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Best Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless Screwdriver 2

Cordless Screwdriver Reviews

Cordless screwdrivers are used in so many applications that most homeowners see it as a necessary tool in their arsenal. For basic installation of pictures, blinds, electrical plates and hinges, it seems a screwdriver is always in demand. By using a cordless electric screwdriver, as opposed to a hand held screwdriver, time is saves and stripped screws become a thing of the past. Why struggle with hand held screwdrivers and mess with cords and plugs when cordless screwdrivers are fast convenient and inexpensive options. With so many options for cordless screwdrivers available we have selected the best and most reliable cordless screwdrivers available today.

Most Popular Cordless Screwdriver


5/5 Product Rating

The NoCry 7-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Palm-Sized Cordless Screwdriver has 4 volts of power and has a 20% longer run time than comparable brands. It comes with a lithium battery that holds its charge and creates longer run time and better battery life between uses. The design is compact, lightweight and powerful for all your home repair and installation needs. The NoCry 7-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Palm-Sized Cordless Screwdriver comes with an LED work light for ease in seeing in dark spots. The adjustable clutch can move to accommodate tight spaces and odd angles. The screwdriver is gentle enough to work on installing light switches without breaking them, and strong enough to install blinds and assemble furniture. The NoCry 7-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Palm-Sized Cordless Screwdriver is made in the USA and comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • 7 Volts motor for longer run time and bigger jobs
  • Lithium Battery for longer life
  • LED Worklight for seeing in dark spaces
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year warranty

Best Overall Cordless Screwdriver


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Black-Decker-LI4000-Lithium-Ion-SmartSelect cordless screwdriver is the perfect screwdriver for household jobs. The 3.6 volt motor gives you enough power to complete most jobs on one charge. Whether you are hanging pictures and blinds or assembling prefabricated projects, this screwdriver is lightweight, compact and user friendly. It has a lithium battery that is rechargeable and only weighs 2.2 pounds. It comes with a magnetic screw holder and an 11 piece accessory kit. The charger holds the accessories and the charger can also be mounted on the wall for easy storage and charging. The Black-Decker-LI4000-Lithium-Ion-SmartSelect has indicator lights which show when the unit is charging and when the screwdriver needs to be charged again. It has a 6 position clutch for getting to hard to reach places and an LED work light for when working in darker spots. The Black-Decker-LI4000-Lithium-Ion has SmartSelect technology which prevents stripping of screws. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • 3.6 volt motor weighs 2.2 pounds
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries
  • LED work light and 6 position clutch
  • Smart Select Technology to prevent screws from stripping
  • 2 Year warranty

Best Budget Cordless Screwdriver


4.3/5 Product Rating

The Tacklife-Cordless-Screwdriver has 3.6 volts of power but weighs only 3.5 pounds. It has enough power to produce 80 pounds of max torque. With the variable speed it will do bigger jobs, but is also slow enough to install wall plates without breaking them. The speeds vary from 0-500 rpm making it a great product for both installation and pre-drilling. The compact design makes it easy to store and useful in tight spots. There are 2 positions that adjust from in-line to the pistol grip position. It also has a quick release hex shank chuck for quickly changing out bits. The Tacklife-Cordless-Screwdriver comes with 2 NiCAD batteries, a quick one hour charger, bits and a kit box for easy storage and portability. This heavy duty screwdriver comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty.

  • 3.6 Volts with 80 pounds max torque
  • Comes with 2 NiCAD batteries and a 1 hour charger
  • 2 Position clutch
  • Quick release hex-shank chuck
  • 3 Year warranty

Cordless Screwdriver Buying Guide

Cordless Screwdriver 1

Cordless screwdrivers are modern, versatile tools. They are lightweight and compact. Cordless screwdrivers are one of the household staples you should own. They will save you from having a borehole and screw manually. With cordless screwdrivers the process would be automated. They can be used in assembling furniture and setting up your own cabinets, chairs and shelves. Screws can adhere to wood, metal and even plastic.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cordless Screwdriver

Read the following guidelines to help you choose a cordless screwdriver

What is a Cordless Screwdriver?

Cordless screwdrivers operate like a typical drill but with less power and a slower speed. They are also smaller and more lightweight than cordless drills. The power of cordless screwdrivers is measured by the voltage of their batteries. Smaller and more compact models can run on 3.6 volts. Their sizes range from very compact models the size of a flashlight that run for about 6 volts and require just AA batteries. These models are designed to screw and pull out a screw but not to drill. The usual speed for these small screwdrivers is 250rpm. Smaller ones are cheaper (about US$10) than larger and powerful models.

Larger models combine a drill and screwdriver in one. They run on rechargeable batteries and require about 12 volts. Normally the speed for large cordless screwdrivers is 500rpm which is enough to drill. They are more expensive than compact models, fetching about US$20 to US$40. Although they resemble cordless drills a lot, larger cordless screwdrivers are way lighter. They weigh about 2lbs each.

Advantages of Cordless Screwdrivers

Unlike corded models, cordless screwdrivers can be used in areas where there is no source of electricity available. You can use it outdoors without the need for cable extensions. Also, it allows you to angle and maneuver it in awkward angles because it is lightweight. You can even install a ceiling fan with it. It is safer to use a cordless screwdriver because it poses no risk of toppling objects over and getting tangled with other devices. When working on a project involving other people, cordless screwdrivers do not clutter your workspace with cables that can cause other people to trip.

As mentioned earlier, they are available in very compact and larger models. This offers the user versatility. You can buy both small and large cordless screwdrivers. Use a compact model on appliances and a larger model on making your own cabinet, desk, or even artisan work. The last but not the least, it saves you time and effort.

Battery and Run-time

As mentioned earlier the voltage of cordless screwdrivers varies from unit to unit, typically around 3.6 to 12 volts. The run-time depends on the machine’s voltage. The versatility of cordless screwdrivers allows the user to use it not only to drive, drill and remove screws but also nuts and bolts. Each resistance it encounters also contributes to its run-time.

Cordless Screwdriver 4

Cordless Screwdriver Bits

Each screwdriver bit is attached to a hex chuck. That is the part that accommodates all kinds of screwdriver bit to be used for drilling. Each bit has a ¼” hex shank that fits into a ¼” hex chuck. There are three kinds of bits: insert bits, power bits and double ended bits. Insert bits have a short shank and is clipped to a magnetic bit holder. Power bits have a longer shank and can fit into a drill’s chuck without the magnetic bit holder. Double ended bits have a screwdriver bit on both ends.

Types of Bits

Cordless screwdrivers have a basic set of 11 bits, more if each of those bits would come in various sizes. A basic bit set would contain the following bits:

  1. Philipps bit
  2. Pozidrive bits
  3. Slotted bits
  4. Tamperproof Torx bits
  5. Torx bits
  6. Square recess bits
  7. Internal hex bits
  8. Nutsetters
  9. Driwall bits
  10. Tri-Wing bits
  11. Torq bits
  12. Trilobular bits
  13. Spanner bits

As mentioned, cordless screwdrivers can also tighten nuts. This can be done by attaching socket adaptors. They are available in three sizes: ¼”, 3/8 and ½”. A word of caution: cordless screwdrivers are designed by manufacturers to work with screws. Damage caused by socket adaptors are not covered by the manufacturers’ warranties.

Cordless Screwdriver

Clutch, Speed and Additional Features

Not all cordless screwdrivers have a clutch. Clutches are helpful by disengaging the device once a certain amount of depth and resistance has been met. This would prevent the machine from overworking itself. Also, clutches allow the user to set the drilling depth so there would be no need to guess how long you should hold down the trigger button.

When purchasing a cordless screwdriver for serious or professional needs, opt for a unit with variable speed triggers. This would allow you to progress from slow to high speed performance.

Customer and Aftersales Services

A cordless screwdriver is a must-have in every home. Even though there are cheap and compact models available, whatever you purchase, make sure that it comes with a good customer and aftersales service. Inquire if the store offers a return or does repairs. If they don’t, make sure you know where to get your cordless screwdriver repaired. Some online sellers offer free shipping and there are parts available if you’re sure that you can repair it yourself. A word of advice: opening up your device can void its warranty. Unless it isn’t past its warranty, have it repaired in the manufacturer’s repair center. If the store allows testing, have one tested.

Ratings and Reviews

Nowadays, people post their reviews and blog about everything. That includes their experiences about cordless screwdriver. There are even free video tutorials available online that teaches people how to change screws and how to operate one. There are even websites that test different models of cordless screwdrivers and rate them against each other. Ebay and Amazon offer a wide list of cordless screwdrivers with user’s ratings. If you’re still unsure or if you have a brand in mind, do a little more research until you are satisfied.

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