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Best Digital Piano

Digital Piano 3

Digital Piano Reviews

A digital piano is a compact instrument that can range in price from under $100 to several thousands. The quality of equipment, the way the samples sounds, the cabinet, the speakers and how realistic the digital keyboard feels all determine what the price will be. Many digital keyboards have only normal piano sounds but many also include additional voice and let you play multiple layers of beats and play simultaneously. We researched the best digital keyboards and have summarized them below. There are links so you can order the one you prefer right away.

Most Popular Digital Piano


5/5 Product Rating

This 88 key piano pack is priced reasonably and has most everything you need in a digital piano. It would be perfect for professional musicians who need a portable option for practicing or for a student who plans on transitioning to a grand piano later on. The keys are “non” weighted and require only a light touch with is graded. There are lights on this unit so playing the piano in style in dark is possible and the displays are back lit. The sound is impressive and of course you are able to play in Grand Piano mode with the touch of a button. It has the ability to be plugged into your computer for saving or downloading songs and it also has a USB and flash ROM. This premium pack option also comes with headphones, stand and power pack so you can start your masterpiece right away.

  • 88 soft touch key
  • Light on panel and it is backlit
  • Multiple tracks can be recorder in sequence
  • Grand piano sound option
  • More styles and sounds available for downloading

Best Overall Digital Piano


4.7/5 Product Rating

This 88 Key Touch Sensitive Digital Piano is our favorite. It’s pricey but well work the cost as it will sound like you are playing a grand piano in style with the multiple Layer Grand Piano Samples heard in stereo.The PX-850 will provide you with the ultimate experience like you are behind the keys of a grand piano with the ability to add multiple instrument tones, multiple polyphonies and grand expression. It is lightweight and designed to resemple a real piano in sound and you can even keep the lid fully or half ope if you wish; depending on which way you want to hear your masterpeice. It has speakers that sound like you are at a live concert multiple outputs and a USB so you can easily connect to your computer or other sound equipment. The keys are an ivory and ebony color so they look realistic. It’s really the very best keyboard we reviewed. Click on the link to learn more of the specific details about this digital piano and save tens of thousands of dollars if you purchase one of these instead of a real grand piano.

  • Realistic Keys
  • Polyphone – 256 notes
  • Multiple samples in grand piano mode
  • Record to USB or internal storage
  • Multiple tones and layer capability

Best Budget Digital Piano


4.5/5 Product Rating

Weighted keys, instead of graded keys and the quality of this digital piano make it very realistic. It feels like a real piano when you play so if you will transitioning over to a real piano should never be a problem. It has some weight to it and it doesn’t feel like it’s a fake children’s keyboard like many do. The keyboard is full size with 88 keys and the sound quality is pretty good for a portable piano. It would make a good keyboard for practicing and preparing for grand piano concerts and because he has a nice look to it, you will be proud to play for an audience. The speakers are built in and there are multiple outputs so you can hook up your amps or headphones.

  • 88 Keys
  • Professional appearance
  • Multiple Ports for output
  • Heavy Weight
  • Portable

Digital Piano Buying Guide

Digital Piano

Ok, first off, why buy a digital piano, also known as electric piano, and not an acoustic one?  Well, maybe it’s just a simple fact that nowadays, acoustic pianos are for serious, most likely classical, pianist.  To help you in deciding which piano to buy, here is a breakdown of their differences:

1. Cost of Digital Piano

No matter what happens, product cost or value will always be a big factor in buying a product. Since acoustic piano requires craftsmanship, more materials, greater production cost, and additional manual labor, it will always be more expensive than electric piano.

2. Usage

Do you want a piano just to play for a hobby or because you want to be a concert pianist? The purpose you’re going to buy a piano will be the most vital part of choosing what kind of piano to buy. Classical musicians will always go for acoustic while others can choose between acoustic and digital depending on what they want to handle.

3. Complexity

Even if they’re both piano, they’ve very different from each other. Electric piano are electronic and are made via wires and chips to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano. However, because it’s not made with strings like that of an acoustic one, the way it produces sound will all depend on the player whereas electric piano have all the settings you need available for control using buttons and other controllers. In short, acoustic piano is always harder to learn and play.

4. Digital Piano Sound quality

Music is very sensitive to quality. Sounds produced by electric and acoustic piano vary greatly in quality. Because you can use settings for sound quality in electric piano, it will always produce better music quality with beginners. However, acoustic piano will always produce better quality than that of an electric one. Mastery will be required for it though.

Digital Piano 2

5. Maintenance of Digital Piano

Acoustic piano is more demanding when it comes to maintenance. There are a lot to be keen with in it: the strings, the pedals, the keys, and the frame. On the other hand, electric piano just usually requires wiring repair or a change of board when a problem rises. In addition, it’s harder to find people who can repair an acoustic piano.

You have to be sure you really want a digital piano over an acoustic one before buying because it would be such a big waste if you decide later that what you really want is an accoustic piano and you just let your digital piano lying in the storage room for the years to come.

Things You Need to Consider Electric Piano

After deciding you really want an electric piano, let’s get down to things you need to consider and keep in mind when buying one:

1. Number of Keys

As you may have observed, there are shorter and longer electric piano. The reason behind that is because some electric piano don’t have a complete set of keys. A beginner’s piano usually has only 76 keys while a complete one has 88.

2. Portability

You usually should go for a lighter piano which you can carry around anywhere. You never know when you need to move your piano around the room, around the house, or carry it somewhere else for a practice or a performance.

Digital Piano 12

3. Piano Stand

Some piano come with a free piano stand while others sell it separately. Unless you already have a piano stand or a place for it where you can be comfortable playing, you should buy a stand for it. Consider also a portable stand so you can carry it out with your piano when needed.

4. Headphones and Other Jacks

Sometimes, you need to practice piano but some people can be bothered by it. You should check if the electric piano you’re buying has a headphone jack for others not to hear you practicing. There are also other times that you need to plug in other things in it like a speaker or a computer. Performing in a stage would always need a speaker and sometimes even a connection to a computer so also check for that. Connecting it to computers will also enable you to use some software to experiment with other sounds and mixes.

5. Brand

It’s not bad to go for known brand: Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland. It usually makes you more confident especially because you already feel you’ve tested it through other people.

6. Pedals

Pedals are used to elongate and emphasize notes that you play. You can find an electric piano that has pedals but buy one only if you plan on using them.

7. Sound

Consider this the most important factor one should look for a piano. Even if they’re all using software to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano, electric pianos still sound different from an acoustic piano and from each other. Try out electric pianos and decide on what sound you prefer.

8. Keys on Digital Piano

Even keys are different from one electric piano to another. Their keys are different in width, in smoothness, in height, and in ease in pressing. You should go for which one are you most comfortable with.

9. Recorder

Recording your playing and listening to it is a good way to evaluate yourself. It’s also helpful if you’re composing a song because you won’t often remember everything. Some electric pianos have built in recorder. This will save you from bringing and manipulating another device while practicing.

Tutorial features

Most digital pianos have songs installed in it for you to listen to and learn from. They also have different ways of trying to teach you how to play the songs. You may check the songs if you like them and if you would want to learn them and including the tutorials. If you don’t like the songs, you would most likely just waste the feature. You may also add some songs through the computer if you know how to do it or just ask someone else to do it for you.

There are a lot more features that you can choose from when buying an electric piano. Be sure to check everything on the models you want to buy and, if possible, don’t rush in buying so you can have more time in deciding which would you be playing on.

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