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Best CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit

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CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit Reviews

With a CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit you will be able to access recordings that help secure things that are important to you. Monitor what goes around your home, office, or properties giving you confidence that you know what activities are occurring. With these camera kits you will always be able to monitor your locations. Know what is happening when your children are being cared for by a sitter, or what your employees are doing while you are out. Observe your neighbors or housekeepers as they watch your animals or clean your home. The following CCTV/DVR Security Cameras provide high quality images and reliable security to protect your loved ones and other important things

Most Popular CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit


5/5 Product Rating

The Lorex LHB80616GC4W 6-Channel 16 GB Digital Video Recorder Kit with 4 Wireless Camera is a great CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit to have for your residence or office and is available in either black or white. This camera kit provides you will secure wireless viewing and be able to watch the multi-screen monitor while recording on the DVR 24/7 uninterrupted. The Lorex LHB80616GC4W provides mobile surveillance that can be connected and viewed on the go through your tablet or smartphone over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. This security camera kit is simple yet advanced and can record on a surveillance grade hard drive designed for 24/7 operation providing weeks or even months of reliable recording. You will be offered simultaneous monitor viewing by connecting to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitor with industry standard VGA & BNC inputs. The Lorex LHB80616GC4W offers easy system navigation and intuitive menu options that have simple icons. This enables you to use this device quickly and efficiently with DVR programming.

  • Can watch monitor while you record
  • Mobile surveillance can be connected
  • 24/7 operation providing weeks/months of reliable recording
  • Industry standard VGA & BNC inputs
  • Easy system navigation

Best Overall CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit

Zmodo 2003

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Zmodo Surveillance ZM-KW2003-1TB 8 Channel Complete DVR Camera 1TB Retail Box is a camera that builds confidence in home or office security. This security camera kit includes an 8 CH H.264 standalone DVR with 1TB HD and 8 security cameras providing everything you need to have your surveillance system up and running in your home or business quickly and easily. The DVR 8 Channel is fully integrated, real time, and hardware based standalone digital video recorder. This standalone
DVR is based on an embedded Linux operating system that includes a remote control. This makes setup and operations easier than ever. With network access, VGA video output, and USB 2.0 backup, this DVR is perfect for the home or small business. The security camera kit supports Live View using your smart phone and includes a ¼ an inch color CMOS IR night vision cameras. The bullet design camera can be mounted almost everywhere indoors. All cables and power supplies are included.

  • 8 CH H.264 standalone DVR with 1 GB HD
  • Fully integrated, real time, hardware based standalone
  • Standalone based on embedded Linux operating system
  • Network access, VGA video output, USB 2.0 backup
  • Live View using your smart phone

Best Budget CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit

Zmodo 2004

4.7/5 Product Rating

The ZS-2004-B-1TB ZMODO is a very efficient and reliable security camera kit that will benefit any home or office at an affordable price. When you purchase the ZS-2004-B-1TB ZMODO security camera kit, you will receive an 8 CH H.264 standalone DVR with 1TB HD and four night vision outdoor security cameras providing everything you need to have a surveillance system up and running in your home or business. The DVR-H9108V is an 8 Channel and is fully integrated, real time, and hardware based standalone digital video recorder. With network access, motion detection, VGA video output, and USB 2.0 backup, this DVR is perfect for the home or small business. The DVR also features the most updated 3G mobile live allowing you to preview recordings on your mobile phone. The security cameras included in the kit are ¼ an inch color CMOS IR night vision outdoor cameras. All cables and power supplies are included.

  • 8 CH H.264 standalone DVR with 1TB HD
  • Four night vision outdoor security cameras
  • Fully integrated, real time, and hardware based standalone digital video recorder
  • Network access, motion detection, VGA video output, and USB 2.0 backup
  • 3G mobile live

CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit Buying Guide

CCTV Kit 2

How to Pick the Right CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit

If you’re reading this article, it’s highly probable that you are looking to buy a CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit. Fortunately, this buying guide will give you thorough information and useful tips to help guide you in purchasing a security camera that best fits your needs.

As in all purchases, the main things to consider when buying are your resources and your needs. What is your purpose for buying this item, and how much are you willing to spend to achieve this objective? If you have clearly answered these two questions, then you will have an easier time finding the right set of security cameras for you.

But first, you should learn the basics. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, while DVR means Digital Video Recorder. A DVR is connected by analog cables to a CCTV camera and records the images captured by the camera. A security camera kit is usually composed of these two devices.

From the name itself, closed circuit, CCTV footages are intended to stay inside a security system and are not allowed to be viewed by the public. Although that is highly uncommon these days, since CCTV recordings are now shown in newscasts and online streaming.

A CCTV/DVR security system is most commonly used to monitor homes, offices, and other properties to prevent theft and other malicious behaviors. In the case of offices, they are sometimes used to maximize employees’ productivity and control inventory. This system is effective either for constant monitoring or for observing a particular event only.

Some advantages of having this security system are:

1. To provide continuous traffic monitoring and make it easier to examine vehicular accidents.

2. To provide protection in public places such as malls, hotels, train stations, bus stations, and airports.

3. To check and control a company’s inventory and operations.

4. To make it easier for law enforcement agencies to pursue and identify robbers.

5. To have regular and continuous watch over places that needed it most.

If you are thinking about the cost to operate such a system, then you may look at it this way. Setting up a security camera system in your home or business may cost you a sufficient amount, but the fact that you are not only protecting your properties but also your life and those that you care for is absolutely priceless.

CCTV Kit 10

Factors to Consider

Now that you are ready to buy a CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit, here are some factors that you need to consider.

1. Image Quality – CCTV cameras are mainly analog, and the image quality of analog recording devices is measured in terms of TV Lines of resolution or TVL. TVL is the number of horizontal lines a camera sensor chip can provide. The higher the TVL, the better the quality of the image produced.

  • Standard Quality: 380 TVL to 420 TVL
  • High Quality: 480 TVL to 520 TVL
  • Very high Quality: 540 TVL to 700 TVL
  • 2. Infrared LEDs – These types of LEDs emit infrared light and saturate dark areas, allowing the camera to capture images as if there was visible light. The more LEDs a camera has, the better it can see in low light environments.

    3. Wire Configuration – CCTV cameras can be wired or wireless. A standard wired CCTV camera is available in BNC or DIN terminations and will need video extension cables. Meanwhile, wireless cameras are digital and offer high definition video and audio.

    4. DVR or NVR – There are clear differences between DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) and NVRs (Network Video Recorder).  Although the image quality is basically the same, the connections are different. DVRs are connected to the CCTV cameras, while NVRs are connected to the network or IP cameras. DVRs connect using analog cables, while NVRs use Ethernet cables. Typically, both systems have 4, 8, 12, or 32 channels. However, DVRs can only connect up to 128 CCTV cameras (128 channels), as opposed to NVRs which can connect over 1,000 IP cameras (over 1,000 channels).

    Maybe you are thinking that NVRs are the better choice when buying because of its advanced technology and more flexible storing of data. But you should know that DVRs have more consistent recording quality and they outperform NVRs when it comes to recording in low light conditions. Again, think of your purpose before purchasing. Is it to cover a larger area that needs a lot of channels, or monitor places that have limited light?

    5. Camera Imaging Chip – CCTV cameras produce images with CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) or CCD (Charge Couple Device) imaging chips. CMOS-aided cameras give poor quality video and have weak light sensitivity. On the other hand, cameras using CCD technology have better video quality. The larger the CCD chip, the higher is the quality of the video produced, and of course, the higher is the price. CCD chips come in 1/4″, 1/3″, or 1/2″ sizes.

    6. Indoor or Outdoor Cameras – Security cameras have electronic parts that are sensitive to the environment. Rain or dust can damage a camera if it is continually exposed. If you plan to use it outdoors, check if the camera you are going to buy has a weatherproof casing. It will help keep these harsh elements from entering your camera.

    7. Colored or Black and White – Most people prefer colored cameras, but black and white ones are slightly cheaper and can see better in darkness. If you are going to use it indoors in good lighting conditions, such as an office, then you should consider a coloredone. However, recent developments made many colored cameras use an IR cut-filter for built-in night vision. Be sure to first check a camera’s specifications before buying.

    8. Other Features – Consider buying a DVR that has a large storage space. Since it records video into digital media, a higher storage capacity means longer hours of recording capability. Usually, when a DVR’s hard drive reaches its maximum capacity, it will overwrite the existing videos.

    A DVR’s frames per second rate should also be considered. A higher frame rate produces smoother playback footages. Also check if the DVR has an HDMI port that can connect to an HD TV for real time playback in high resolution. Make sure that a remote control comes with your CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit, as it will make it easier for you to control the DVR from a distance.

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