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Best Cookie Sheet

Cookie Sheet 1

Cookie Sheet Reviews

Cookie Sheets can be used for almost anything, especially pastries. Baking is the most popular way of cooking in history. During the Roman Empire baking became a way of life and pastry cooking became a career. As time passed, because of Rome, baking became even more popular throughout Europe and spread to Asia. Bakers would make treats in their home and then sell them in the streets. As bakers continued to work on their profession, instead of using aluminum, they created a cookie sheet to evenly cook their pastries. Not only do cookie sheets help cook pastries evenly to perfection; they can help heat up bread, leftovers, etc. without the food overcooking or getting soggy in the microwave. Based on the following three reviews you will be able to choose what cookie sheet will work for you, rather than searching among the confusing array of available cookie sheets that are on the market today. Just remember the handiness and the history behind the cookie sheet as you use them on a day to day basis in your kitchen.

Most Popular Cookie Sheet

Good Cook

5/5 Product Rating

The Good Cook Set of 3 non-sticks Cookie Sheet is very inexpensive and you get three cookie sheets for one small price. The non-stick coating is very handy in the kitchen and allows for easy clean up and care. With the non-stick coating, the customer does not have to spend extra time scrubbing off baked on spills or crumbs off of the cookie sheets, which can happen frequently when purchasing a cookie sheet without the non-stick coating. The Good Cook Set of 3 non-sticks Cookie Sheet also gives you three different size cookie sheets. By adding three different size cookie sheets to your kitchen, you can use the proper size cookie sheet for smaller or larger projects instead of dirtying a larger pan when it is not necessary. The Good Cook Set of 3 non-sticks Cookie Sheet are great for making cookies and allow the cookies to come out perfectly by distributing the heat throughout the sheets. The Good Cook Set of 3 non-sticks Cookie Sheet is dishwasher safe allowing for even easier cleanup.

  • Three different sizes
  • Non-stick coating
  • Bakes evenly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Inexpensive

Best Overall Cookie Sheet


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet is a great accessory to have in the kitchen due to its value, high quality, and competitive price. The Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet was highly recommended by the Cooks Illustrated Magazine. The Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet has a 3004 aluminum construction making the cookie sheet great quality and durability. It is meant to last a long time and will allow you to have years of baking experience with the Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet. The matte finish makes it simple and easy to cleanup any spills or crumbs on the cookie sheet. The Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet also was created with two raised sides, allows you to get the cookie sheet in and out of the oven easier and without spilling food items or burning your hands. The Vollrath Co. 17×14-in Cookie Sheet is a great product and was made with the customer in mind. It will allow you to spend less time hassling in the kitchen and clean up and will cook cookies, other pastries, to perfection with the distributed heating mechanisms incorporated into the cookie sheet.

  • Highly recommended by Cooks Illustrated Magazine
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Matte finish
  • Raised edges
  • 17×14 inches in size

Best Budget Cookie Sheet

Nordic Ware

4.3/5 Product Rating

The Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet Baking Pan is naturally aluminum which allows for even temperatures throughout the pan creating the best cookies. The Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet Baking Pan is thirteen by eighteen inches in size. You cannot wash it in the dishwasher, but this is to protect the coating allowing the pan to stay in its great condition for a long period of time. The steel rims prevent distortion which also allows the Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet Baking Pan to be a handy accessory in the kitchen as well as a long-term addition to your kitchen. The Nordic Baking Sheet is made in the USA, which allows you to support American manufacturers. The Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet Baking Pan is also very inexpensive and easy to store. It does a great job baking cookies evenly and baking other pastry items to perfection.

  • Made in USA
  • Wash by Hand
  • Made of Aluminum
  • 13 inches by 18 inches
  • Bakes cookies evenly

Cookie Sheet Buying Guide

Cookie Sheet 5

A tray of newly-baked cookies will surely be enjoyed by the family during snack time. The taste and quality of the fresh-baked pastries are greatly affected by the cookie sheet used. This sheet has various types such as metal, steel, aluminum, and many more. These types vary in cost and quality.

Usually, a cookie sheet is a flat, rectangular tray with only one curved lip on one side, which is used for gripping the pan. However, some designs have 4 raised edges. These sheets are also used for baking other goods. The sheet to be used can influence the length of baking period and the palatability of the baked goods. Although each type of sheet has its own shortcomings, it is up to the chef what sheet he will prefer to use.

Things to Consider in Buying Cookie Sheets

Chefs recommend to have a minimum of two cookie sheets when baking. This is because almost all of the cookie recipes you can find in cookbooks will make more than a sheet of cookies. It is not good to overcrowd the cookies in a pan. Find sturdy and heavyweight sheets that will not easily twist when placed in a heated oven. You must also buy some baking mats and parchment papers.


There is a wide range of choices, which vary in size. Get enough stocks of the large and small baking sheets. Ensure that the sheet has an excess of 2 inches on all sides. This is to let the heated aircirculate around the pan.


Some sheets are made from a single ply of tin. This is widely-used by bakers. However, heavy-constructed sheets are better choices since they allow even heat circulation for uniform cookie outputs. In addition to that, they are less likely to warp.


Usually, cookie sheets have a raised lip along one or two sides. This is to make it easier for you to grip and lift the pan.


Do not be confused with the different types of baking sheets. The sheet pan has sides raised to about 1 inch high. The baking sheet has a raised lip either on one or two sides. The sheet pan is used for baking cookie bars, sheet cakes and brownies.

Baking Mat

The baking mats prevent cookies, brownies and sheet cakes from stocking up on the surface of the pan. It is made from fiberglass and silicone. You can use this mat for many times. You can use a parchment paper as an alternative.

These are the things you must keep in mind to choose the best sheets intended to satisfy your needs.

Cookie Sheet 3

Different Types of Cookie Sheets

There is a relative similarity between the baking sheet and the cookie sheet. Both sheets are flat trays which permit the heated air to evenly pass through the cookies. The sheets also allow the cookies to be removed easily without any sticking cookie mixture. If you do not like a browned cookie, you can utilize the shiny sheet as it reflects the heat and slows down the browning procedure. The shady and dull sheets absorb tremendous heat, which speeds up the browning process.

Finish Sheet

This cookie sheet is dark and dull. As you bake in this sheet, the base of the cookie becomes more brown.

Nonstick Sheet

In this type, the pan is layered with a nonstick coating. If you use the nonstick sheet, then you will no longer need to apply grease to the pan. It will be easier to clean the pan if you will not use too much grease. However, it may not last longer than the uncoated pans. It may be light or dark in color. The lighter the sheet you use, the lighter the color of the cookies can be. Nonstick cookie sheets have the tendency to heat up more quickly and have the ability to evenly bake the goods. Even though they let the cookies be easily removed from the pan, the sheets ward off the moisture, leading to dry and crispy cookies.

Insulated Sheet

The insulated sheet allows slow baking time and makes the cookie pale. Usually, cookies baked in this sheet have soft centers. If you let the cookies stand on this sheet for a long time to brown the base, the cookies will dry up. But if the oven heats up quickly, this sheet can enhance the results.This cookie sheet is made by putting a layer of metal pan on top of another layer, leaving a thin space between the two. Having a low conductivity is the main reason why the cookies are slowly baked in this sheet. If you want to eat crispy cookies, you must not use the insulated cookie sheets.

Jelly Roll Pan

This sheet pan is a type of cookie sheet that has 4 raised sides of approximately one inch in height. Since the sides of the pan inhibit the heated air to circulate through the pan, it is advisable for making cookie bars.

Aluminum Cookie Sheet

Since an aluminum baking sheet is thin, it easily absorbs heat and distribute it evenly across its surface. It can lead to cookies with uniform size and texture. This is more affordable than the other types of cookie sheets. It is also easy to clean and store as it can resist rust. However, it may not be able to hold large and heavy foods. Nonetheless, you can still use two layers of sheet if you do not have any alternative. The most durable type of aluminum cookie sheets is the heavy-gauge one. It can handle huge batches of cookies.


Although the steel cookie sheets are more durable than the aluminum type of sheets, it may be a lot more expensive and need too much care to maximize its working capabilities. The French-style, black steel sheets absorb the heat spontaneously and are able to bake uniformly browned cookies. To prevent the steel to corrode, kosher salt must be sprinkled to the sheets and kept in dry areas. Also, some sheets are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. However, they are not effective in the conduction of heat, so the result would be an uneven batch of cookies.


For deliciously baked cookies there are a variety of different cookie sheets on the market that you can choose to go with. If you want to make great cookies every single time, ones that are easy to remove and place on a rack or plate to cool, you’ll want to go with a high quality cookie sheet that offers a non-stick surface to cook your favorite recipe cookies. Your cookie sheets won’t peel or warp, lasting for many uses so that you can easily cook and transport your cookies. Cookie sheets come in all different shapes and colors, so it’s fun to look around and pick which cookie sheet you will like to use for your baking experiences.

Cookie Sheets For Baking Perfect Cookies

If you do not have any cookie sheets and you would like to make a batch of cookies, then you might find your self with a cookie problem in struggling to get them off of the pan. Or worse, you might face other cooking difficulties like having them not be cooked through enough. If you want to cook your cookies with ease, then you’ll need a cookie sheet to space out your recipe cookies evenly so that they can cook thoroughly. Whatever cookie recipe you are attempting to take on, it’s always a benefit to have the proper kitchen tools so that you can get the job done. Cookie sheets have been creatively adapted and many different types of cookie sheets are available for your cooking needs.

Where To Find Cookie Sheets

If you are looking at getting some cookie sheets, it’s easy to go online and find a variety of cookie sheet options. You can also find cookie sheets in your local department store and perhaps even a dollar store. Depending on the quality of cookie sheets that you want, they shouldn’t cost you that much. Many cookie sheet models are available online for a very reasonable price. To be sure that you are getting a high quality cookie sheet, look through reviews of the cookie sheets online in order to confirm their quality and previous customer satisfaction.

Whether you want to make chocolate chip cookies or french macarons, cookie sheets are a great essential to have in your kitchen. With cookie sheets you can easily space out your cookie dough and cook them thoroughly in the oven, making sure that you have the proper tool for them to turn out perfectly.

There are a variety of different cookie sheet styles and brands to choose from. Farberware, Nordic Ware, EZ Baker, Artisan, Wilton, and others. Baking sheets are easy to use and they are the best thing to use if you really want to make the best cookies that you’ve ever tasted. You can also choose to go with baking sheets that are associated with well-known cooking celebrities like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, whichever baking sheet you do decide to go with just make sure that you have taken your time to choose the one that you like the most.

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