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If you have a decent-sized lawn or a backyard, a chipper is a must-have tool for reducing small trees and branches into usable wood chips. This machine presents a practical investment, especially for DIY hobbyists who love to personally handle property maintenance. Chippers are available in different sizes and can range from small units capable of chipping 3-inch diameter wood materials to larger ones that can process up to an 8-inch diameter. Generally, your choice of chipper will greatly depend on your specific needs, specifically the size of wood materials and the type of power required to get the job done. If you plan to use a chipper for firewood, these are usually within the 4 – 5-inch range. However, you will want to invest in a heavy duty, high powered machine that is capable of chipping wood with more efficiency. Due to the exceptional power, convenience and usefulness of chippers, it is a popular investment piece designed for both residential and commercial applications.

Most Popular Chipper


5/5 Product Rating

This is a commercial-grade 15 HP, 420cc chipper/shedder/mulcher that is specifically designed to handle 4-inch diameter wood materials. As an environmentally responsible machine, you can process branches and trees into highly useful ¼-inch wood chips, which easily allows you to save money by recycling wood materials from your yard or construction site.

12 bags of yard waste can be converted into 1 bag of wood chips. This means you cannot only look forward to saving money, but also resource hauling and disposing of wood debris at the same time make the most of the natural resources by maximizing its use.

This machine features a safety mechanism that is designed to enhance its durability. The kit includes a chip collection bag, electric starter, protection gear like earmuff, gloves and goggles, as well as a trailer hitch, hardened steel blade and belt.

  • Capable of ripping branches like butter
  • Ready to use from right off the box
  • Packaged well and fast delivery
  • Solid, heavy duty machine

Best Overall Chipper


4.8/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for superior chipping power, this 10 HP engine from Patriot will definitely impress you. It is known to efficiently process 3 inch diameter wood materials as well as shred leaves with its y-hammer system. The machine also comes with a side discharge that allows you to easily and conveniently work in the stationary position so you don’t have to constantly move the chipper from one spot to another.

This machine is also 50-state compliant and is designed for both residential and commercial applications. It is especially ideal for large property owners who are looking to cut down on upkeep and maintenance and those who enjoy gardening and a bit of farming on their property. It’s a great investment piece that you can expect to serve you for a great number of years thereby giving you real value for your money.

  • Impressive performance and efficiency
  • Easy to operate
  • Heavy duty machine
  • Fast, efficient support and shipping
  • Well-constructed and solid unit

Best Budget Chipper


4.7/5 Product Rating

A machine built to deliver, look forward to years of efficient hemming and hawing with this chipper. Built for heavy duty work, this unit can be used for both residential and commercial applications with its 6.5HP machine, designed to process wood materials up to 2.5-inch pieces. Maintenance of your property will never be this easy and fuss-free.

This machine features a great recoil start with four powerful chipper blades that can easily handle and process 1.25-inch wide limbs and branches. It also comes with a 2-way inlet feed.

  • Excellent quality machine with impressive power
  • Makes quick work of yard clean up
  • Ignition fires up at first pull
  • Shedder has no vibration and runs quietly
  • Offers good value for money

Chipper Buying Guide

Chipper 1

Another name for wood chipper is shredder. It is the best device to remove an unwanted tree branches, twigs, and leaves from your garden or your compound. There are different models and sizes of wood chippers in the market today.

Small chipper usually uses gasoline and has 1 HP horsepower. Larger machines of 16HP are usually powered by gas. Purchasing the right wood chipper that would serve your purpose is always a tough challenge because there are different options to make. For instance, you have to determine the right horsepower. You also have to resolve the issue of power source, as there are chippers powered by gas and those powered by electricity. However, determining the correct type of wood chipper you want to purchase would not pose a tough challenge, as there are different factors you must consider that could help you.

Machine Size

The size and design of the machine determine where it would be most useful. The number of blades determines the efficiency of wood chippers. Machines with more blades are faster and remove twig and branches easier than machines with fewer blades.

Wood Chipper Accessories

You can purchase wood chipper in different combinations like wood chipper and vacuum as well as sweeper and blower. Chippers are accompanied with accessories like blowback shields, collection bags, as well as covers. Wheels usually accompany larger models, you can also get smaller wood chipper with wheels, but this is optional. Do not forget that having additional features would mean an increase in price. You have to search diligently for better dealers for discounted merchandise. The price the product is sold in the market varies, while you can get small devices that could handle small branches at the cost of $600, the cost of larger models ranges from $1500 to $4000.

Strong Wood Chippers

Depending on the nature of work you want to do with your wood chipper, it is better to look for a chipper that is solidly constructed. Look for wood chippers made of strong gauge steel, steel blades, as these would handle both big and small branches with ease. Moreover, they would serve you for a long time without requiring constant repairs and maintenance.

Why do You Need Wood Chipper?

If you want to buy a wood chipper, you have to bear the type of work you would do with it in your mind, to determine the right size to buy. If you want to remove small branches, you can buy any of the cheaper and smaller models, but if you want to remove big branches, you have to look for bigger models. Chippers are used throughout the year, but there are instances they are not used throughout the year. There is situation homeowners use the machine only in the fall. Some people may prefer to get chippers they would use seasonally. It is better you get a high quality chippers that could be used throughout the year.

Big and Small Wood Chippers Compared

If you want to undertake commercial activities with your wood chipper, it is better that you go for bigger models. Bigger chippers could handle commercial chipping services than smaller machines. You can achieve a better result with larger chippers because they have more blades and work faster than smaller machines.

Using small machines for commercial purpose could easily overload the engine and impeded its efficiency. You could determine the right machine you can use for any project by comparing the size of the branch you want to remove with the depth and width of the hopper.

Smaller machines are safer, but they are less efficient than larger machines. If you want to use the machine for green house or a small work within your garden, you can choose small electric powered wood chipper. Depending on the terrain, you want to use the machine, machines with moving wheels are better in non-wet areas, but if you live in a wet environment, look for wood chipper that could be adapted to that environment.

For a large commercial wood chipping job, it is better to have a machine with four horsepower as well as four-cycle gas powered engine. Always look at the horsepower of the machine you want to buy, as it is an indicator of the capacity of the machine. Big machines with moving wheels are a better option as it could be moved from one place to another with ease.

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Comparing Electric and Gas Powered Wood Chippers

Another factor in buying wood chipper is the weight of the machine. Electric powered chipper is lighter than gas powered chippers. You must consider this factor if you must move the machine from one place to another. The problem with electrical powered wood chipper is that it is often limited by length of extension cord. However, an advantage of gas models is that it is not limited in terms of movement and they are more powerful.


The cost of wood chipper is an important factor you have to consider when you want to buy a chipper. Many people may be tempted to buy cheaper products, while the cheaper products may reduce the cost for you; it is generally less efficient than expensive wood chipper. The quality of cheap chippers is not guaranteed because they always have limited capacities and they could develop some faults in the future. If you cannot afford the cost of the most expensive wood chipper, you can opt for something in between.

Safety Tips for Wood Chipper

Another important factor that determines the type of wood chipper you buy is the safety factor. It is helpful if you learn how to handle the wood chipper you buy. Consider the safety feature fitted in the system as this will not only prolong the life of the machine, but makes it safer for the users as well. There are safety measures you can apply before using the machine to ensure that you have an easy and smooth use. It is important that you check the hoppers and the chutes before powering it. This safety measure is to ensure that tools, gloves, as well as golf balls do not fall into it accidentally. Safe wood chipper operation should be a focal point when operating a wood chipper or any other machine.

Moreover, you should avoid using it with baggy clothes. Anything that could endanger you if you use the machine should always be avoided while operating the device. You should also protect yourself by using goggles, ear protection, gloves, long sleeves to avoid harmful things from entering in your ears, eyes and other parts of the body. Debris chopped by the machine flies at a very high speed.


In conclusion, wood chipper is the most convenient way of removing debris from your compound and your garden. It works very fast and it is very dependable. Always look for the most suitable wood chipper that could serve you better. These factors would help you to make the best choice.

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