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Crossbow Reviews

Crossbows are widely used when shooting in silence is diseased in shooting sports such as hunting. They come in different varieties based on their acceleration system, energy, size, projectiles and degree of automation. Crossbows provide a draw force far in excess from that of a traditional bow. It holds greater tension for a longer period of time but there are trade offs. The weight and draw length are variables that need to be considered when choosing the crossbow that is right for you. We have researched the top and most desirable crossbows and have summarized the ones we like best here for you.

Most Popular Crossbow

Barnett Jackal

5/5 Product Rating

Coming with a tradition of innovation and American-made quality, Barnett’s Jackal offers a ready-to-shoot crossbow experience. Out of the box, this setup’s sleek stock and divided fore-grip bring a military look. It’s a comfort to shoot right out of the packaging with a quick detach style quiver, included bolts and a red-dot style sight.

The premium features continue with the combination of a high energy wheel system and a quad style limb assembly. The string and cable system use synthetic string and pump out a respectable 315 foot per second arrow velocity. The lightweight stock combined with a respectable power, this crossbow easily delivers a “definite threat” weapon platform that any hunter would be satisfied with. Featuring Barnett’s new ADF-MIM trigger system, the crossbow presents a 3 1/2 pound trigger pull and also throws in the convenience of a picatinny trail platform mount. Note: a five year limited warranty is included.

  • All inclusive package: crossbow and quiver (quick-detach), bolts and red-dot sight
  • Stock style: military, sleek; Cable: high energy wheel system using synthetic strings
  • Velocity: 315 fps shooting speed; Draw weight: 150 pounds
  • Mounting style: Picatinny rail; Trigger pull: 3.5 pounds
  • Please note: Certain zip codes have restrictions against sale of this item.

Best Overall Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail

4.8/5 Product Rating

You’ve come to expect this from an leader in design and crossbow manufacture, and Barnett delivers. The Barnett Whitetail almost isn’t there with a weigh in of a bit over 7 1/2 pounds. A feather weight bow, the Barnett Whitetail uses carbon-riser tech (CRT) to eliminate the weight on the front end. This puts the center of gravity closer to the stock and gives a peace of mind safety factor of five to one.

This crossbow will shoulder with better fit and feel. It’s comfortable and easy for you to carry. But Barnett hasn’t sacrificed any power in the process, and the bow spits out arrows at a respectable 350 feet per second. You’ve got the crosswire strings, you’ve got the whiplash cams. The anti-dry-fire trigger is made from a metal injection mold manufacture process. The results are smooth as butter shots that are not only quiet, they’re precise. All this in a fit that’s compact. What more could you ask for? An American made crossbow that throws in the arrows (three), a quiver and a rope cocker.

  • Manufactured in United States; complete package, including 4 bolts, quiver and rope style cocking
  • With this crossbow, Barnett has gone lighweight, around 7 1/2 lbs by using CRT (carbon-riser technology)
  • Warranty: a generous limited 5 year warranty from manufacturer
  • Strings: Crosswire; Cams: Whiplash; Trigger: Anti-Dry Fire; Molding: metal injection, all providing a near-silent precision shot with a compact fit
  • Note: Sales restricted to certain zip codes in US

Best Budget Crossbow

Snake Eye Tactical

4.5/5 Product Rating

With an unsurpassed popularity, the Snake Eye Tactical setup comes packaged with a seasoned veteran shooter in mind. All the expected features are here for crossbow users, combined into an alternative to heavier crossbows, this outfit works well for the first time user or those with physical restrictions. Why? Because it’s only lightweight, it also has the benefit of being affordable, always a plus for those just entering the crossbow world. Fully-equiped and sportng a 80 pound recurve style, it also features a premium varied-range red dot scope with 3-dot reticle. All this on a weaver scope mount base that’s adjustable. The quiver is a quick-detach style and included four arrows. The rig is rounded out with an ambidextrous stock, a padded shoulder sling and a safety that can easily be operated by right or left-handed shooters. All tools required for assembly are included in the package but note that because of sales restrictions, the product can’t be shipped to New Jersey and some parts of New York. 

  • Quiver: Quick-Detach style, with four bolts, 17″ size
  • Sight: Reticle style with three red dot types
  • Rope style cocking and padded sling (with second string included)
  • Trigger Mechanism: Anti-Dry Fire; Protective thumb guard
  • Color: Full dipped camoflage pattern

Crossbow Buying Guide

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Crossbows have been part of different cultures for centuries.   In medieval times, Crossbows have been used as weapons.  Some cultures used Crossbows as a scout weapon and for hunting.  Today however, Crossbows are popularly used for recreational purposes – target practice and some hunting.  Modern day Crossbows come in different designs and colors.  In choosing the right Crossbow to purchase, there are a few things to consider.  It’s always best to do a little digging before making a purchase

Types of Crossbows

There are 2 types of Crossbows out in the market today.  The Recurve bow and the Compound bow.

1. The Recurve Bow

It is the traditional, basic Crossbow design.  The Recurve bow is the simplest and therefore more user friendly.  When a string is drawn, the “recurve” limbs pull back with it.  Therefore, there are less parts to break.  The recurve bow requires very little maintenance and is easy to fix because the strings are directly attached to the limbs you draw.  This is most recommended for first time users because it is simpler to use and relatively cheaper than the compound bow.  New hunters prefer the recurve bow because this gives them the element of surprise in hunting since it has less noise which is great for hunting.  This is also highly recommended for women and children.

2. The Compound Bow

On the other hand, is more complex.  It is the new and improved version of the recurve bow with all the additional features modern day has to offer.  These have bolts, cam systems and cocking mechanisms and cables to improve the bow’s performance.  Due to all the cables and the added features though, this bow is not as easy to fix as the recurve bow.  Parts are available in the market but naturally because of all the advancements, these are more expensive.  This bow is more powerful than the recurve bow because of the built in cam systems.  Cocking mechanisms make compound bows easier to draw.  One disadvantage in using a compound bow is that they are not as quiet as the recurve bow which is one of the things hunters may want to consider in purchasing Crossbows.

Crossbow Consideration

Crossbows are used by a wide range of people.  Different age groups, men, women, even children are nowadays little by little engaged in archery, and in some countries even hunting.  There are a variety of styles and improved features for each depending on what purpose you intend to use it for.  The most important thing to determine is the purpose.

Is it going to be used for hunting or for target practicing or maybe just a hobby or part of a collection?

The weight of the Crossbow is of absolute importance.  Purchasing a bow that is too heavy may be challenge to use especially for women and children.  People who have physical limitations may want to get something a little lighter too.  Purchase a bow that feels good in your hands.  Something that you’re comfortable with.  It would be useless to purchase something you can’t carry!One thing to consider though is that lighter Crossbows make it more difficult to aim.  A bow with average weight is better because the weight keeps it grounded and easier to aim.  Of course, you would want to purchase a bow that is portable most especially for hunters.  Anything too heavy would not serve its purpose.


Speed and power in a bow is also very important.  Compound bows are no doubt more powerful than the recurve bows because they have the cam system incorporated in the design.  Cam systems make a bow more powerful.  Bolts, on the other hand, improve the speed.  Bolts come in different sizes, strength and design.  Using a bolt not fit for a design may damage the bow.   When purchasing one, manufacturers have a list of bolts specifications that fit their brand and model

The Noise element is also something hunters would want to consider.  Naturally, you want to buy a quiet bow.  Whether it’s for hunting or target shooting, you don’t want to purchase something that sounds like a pistol when shot.  The compound bow definitely produces more noise because of the mechanisms in its design compared to the recurve bow. But of course, when hunting the compound bow shoots faster.  There is a bit of a dilemma right there. But we still need to purchase the one that has the best speed with less noise.  Hunters may need to compromise.  You will have to decide whether speed or noise would be more important to you.

Now after going through all the advantages, disadvantages and the options, it’s now time to look at the costs involved.It is important to find out how much this equipment costs and whether you have the budget for this or not.  It’s good to work with several options of varying price ranges.  This will allow you to balance cost considerations with your desired features.

Cost Consideration

1. Low Cost Crossbows

Usually ranges around $250 to $400 in the market.  Low cost models usually are those that you will need to draw with your hands which requires strength and may result in less accuracy.  These are also the ones that have plastic parts.  Plastic parts are cheap and low quality which will easily break.  When buying Crossbows, make sure to purchase one that is made all out of metal to ensure quality. Don’t be cheap about it.

2. Medium Cost Crossbows

Usually ranges around $450 to $900.  These bows relatively has better accuracy.  Some models come with built in cocking mechanisms under this price range.

3. High Cost Crossbows

Usually ranges around $1,000 to $2,000.  These are your latest models that have the state of the art cables and mechanisms.  Mostly, these new Crossbows are very light and have all the features in it.

When buying Crossbows it is important to go for quality ones regardless if it’s a little pricey.  There are different manufacturers of Crossbows and a whole lot of designs to choose from.  There most definitely is one for you!

Just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to look up the State laws about hunting using Crossbows where you are located.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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