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Induction cooking uses induction heat to heat the cooking vessel as opposed to heating the element, which in turn heats the cooking pan. This means that the energy is supplied directly to the pot or pan by a magnetic field. With a standard burner the burner heats up, which in turn heats the pot or pan. Because this method of cooking differs from a standard burner the induction cooking only works with pots or pans that are made from cast aluminum, enameled iron or steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron. If a magnet sticks to your cookware, then it can be used with an induction cooktop. Cooking with induction cooktops is extremely fast and extremely safe. With the market being flooded with an array of induction cooktops, we have gathered information on the best units for your review.

Most Popular Cooktop

Max Burton

5/5 Product Rating

The Max Burton 6015 Induction Combination cooktop is compact, easy to use and easy to store. The smooth surface wipes clean with no scrubbing. The Max Burton 6015 Induction Combination cooktop comes with 10 power levels and has a temperature range from 140 to 450 degrees F. One unique feature of the Max Burton 6015 Induction Combination cooktop is that it comes with a stainless steel interface disk. This disk can be placed on the induction surface enabling you to use any cookware with the induction cooktop.

The Max Burton 6015 Induction Combination cooktop has setting up to 1800 watts which enables you to sear perfect steaks. It heats instantly and is energy efficient. The built in timer goes up to 180 minutes and has a cookware sensor with an automatic shut off if cookware is not present. The durable stainless steel construction enables the unit to distribute the heat evenly. Perfect for individuals and couples looking for cooler and more efficient cooking methods.

  • 10 power levels from 140 to 450 degrees
  • Wattage up to 1800
  • Interface disk which enables users to use any cookware
  • Built in timer up to 180 minutes
  • Automatic shut off sensor

Best Overall Cooktop


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Nesco PIC 14 Portable Induction 1500 Watt is simple to use and easy to operate. With 5 power settings cooks have no trouble setting the cook top to the correct temperature. The settings include melt/warm, simmer, boil, fry and sear. The cooktop is compact, easy to clean and easy to store.

The Nesco PIC 14 Portable Induction 1500 Watt is uses induction cooking methods which provide an energy savings of around 84%. Only the area around the pot or pan is heated and the rest of the unit remains cool. This is safer for families with young children and the elderly. It is also perfect for patios and RV’s where space and temperature are at a premium. The unit heats up instantly for faster cooking and as soon as the pot or pan is removed, the heat stops. The Nesco PIC 14 Portable Induction 1500 Watt/dp/B007B64O0S has a ceramic glass top which makes for simple wipe down cleaning. The unit also includes a tester, which will test your cookware to determine if it is compatible with the induction cooktop.

  • 5 power settings
  • Ceramic glass top for easy cleaning
  • 84% energy savings
  • Instant heat when pot or pan is used
  • Automatic touch button controls

Best Budget Cooktop


4.5/5 Product Rating

The DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop 8100MC is compact, lightweight and easy to use induction cooktop. It has a digital control panel and operates at the push of a button. This induction cooktop system is energy efficient because there is auto pan detection. If the cooktop does not detect a pan on the burner in 60 seconds it will automatically shut off. The DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop 8100MC also has a self-detection feature. This enables the cooktop to only heat the surface needed for the size of pot or pan being used. This means that no energy is wasted.

Other features for the DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop 8100MC include a digital timer up to 170 minutes. There are 10 temperature controls which range from 140 degrees to 460 degrees F. There are also 10 power levels with range from 200 watts to 1800 watts. It comes with a 6 foot cord and plugs into any standard outlet. This cooktop is great for entertaining, outdoors, or when another burner is needed. Great for RV’s because they do not heat up like a standard stove and take up very little storage space.

  • 10 temperature controls from 140 to 460 degrees
  • 10 power levels from 200 watts to 1800 watts
  • Digital time that counts down from up to 170 minutes
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Auto shut off, if a pot is not detected within 60 seconds

Cooktop Buying Guide

Cooktop 6

A cooktop is considered to be an essential component in the kitchen. It is basically used for cooking different meals and dishes, and is a requirement for all cooking ventures. When it comes to the size of this particular kitchen appliance, its various models range from 30-48 inches and usually come in black, white, and stain-less steel finishes.

Before purchasing a kitchen cooktop, it is important to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the different kinds and features as to be sure what kind of model fits a certain customer perfectly. With this buying guide, the different kinds and particular factors will be explained in order to help those potential buyers out there.

Things to Consider when Buying a Cooktop

Find a cooker that is easy to maintain and clean. It is advisable to invest in one that has removable knobs or an unbrushed lip; which is helpful in containing spills. When it comes electric cookers, there are actually some certain models that require specially designed cleaners for prevention of scratches. For gas cookers, it is advised to look for one that has sealed burners and grates that are great for putting in the dishwasher.

When planning to purchase a kitchen cooker, it is important to ask oneself about how frequent the kitchen appliance will be used. If a person’s cooking habits are focused more on low heat tasks such as simmering, or high-heat tasks such as boiling, then cookers that were specifically developed and designed for those tasks should be highly considered.

Burner Layout

The burner layout of the cooker is also very important. Keep in mind that there should be enough space in between each burner because this will allow the person to place multiple pots all at one time. Look for cookers that have small burners in front because foods that are cooked in small burners require closer attention. This will allow the person cooking to have an easier time in terms of watching over his/her food.


In terms of controls, it is always recommended to buy a cooktop that is easy to operate. No one wants a cooker that would take a bit of time just to turn on and work around with. There are cookers available nowadays that have touchpad controls. It is advisable to invest in a cooker with this type of controls since it is easier to use. Keep in mind though that since touchpad controls are highly technological, they are more likely to encounter technical problems.  If one wants durability in terms of the controls, then investing in a cooktop that has knobs is the best choice.

Cooktop 3


Next factor that one has to consider before purchasing a kitchen cooker is the cookware that is going to be used. Since there are different kinds of cooking vessels out there, it is important to purchase a cooker that would perfectly work well with one’s cookware. Induction cookers, in particular, need magnetic cookware in order for the cooking vessel to heat up. This may be a bit more hurtful to one’s wallet, but it will become easier once everything is settled.

Proper Ventilation

Last but not the least, ventilation of the place where the cooktop will be placed should also be highly considered. Proper ventilation is very important because it prevents the kitchen or place of cooking from having cooking odors and smoke, which could highly irritate the person cooking. This is very important especially if the cooker is of the Gas variant, because Gas cookers possess flames that contain carbon monoxide, which is extremely harmful to one’s health. There are different venting options to choose from, such as overhead, chimney-style, range hoods, and downdraft vents. It is said that the chimney-style one is the priciest out of the rest, and the cheapest are the under-the-cabinet vents.

Different Types of Cooktops

Electric Cooktop

There are different types of cookers available in the market today. The first one is the Electric Cooker. This particular type of cooker comes in two styles, which are the radiant and electric coils. The radiant electric cooker possesses a heating element, which is covered by a glass or ceramic material. On the other hand, electric coil cookers have an exposed heating element. Basically, electric cookers transform energy immediately into heat. The heat created is then transferred into a cooking vessel such as a pot or pan, where the food is commonly prepared and stored. In terms of adjusting the temperature in an electric cooker, there are knobs included that allow the user to adjust the volume of the energy that is going to be transferred into the heating elements. So basically, if the knob is turned down then the amount of energy will decrease, and when the knob is turned up then the amount of energy will increase.

Gas Cooktop

The second type of cooker is the Gas Cooker. This particular type of cooktop is considered to be one of the most popular types purchased in the market today. This type of cooker is commonly found in kitchens. Gas cooker users say that the reason why they gravitate towards this particular type of cooker is because it allows them to have better control with their cooking. Natural gases are used in order to transcend heat, although it is said that this type of cooker is not that efficient compared to the others and is deemed to be more expensive because of how high the required energy is.

Induction Cooker

The third type of cooker is the Induction cooker. This particular type of kitchen appliance makes use of powerful electromagnets, which are used to heat the cooking container itself and not just the area where the cooking container is situated. Induction cookers are a bit pricier compared to other types, but they are said to more energy efficient than the rest. The thing with Induction cookers is that only specially designed cooking vessels can used with them, which means ordinary cooking vessels cannot be utilized.

Now that the different types of cookers have been laid out, it is now time to venture on factors. Factors are extremely important because these would ultimately be the basis if a product were good or bad.

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