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Clip Art Software Reviews

Clip Art Software Reviews

You can easily make your own greeting cards, educational illustrations, and presentations with the use of clip art. Clip art is a loose term for any illustration that’s not stock photography, but designed for distribution or sale. In modern times many examples of clip art are stolen, but advertised free on internet websites. This clip art is often copyrighted and could get you into legal trouble if you’re using the image as a business logo or making a profit from it.

Buying clip art software gives you the choice of up to a million different images, and the ability to design your own. When you buy the software you own it and you can do what you want with it without risking legal issues. There are several programs that include image search engines and animated images. You can gain access to royalty-free images in every genre with art software programs. Thousands of unique fonts and pictures available on a single program saves you time and money.

Most Popular Clip Art Software

Art Explosion 800,000

5/5 Product Rating

Nova Development is a major software producer that has several art programs for PC and Mac. Art Explosion brings you 800,000 images without downloading a single thing. Everything you need is included on 5 DVDs that don’t require a membership or any additional costs. All images are superior quality and royalty free, and more than 80% colored images. 100’s of categories and sub-categories allow you to find the images you’re looking for.

Nova brings you one of the largest image collections with Art Explosion 800k. All images are available in popular JPG, GIF, TIF, and WMF file formats with easy to read full names. 32-bit browser software with full color previews includes over 120,000 color photos and backgrounds, close to 200,000 scalable vector clip images, and over 350,000 original graphics exclusive to Art Explosion. Drawplus 5 by Serif, an extremely powerful graphics editor, is included with this bundle.

  • Massive library of graphics and images available without downloading
  • Images are available in all popular formats
  • Images are divided into categories with easy to find names
  • Helpful customer service is included with purchase
  • Works great with other programs and many operating systems

Best Overall Clip Art Software

Art Explosion 750,000

4.9/5 Product Rating

Nova brings you yet another fantastic Art program that includes three-quarters of a million images in popular file formats. One of the most comprehensive image libraries you’ll find in one place. 48 CD-ROM disks cover these images in great detail. Separated categories allow you to browse image by name or by category, so you can find the image you’re looking for faster.

Art Explosion is the largest seller of Macintosh clip art and this collection includes over 300,000 of their images. An image viewer built specifically for OS X is included. Almost 80% of the images are in color, and 65% of them are vector clip art. As always, Art Explosion never requires an ongoing membership fee or any additional costs. Over 1800 pages of quality images are included with this program.

  • Massive image library includes 100’s of genres
  • Categories make the image library easier to navigate
  • Great image quality
  • Most images are vector images that can be enlarged without losing quality
  • Physical catalog with images included

Best Budget Clip Art Software

ClickArt 950K

4.8/5 Product Rating

ClickArt 950k by Encore software is one of the most extensive clip art libraries. This art software includes over 200,000 vector images that you can change in size without reducing quality. Thousands of fonts and 100,000+ of images allow you to custom design projects with more options that you’d ever imagine. Fresh images are unique to ClickArt 950k, and haven’t been used on other art programs before.

Most of this image library is found online, but you still need the program to access the images online. The online feature means you don’t have to sift through dozens of CD’s or DVD’s to find the disk with the images you want. Images are divided into categories with full easy to read names and descriptions. This art library works with Windows 2000 and newer operating systems as long as the computer meets the low system requirements.

  • Incredible art library includes vector images, fonts, and color images
  • Images are displayed with fantastic detail
  • Expand or shrink images with an art illustration program
  • Extensive online library saves you space and time searching for disks
  • Great customer support from Encore

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