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Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Reviews

Winter sleeping bags are a necessity if you want to camp when it gets cold. If you like to camp it is best to have a spring and summer sleeping bag that is made for warmer weather, and a fall and winter bag built for the colder months. The summer bags provide a good night sleep, are built to be lightweight and will not maintain heat. The cold weather sleeping bags are perfect for cool evenings and lower temperatures. Some bags allow for warmth up to zero degrees. Depending on your camping needs, look for a bag that is rated for colder temperatures. These bags have features that keep the cold out, keeping you warm. Not all sleeping bags are the same, even when they have the same ratings. It is important to look for bags that have features that seal in the heat keeping the camper warm even with the temperatures plunge. For this reason we have evaluated sleeping bags not only for their temperature ratings, but for the quality construction needed for keeping you warm in cold camping environments.

Most Popular Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Green Valley

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Coleman-Green-Valley-Cool-Weather-Sleeping bag is made of 100% polyester with 3 pounds of insulated filling made of 100% cotton. The Fiberlock technology prevents the insulation from shifting. The roll control feature control locks the bag in place for easier rolling and storage. This cool weather sleeping bag is built for staying warm in temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees. The thermolock technology reduces heat loss through the zipper, allowing the user to stay warmer even on cold evenings. The Coleman-Green-Valley-Cool-Weather-Sleeping bag contains Zipplow technology which prevents zipper snags by pulling fabric away from the zipper. The comfort cuff provides softness around the face, for a comfortable rest throughout the night. The sleeping bag measures 33 inches wide by 75 inches long fitting sleepers up to 5’11” tall. The Coleman-Green-Valley-Cool-Weather-Sleeping bag comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • 33”x75” fitting campers up to 5’11” tall
  • Fiberlock technology prevents insulation from shifting
  • Comfort camping from 30 to 50 degrees
  • Thermolock technology reduces heat loss through the zipper
  • 5 Year warranty

Best Overall Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Adult Mummy

5/5 Product Rating

The Coleman-North-Rim-0-Degree-Mummy sleeping bag is made of 100% Polyester with 100% polyester fill double batting, is rated to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F. The mummy bag is 32”x82” and fits an individual up to 6’2”. The Coleman North Rim has a double batting construction which creates a sleeping bag with no cold spots. It is perfect for tent camping or car camping in cold weather. The sculpted hood covers the head and is insulated to prevent loss of heat from the head area, keeping the entire body warm. There is also an insulated chest baffle which holds the heat in the sleeping bag. The insulated draft tube locks out drafts and the 2 way zipper offers maximum ventilation. The Coleman North Rim sleeping bag weighs 60 ounces and has a diamond ripstop polyester cover with a warm insulated polyester liner. Coleman’s ComfortSmart technology ensures a comfortable sleep, even in below freezing temperatures. The Coleman North Rim bag comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • 100% Polyester insulated sleeping bag
  • Keeps warm up to 0 degrees temperature
  • Sculpted hood to keep the head warm
  • 2 Way zipper for maximum ventilation
  • 5 Year warranty

Best Budget Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Adult Sleeping Bag

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Coleman-Brazos-Cold-Weather-Sleeping-Bag is made of 100% polyester and the insulated fill is also made of 100% polyester material. It is made from a stain resistant polyester fabric with a soft tricolor lining. The insulated fill is made with 4 pounds of proprietary ColeTherm insulation for a warmer sleeping bag. The Coleman Brazos sleeping bag is rated to keep campers warm to 20 degrees F. The sleeping bag is 33 inches wide and 75 inches long and is built for campers up to 5’11” tall. It has a quick cord system which means there is no tying when it comes to rolling and storage the sleeping bag. The Coleman-Brazos-Cold-Weather-Sleeping-Bag has a ZipPlow technology which prevents zipper snags by pulling the fabric away from the zipper. The Roll feature locks the bag in place making it easy to roll up and store. The Coleman Brazos sleeping bag includes Fiber Lock technology which prevents the insulation from shifting, increasing the durability of the sleeping bag. The ThermoLock technology reduces the heat loss from along the zipper line. The Coleman Brazos sleeping bag is machine washable and has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 33”x75” fitting campers up to 5’11” tall
  • Fiberlock technology prevents insulation from shifting and ZipPlow prevents zipper snags
  • 4 Pounds 100% polyester insulation
  • Thermolock technology reduces heat loss through the zipper
  • 5 Year warranty

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag 1

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag

Did you know that there are various factors that you need to consider when choosing a sleeping bag? Whether you are a classy adventurer or a mom who just wants to have the best bag for her son’s sleep over, you will need to remember that there are various bags that are available in the market today. Most of them are designed for the toughest of adventurers while some are for young kids. If you plan to acquire a sleeping bag, then you need to remember several things first. There are various categories that you need to follow before you buy that bag. Once you follow the right style and design for your adventure, then you will certainly get the best one for you.

Factors for Consideration

Selecting the best sleeping bag is based on several factors, one of which is the user. You need to consider who will be using the bag that you will be purchasing. If you are an average guy with a 5’9″ height and a bulk body, then you need to acquire a bag that will you will easily fit into. However, if you will be giving the bag to your child, then you should consider one which is not too big.

Children also love to snuggly sleep on their bags without having the fear or slipping inside or roll around the bag. Hence, you should consider the one that will fit their size and weight. Along with height and weight of the user, you should also consider the application of the bag. If it is for children then you can buy one with colorful decorations or famous cartoon characters. Most sleeping materials are also designed for women who just love to be fashionable even though they are traveling.

Another category that you need to know about a sleeping bag is insulation. Insulation is important, especially when you will be using the bag during those cold summer nights. Most bags are insulated with materials that can be quite itchy for kids with sensitive skin. On the other hand, there are also bags filled with too much cotton that they can weigh very heavy. If you plan to use the bag during your travels then you need to consider one which is not heavy and one which will easily fit in any bag or container. There are actually bags that can be transported with the use of plastic. Some will even transform into a backpack once you fold it.

Child friendly

Is the sleeping material that you bought child friendly? This is just one of the questions that you need to answer when it comes to acquiring a sleeping bag material for your children. Some bags are designed with materials that may cause allergies to your child. There are also some with sharp edges that can really hurt. It is important to choose one which will be child friendly and safe your young ones.

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag 2


Another thing that you need to consider is its insulating factor. A sleeping bag should be comfortable and warm enough for its user. If your kids will be using it, they might be having colds if the bag is not warm enough. However, if it is too warm then they will also not be able to sleep well at night. In order to solve this dilemma, you should consider a temperature ratio for the bag. Most bags are designed to have a specific temperature. Some a perfect for cold weather while some can be used during the summer. Consider the temperature level of the bag before you acquire it. If you feel that the item is too warm or too cold, you can easily return it since most of those items have warranty.

Examples of sleeping bags for kids

One of the best bags that you can acquire for your kid is the Sierra designs Zissou sleeping bag . This is great for high humidity environments and it can easily pack into a down fill. This model is available in three temperature ratings and it can be used during autumn or spring camping. The Zissou bag has won several awards and an impressive review from a well known company. The bag main kicker is the down fill which is designed with special polymers in order to repel water. Since the bag is designed with a waterproof polymer, it can easily block out mist, sweat and condensation. It is available in over 6, 12 or 23 Fahrenheit and it can even block out rain.

Along with its temperature and weather proof design, this mummy style bag can also retain heat and it is great for preserving enough room for your child’s torso. The bag is actually lined with over 30- denier type polyester which receives no major complaints from any of its owners. To help your child in being properly ventilated, the bag also has a feature of two way zippers. The zippers are designed for easy airflow into the footbox and it is great when opening the insulating pads.

A good sleeping bag for adults

One of the best models for adults is the Teton Sports Mammoth. This type of bag represents great comfort, luxury and portability for those who want to go outdoors. Available in two temperature ratings, the Mammoth is a great choice for those who will be camping either during winter or summer time. Finding the right bag is easy since this item can be used by both children and parents. It will never be too cold, hot or too small.

The Mammoth is also great for those who want the most inexpensive in the market. There is the side and the bottom zippers which allow sleepers to easily control the temperature through the sizes of the bag. Campers will also be happy when they buy the Mammoth since it can fit two people and it can easily be carried since it is made of light material. However, the only problem is that this bag can be quite hard to pack. The additional room and comfort made it hard to pack and it can tip the scale to around 15 pounds. Hence, it is not for young kids.

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