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Best Cycling Computer

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Cycling Computer Reviews

As technology has progressed over the years we have been given GPRS sat navs so why not do the same for when going on a bike ride. Cycling computers are a great invention as you can see the distance travelled and the time left to go, it can even tell you calories burned and the speed you are travelling at. If you want to let others know where you are for safety reasons or for tracking while in a race there are often live features and connections to the internet so that you be followed. These connections also allow for social networking, sharing ride information and you can see potential weather updates for the heads up on any rain that may be on its way. These cycling computers can tell you your heart rate by the quick touch of the screen which will let you see all the important information quickly.

Most Popular Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 530

5/5 Product Rating

The Garmin Edge 530 GPS Enabled Bike Computer brings your bike ride journey to life. It can track time and distance along with speed, location and calories that are being burned. There is no set up required so you can simply pop it onto your bike using the bike mount that comes included with the bike computer;it can even be used on multiple bikes. It doesn’t matter if you ride for fun or fitness being able to see how fast you are going and what your quickest time is for a certain route is thrilling, whatever your age or performance level may be. It can give you motivation to keep going and to beat your previous time. It can store up to 130 hours of riding data letting you search for your fastest or longest journey. There is a challenge me setting letting you cycle against a virtual rider to give a competitive option if you wish to take up the challenge.

  • Easy to read display
  • An automatic time zone indicator
  • Lightweight and sleek, stylish design
  • Does not require setting up, It’s ready to use straight away

Best Overall Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 830 Bundle

4.8/5 Product Rating

This Garmin Edge 830 Bundle Bike Computer is perfect for a competitive cyclist that wants the most accurate bike riding data records. The connection to the internet through your smartphone lets you have live tracking and the ability to share your data through social networking sites. It is perfect for racing and touring or even for training as all the data gets stored and can be easily retrieved for when it is needed. Being able to track the weather too is so important for planning further ahead. The tracking device will even work in challenging conditions such as canyons. This Garmin Edge 830 is rugged and waterproof for even the toughest of riding conditions and has a 20 hour battery life which is perfect for endurance riding. The touchscreen will work even with a gloved finger or if it gets wet. The device comes with a tether to stop it from falling off or coming loose if an accident occurs.

  • Touchscreen interface for ease of use
  • Heart rate monitoring and calorie counting data
  • Speed and distance can be recorded for timing and personal bests
  • Live tracking and instant uploads via internet connections

Best Budget Cycling Computer


4.7/5 Product Rating

The new CatEye Strada Digital Cadence Wireless Computer lets you gain access to all metrics of cycling. You can see your heart rate and cadence while taking your training to the next level. Its design makes it easy to use and is a simple one button operation system to search through the different statistics such as speed, average speed, maximum speed, heart rate and cadence. This is all made possible by the use of the CatsEye ISCtec sensor. The readings can range from 0 to 199 bpm so you can boost your training and racing by learning about your heart rate zones. It uses a wireless communication system transmitted through 30 different ID codes. This means there is no mix up of readings for if you use a second bike. The device is lightweight and has an easy mounting set up which is tool free, the flextight bracket mounts to your bikes stem or handle bars whichever your prefer.

  • Simple and reliable digital wireless device
  • Interference free for added performance
  • Sensors for recognition to track all your rides on multiple bikes
  • Lightweight and easy to mount to your bike

Cycling Computer Buying Guide

Cycling Computer 2

There are different types of cycling computers; this makes it increasingly difficult for users to make a choice. Many people looking for biking computer are not finding it easy. Although there are various biking computers in the market, many of them are not good enough to satisfy the needs of its users. However, if you follow the buying tips below, you will find that you will no longer find it difficult to make a choice. Here are some important factors you have to consider.

Cycling Computer Buying Tips

Riding Type

The first factor you should think about is the type of riding you want to do with your computer. Various biking computers are designed for different biking purposes. The way you want to use your bike is the most influential factor in determining the most suitable computer. There are useful factors you have to consider as well. If you use your cycle as your major mode of transportation, you can use a simple app on your phone. These are recommended because you can easily store them in your pocket even when you are riding.

You can also procure some basic computers for this purpose. Think of small computers you can easily put in your pocket. Nevertheless, you must consider those pockets apps that are not obstructive. The importance of these apps is that you will do away with extended battery life. However, you have to consider issues like water resistance, ease of apps use and the quality of apps display in making a choice.

Bike Fit

This is another essential factor that you must consider. There are different types of cycling computers in the market; you have to select only brands that fit well to your cycling need. You can either choose between wirelesses and wired cycling computer. If you want a wireless computer, you have to compare different products. Apart from that, you have to consider the issue of proximity. The proximity of the computer, the sensor, as well as the spoke magnet is important factors you have to consider. If you want to use your bike for mountain cycling, wireless computers might be the best option for you. Wireless computers are simple and very easy to install and use. However, you can decide to use wired computers for cycling as well. The problem with wired computers is that they take longer time to respond. They do not require any attachment, once your bike is fitted with handlebars, you can easily use the device.

Cycling Computer Features

Features of the cycling computers you want to buy play a significant role in making a decision. You have to consider the type of data you wish to record on the computer and select only products that are good for such data recording. The efficiency of the computer in recording cycling performance like distance, speed, heart beat rate, elevation, power output and other functions you want to record is an important consideration. You have to look for the most appropriate computer that would capture and record all information you want. You should always buy cycling computers with more features. Such computers are more expensive; this has to do with their advanced features and enhanced functions they can perform for you. If you want a computer that does more than recording your cycling activities, you should look for those with complex and advanced features. Basic computers could not record such thing like a heart beat rate.

Cycling Computer 1

Ease of Use

It is good to look for cycling computers you can easily use. The device should be simple to install anytime you want to use it. It is better to get computers you can easily install after reading its manuals. Easy to use computers are better. Once you familiarize yourself with the settings, you can carry out your readings and do other things without help from anywhere. There are some computers you simply clip on your bikes and ride. Others require installations. Once you determine the type of computer you need, think of how to install and use it. Moreover, it is better to install a computer you can easily read while riding. There are some programmed in such a way that you can only obtain information after you have finished your ride. It is better to get your information with ease while you are riding than terminating your journey to take a reading. The issue of comfort is very important. Anything that obstructs your riding should be discouraged. There are various brands you can install and operate with relative ease. Check them, make comparisons, and make a purchase.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor you have to consider when you want to buy a cycling computer. The battery life for all the computers is not the same. It is better to buy a computer fitted with batteries that would serve you for many hours. Batteries that do not require constant charging are the best because you can use it for distance travel without worries.


Weather is very important to every cyclist. This is why they look for a weather friendly computer. You should opt for a computer you can use on different weather conditions. If you buy a cycling computer you can use in all weather, it is better, as it would help boost your cycling performance.

Comparing Online Dealers with Local Store Sellers

Price of Cycling Computers

The cost is a very important factor you must always consider when you want to buy a cycling computer. Products with least feature are cheaper than those with complex and advanced features. You can still buy high quality computers if search for reliable dealers. If you source it from the internet, you will likely get them cheaper than buying from roadside stores. When you buy from such stores, you would pay for such charges as sales tax and others. Moreover, you could be limited on the choice you can make. When you buy from reliable internet dealers, you will select from an array of options presented to you and you are likely to get a discount. The problem many people face buying online is that they are not sure of the quality. Many of them end getting products other than the ones they paid for. This can be avoided if you choose a reliable dealer.


There is no doubt that this information would help you make a good choice. You have to compare the various products and select the ones most suitable for your cycling needs.

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