kits are becoming increasingly popular, it may be necessary for a person to obtain a complete body repair kit, even if their primary goal is to repair a scratch.

Choosing What is Right for the Occasion

Many so called experts make the mistake of attempting to direct buyers to a specific product or retailer. Many times that course of action is financially motivated, but there are times that they are simply endorsing the product they use and are comfortable with. The problem with that approach is that not everyone will have the same perspective. Some people will want a kit that is easy to use, while others will want something more complex and comprehensive and some may want to have repair kit for the best horn for car.

The key for any buyer looking for the best scratch repair or body repair kit is to have a lucid understanding of what they are attempting to accomplish. Once a person has an understanding of what they are trying to accomplish they will be able to focus on what they need in order to accomplish their goal. This step can help ensure that they don’t waste money on unnecessary products.

Buying the right kit will eliminate the need to make multiple trips back to the auto parts store.

Scratch Repair Kits

By far, scratch repair kits are the most popular body repair kits purchased. One of the reasons for this is the fact that scratch repair is one of the easiest repairs to perform. A permanent scratch occurs when a scratch penetrates through the clear coat of the paint job into the paint or even the primer. Sometimes scratches will even penetrate into the metal.

There are numerous ways to repair scratches, depending on the level of severity.The method that is chosen will depend on the depth of the scratch and the willingness of the person to engage in more detailed methods. Obviously, the more detailed methods will produce the most professional looking results; however, the greater the detail, the more opportunity for error. More detailed processes are also more time consuming.

Completely sand down to the actual metal in order to fox the paint. Once the paint has been sanded down, it has to be filled in and repainted. However, it is much easier to  fill in the scratch. With the latter process, the scratch is actually still there, but it has been concealed. In the former process, the scratch has actually been removed. Either way, the scratch will no longer be visible to the naked eye.

The type of scratch repair kits that fill in scratches will contain a clear polish that can be applied to the scratch for the purpose of filling it in. It will also include a very light sandpaper that will be used for the purpose of smoothing it over. Lastly, it will have what is known as a finishing solution, which will be used to ensure the repaired area shines once again. Many kits will also include a polishing cloth.

Obviously, kits that are designed to completely repair a scratch will have a few additional items included, such as a coarser grade of sandpaper for the purpose of sanding down the area. It will also have items, such as plastic scrapers, body fillers and the items that are included in the filler kit. This method is obviously more detailed and time consuming, meaning that it is also more susceptible to error.

Car Scratch Repair Kit 12

How to Find the Best Kit for a Particular Situation

There are some experts that still advocate going through a brick and mortar auto parts location to obtain the kit; however, there are drawbacks to this, such as higher price and the consumption of time. Locating the right kit online requires less search time and the prices are generally more affordable than the prices at brick and mortar locations.

A person can conduct a detailed and specific search online in a matter minutes, without ever leaving the comfort of their home. It is a good idea for the person to conduct some pre-purchase research. This will help them determine which kit will be best for them. This will also help them streamline their search parameters to enhance the search results.

It is always a good idea to research any unfamiliar retailer before purchasing anything from them. This will help eliminate any post-purchase issues.

Armed with the information in this guide, a person should be able to conduct a search to find the ideal scratch repair kit for their particular situation.

Buying Advice

Most of your household items could be scratched for one reason or the other. When that becomes the case, you need scratch repair to put such important household item back to use. There are different types of scratch repairs available on the market that could repair different types of household items ranging from mirrors to stainless steel. If you have kids in your home, you should be sure of frequent scratches of plates and other items. You have to find out the best scratch repair kit you can use in your household. You need to search for it diligently because there are various brands, which are useful for different household items. Here are some important factors that should guide you when shopping for your scratch repair products.

Identify the Type of Scratch Repair You Want

There are different scratch repair kits; you have to identify the type of kit you want. For instance, scratch repair for stainless steel may not serve the same purpose as repair for mirror. You have to determine the direction of the grain. Of course, you are going to save a huge amount of money when you get the correct scratch kit to repair your scratch properties. Instead of looking for a brand new product, you simply restore it by using scratch repair kits. If you want to remove scratches from stainless steel that has a clear coating surface, the kit you will use for it would be different from the type you will use for a product without a clear coating. The point to note here is that the various kits available in the market are made for different coating surfaces.

Determine the Kind of Application

It is important that before you choose any product you find how it works as well as its application pattern. You should always aim at buying scratch kits that are easy and simple to apply. Study the usual manuals before purchasing the product. This would also help you to understand whether it is the right solution to your problem, or whether you should look for another product that could serve your purpose.

Determine the Right Kind of Pad

You have to apply the scratch repair with a pad. You have to determine the right pad you will use for that purpose. You can only ensure an effective restoration of your scratch surfaces when you select the right abrasives and pad. You should research about the best pad suitable for the scratch. Apart from that, you can also research about the best pads for various scratch surfaces. The type of pad you will use depends on the depth of the scratch. If the scratch is light or moderate, you have to use grey or brown pad for that purpose. If on the other hands that the scratch is medium, you have to use red strip or burgundy pad for it. Deep scratches can best be removed by burgundy strip. You have to bear this point in your mind while shopping for your scratch repair kit on the market.

Car Scratch Repair Kit 11

Opt for High Quality Brands

Because there are numerous products available on the market all of them claiming to be efficient in scratch restoration, it is necessary that you read a review of some of the products before you make a purchase. After reading the reviews, you will see what other users; especially the experts have to say about the effectiveness of the product to determine its suitability for your needs.

Ask Whether they Remove or Hide Scratches

Some products out there do not restore scratches instead they hide it. You should read the manual instruction to understand how it works and how best to apply them to achieve the best results. Your aim should be getting something that would offer a permanent fix to your problem.


Always consider the cost before making a purchase. The cost will also help you in determining the efficacy of the product. If you go for the cheapest scratch repair product on the market, you should not expect to get a positive result from that. Research has shown that costly scratch repair products are better and more effective than the cheap ones. However, you should always make your budget based on the problem you have at hand after making a review of the best scratch repair kit.

Where to Buy Scratch Repair

Choosing where to buy scratch repair is not always an easy decision because there are different sources you can buy them. However, in deciding the places to buy them you have to consider where you will get a high quality product. If you buy from a reputable online merchant like eBay and Amazon, you should be sure of getting superior products from them. Moreover, they are cheaper when you buy from the internet than when you buy them from any of your local stores. If you order the product online, you can benefit from the incentives offered by the manufacturers of such products. You can also buy them from any of the local stores in your neighborhood that deals with such products.


It is obvious that some of your household items would continue to scratch, especially if you have children in your house. The good news is that when it scratches, you can still restore it by using scratch repair kits. There are various brands of such kits on the market today. You can always make a choice of the best kit that suits your need when you follow this important information while shopping for the product. Make sure that you buy a high quality scratch repair kit as that is the only way you are sure of restoring your scratched household item.

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