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Best Car Security Camera

Car Security Camera 1

Car Security Camera Reviews

Crime rates involving vehicles are increasing. Accidents and aggressive driving with vehicles are on the rise. Investing in a car security camera will protect yourself and your valuables. Security cameras provide clear footage of the area surrounding your vehicle for evidence in the case of an incident. We have selected the best and most reliable security cameras on the market, giving you confidence while in and around your vehicle that you will be protected.

Most Popular Car Security Camera


4.7/5 Product Rating

CISNO Dashboard Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera, Car DVR Recorder, Full HD 1080P, WDR 2.7″ LCD 170 Degree Video-Z4 Plus is a great way to protect yourself and your vehicle at home and on the road. Fraudulent lawsuits, car break-ins, hijackings and road rage are creating a need to protect ourselves while in our vehicles. Highly-sensitive G-sensor automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash, you can adjust the sensitivity level in menu setting to suit your driving style and terrain. Car security systems that include video surveillance is a great way to provide security and confidence that your will be safe. The car security camera is black can be placed on your windshield yet is small enough that it does not distract driving. CISNO Dashboard Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera is very customer friendly and can be angled in many different positions. The car security camera can rotate 170 degrees, which will allow you to record the surrounding area of the vehicle clearly. Front and Rear Cameras – provide dual-angle coverage so nothing is missed. This essential dash cam keeps an eye out for you while you keep your eyes on the road. WDR Function – it will avoid high exposure and low exposure and improve the video quality. The car security camera includes a dual DVR which allows you to record multiple areas at one time. This feature will permit even more protection from potential damages. The car security camera comes with a complimentary car charger for the device.

  • 2.0” LCD screen Rotating Dual Lens
  • Rotates 170 degrees for full coverage
  • Car DVR Recorder
  • Dual DVR for recording multiple places at once
  • Car Charger Included

Best Overall Car Security Camera


5/5 Product Rating

The 2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder Traffic Dashboard Camcorder has an LCD that produces videos 270 degrees securing your vehicle with video surveillance. As crime increases, the valuables in your vehicle become vulnerable. This car security camera allows you to keep your vehicle and your belongings secure. The car security camera supports an SD/MMC card up to 32GB. A 32GB will give the memory storage needed to monitor your vehicle at all times. The 2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder has a microphone, which will record sounds and will allow you even more security and protection in the case of theft. This car security camera has a night video camera feature allowing vehicle monitoringof your vehicle during the evening hours with clear video. This is accomplished with six IR LEDs. The 2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder can record in three different resolutions including: 1280×960, 720×480, or 640/480 pixels.

  • Supports SD/MMC card up to 32GB
  • Microphone that can record sound
  • Night video camera feature
  • Six IR LEDs
  • 3 Resolution options: 1280×960, 720/480, or 640/480 pixels

Best Budget Car Security Camera


4.4/5 Product Rating

Aosmart 1080P HD DVR Dash Camera DVR with Night Vision has a built in Microphone. The 2.7” screen is rotatable and foldable. The TFT LCD Screen Display can rotate 120 degrees providing full security all around your vehicle. The car security camera has an HD fish-eye camera, meaning the camera can rotate in many different angles creating wide and clear images and video footage. The car security camera can fold up and is compact, providing easy storage when not in use. Aosmart Full HD 1080P DVR Dash Camera 120 Degree Wide Angle with Night Vision Car Dashboard Camcorder is customer friendly. Once you start your vehicle, the car security camera will automatically begin recording. The security camera can recycle recordings by playing over previous recordings. This saves space and allows you to only keep footage that you want or need to save. Aosmart 1080P HD DVR Dash Camera DVR with Night Vision has great performance, sharp images, and clear footage even when recording in the evening hours. The night vision feature provides clear images through 6pcs LED lights. With night time security you will feel confident that any unwanted intrusions will be captured on camera. Day or night your vehicle will be protected with the Aosmart 1080P HD DVR Dash camera.

  • Rotates 120 degrees
  • Camera Automatically starts recording once you start your vehicle
  • Recycle recordings for efficient use of recording space
  • Night vision with LED technology providing 24 hour protection
  • Built-in G-sensor Automatically protect the video from being deleted caused by gravitational acceleration in an accident

Car Security Camera Buying Guide

Car Security Camera

Tips for Buying Car Security Cameras

Nowadays, with so much crime happening around, security cameras seem to be needed everywhere – including your car. If you’ve decided to finally get a car security camera but have no idea or have very little idea about it, here are basic general information and tips perfect for you.

Car Dash Camera

Car security camera is more commonly called as “dash camera.” Dash cameras are cameras meant for vehicles and are responsible for filming everything that happens inside. They’re usually helpful in shedding light to some happenings when there is lack in witness. It’s also most helpful in proving your innocence if you’re involved in a case and nothing else can help you but a clear footage of what actually happened.

Legal Issues

As much as security cameras are really helpful, some states or parts of some states don’t allow public audio or video recording for privacy rights issues. Ask for legal advice or study telephone recording laws in your area.

Basic Camera Features You Need to Consider

Video and Audio Quality of Car Cameras

Video and audio quality are two of the most important things in a camera – having good sharpness and clarity in the images. For the purpose of a security camera, low quality videos makes it hard to see important details like a clear face of the people involved, gestures and acts, plate number, conversation, and other important details. It is also easier to edit video footages when they’re not clear. Some cameras may have excellent video quality during day but loses its reliability at night so consider checking its quality in the dark and also with other light varieties.

Seamless Video

It’s hard to study a video when it’s very long and if it’s corrupted, everything’s gone. For these reason, camera footages split every time a certain amount of time lapse so the footage end up being divided into multiple fragments. Some cameras, however, have about 3 seconds gap between these fragments. Sometimes, those three seconds become a very vital loss for you so try finding a seamless camera.

Heat Resistance of Car Camera

Heat is a great problem for car security cameras or for any devices. Most cheap cameras, especially China made ones, are not engineered to tolerate heat. Usually, these cameras can’t stand more than 30°C/86°F so if you live in a state where it’s usually hot, look for a heat tolerant camera.

Resistance to Other Elements

You should also consider cameras resistant to water and dust. It’s not easy to prevent water and dust from your camera. Accidents happen and your devices need protection. You can get cameras resistant to water and dust or get covers.

Warranty Support

You need warranty. It’s not something new that manufacturing defects could be present on your device. For this case, you’ll always need warranty. One to two years is enough, as long as it’s long enough to be sure that your device is working well. You may also want to look for a warranty where it will cover shipping fees if you need to ship it back to them.

Car Security Camera 3

Physical Appearance or Camera Style

The smaller, the better. When someone is planning a crime, they usually look for a security camera to avoid, block, or remove so it won’t be of any help at all. Try hiding it in any part of your car, the compartment, the rearview mirror, or your car decorations or accessories. You may also buy a camouflaged camera – ones looking like a stuffed toy, a car stereo, etc.

Mount Types

There are a lot of mount types for devices which you can choose from. You can choose depending on where you want it to mount or how you want it to. If you want to mount it on your window, dashboard, or any available walls of your car, you can use suction or tape mounts. The most important difference is that suction mounts are reusable while tape mounts are not. Pivoting mount is also good especially because it allows you to rotate your camera fully, 360°, in any direction.

Audible Notifications

All dash cameras use light indicators to notify you with its actions and when problems occur. Some drivers, on the other hand, find it handy if their camera also has voice features especially when they have problems – like with sd card, sound system, etc.


This is a security feature that a lot of people would like to have. It’s a good thing to have when you’re trying to locate your missing or stolen car or when the police are trying to locate where you are during emergencies. It also records where your car has gone to and how fast it went. It’s very helpful in numerous ways. However, it always costs extra so not everyone get this.

Car Camera Storage Capacity

Most cameras can hold up to 32GB of video with 1080p resolution. Since that’s only about four hours of your day, additional SD cards are usually used. You can try to find a camera that can hold more videos so it can cover your whole day so you can just use your SD cards for emergency in case you weren’t able to clear your previous data.

Battery Lifespan

A camera’s battery life should be enough for the whole day. Having your camera turning off while during the day or while you’ve got it parked loses its reliability and is not doing good for its security purpose. You should find a dashboard camera that would last a whole day with its built-in battery or one that has the ability to connect to your car’s battery. You may also buy an external battery if you want to and your camera can take one.

These may be a lot but there are still a lot more features and accessories that you might want for a dashboard camera: LCD Screen, infrared, mute features, driver assistance system, WiFi capability, and emergency lock buttons which can let you keep files that you find important and not let it be overwritten if you don’t haven’t backed it up yet. You just have to consider the features regarding your car security camera purpose first before anything else.

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