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Best CFL Light Bulb

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CFL Light Bulb Reviews

Do you want to light your house more efficiently without having to spend too much money? If you are in this position, an upgrade to compact fluorescent lights bulbs (CFL light bulbs) can provide a money saving solution. CFL light bulbs are an inexpensive way to light your house in an economically friendly manner. Some modern light bulbs on the market can be expensive. However, CFL light bulbs are the most cost effective solution among the energy saving options. This will enable you to save money on your electric bill by as much as 75%. With the popularity of CFL bulbs quality has become a real issue. The following CFL light bulbs are the best on the market and will provide you with long lasting light and reduce the amount of time you spend replacing standard incandescent lights.

Most Popular CFL Light Bulb

ALZO 27W Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Full Spectrum Light Bulbs –Alzo 27 Watt Compact Fluorescent CfL-Pack of 4 – 5500K – Alzo Joyous Light Daylight Pure White Light are energy efficient light bulbs that will allow you to save money on your electric bill. The 27 watt CFL bulbs are built to replace a 100 watt light bulb. The higher wattages are also larger than a standard bulb so ensuring the bulb will fit the application is important. This set of CFL light bulbs will last 10,000 hours before they need replacing. The unique feature to this bulb is the color. A standard incandescent has an orange color, where this light better reflects actual sunlight. If you have S.A.D. Winter Blues this light bulb will help to treat the problem. TheFull Spectrum Light Bulbs –Alzo 27 Watt Compact Fluorescent CfL-Pack of 4 – 5500K offers you a color that is balanced with normal daylight color. This CFL light bulb will offer you 5500K temperature, which is the color the bulb gives off. Your eyes can use more of this light and will help with computer glare and reduction in eye strain along with saving you money.

  • Will allow you to save money on your electric bill
  • Larger in size; will fit lamps with a lamp harp that is 9 inches
  • Will last 10,000 hours before needs replacing
  • Assists with S.A.D. Winter Blues and reduces eye strain
  • Offers you a color closer to the natural colors of daylight giving your eyes more usable light

Best Overall CFL Light Bulb

GE 13-Watt Energy – 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs

5/5 Product Rating

The GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM 60 Watt Replacement – 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs – 16 Total Bulbs is the perfect set of light bulbs to use for your lamps and light appliances around your home. This set of CFL light bulbs will allow you to use more energy efficient options. By being more energy efficient, you will be able to save money on you electric bills. You will also save money because the bulbs last so much longer. Standard incandescent light bulbs last around 1000 hours where a CFL will last around 10,000 hours. The CFL light bulbs offer lower wattages that burn cooler than standard light bulbs reducing the heat output. With the GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM 60 Watt Replacement – 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs you will save at least $5.00 on your electricity bill over the course of each bulbs life. When looking at replacement costs and heat reduction of the CFL bulbs, it will save even more. This set of light bulbs will use 13 watts and offer an output equivalent to 60 watts of light.

  • More energy efficient reducing wattage from 60 to 13
  • Last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Cooler than standard light bulbs
  • Save money through electric savings and bulb replacement
  • Comes in a variety of wattages for further savings

Best Budget CFL Light Bulb

EcoSmart 14W 5000K Spiral CFL Light Bulb

4.4/5 Product Rating

The Ecosmart 14-Watt Daylight Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulbs 4-Pack (equivalent to standard 60 watt bulbs) is the perfect set of CFL light bulbs to brighten the rooms within your home. This set of CFL light bulbs is affordable and each package you purchase will help you save around $220. (savings depend on the rate you pay for power). The color temperature is a daylight color of 5,000K. This is a whiter light instead of the orange light of a standard incandescent. The bulbs will last around 10,000 hours which is 10 times as long as incandescent lights. The Ecosmart 14-Watt Daylight Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light bulbs have 70% less mercury compared to ordinary CFL light bulbs. These CFL light bulbs are rated and certified by Energy Star. Each light bulb has an Anjou shape and offers you 14 watts with a light output of 60 watts. By using these CFL light bulbs you will reduce your electric bill significantly because they use 75% less energy compared to standard incandescent light bulbs.

  • Will help you save $220 per package
  • Daylight color of 5,000K
  • Should last around 10,000 hours per bulb
  • Have 70% less mercury
  • Rated and certified by Energy Star

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