Do Steam Mops Leave Any Germs Behind?

Do Steam Mops Leave Any Germs Behind?

The word is out about traditional floor mopping. Standard mops may leave floors looking clean, but in essence, they just push dirty water over the surface of the floor, leaving germs behind. Among the newest and most highly recommended floor cleaning methods is the steam mop. They are touted as the most efficient way to sanitize floors but do steam mops still leave germs behind?

Introduction of bacteria to your home

Steam MopThere are quite a few different kinds of bacteria living in the homes of most people. Researchers took an interest in this topic and conducted a few different studies to see what was there. What they found was that there is a grand array of different tiny viruses and bacteria, which are tracked in on our shoes or brought in by pets. There is a host of dirt, dust, molds, viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens prior to cleaning. The germs that are found on your floors can make you sick. Believe it or not, cold and flu viruses, can survive for a short duration on your floors. Bacteria, which can cause a broad range of illnesses, are much heartier. When they land on your floor they tend to have a longer lifespan because they thrive on any dirt, moisture or food that is spilled.

How to kill germs on the floors

There are certain chemicals, which can be used to eradicate all types of germs, but some of these can be harmful to pets, children and you yourself. They may be poisonous and build toxicity into your body when you come into contact with them. Sanitizers can kill up to 99.9 percent of all germs, which is the majority, but not all of them.

You do not need to use chemicals to kill germs on your floors. What it takes is heat of 200 degrees or more. Trading in your traditional mop for a steam mop is an excellent solution. You can easily kill all of the germs on the surface of your floor with sanitizing heat that is produced by applying the steam of this mop for 8 to 20 seconds.

Which steam mop is the best?

Models that heat to a temperature of at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit are capable of killing most bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi that form. In addition to killing germs, your mop will also more easily lift stains and leave a surface that looks clean. If you are not fond of sweeping your floors prior to using the steam mop, you may want to consider purchasing a model that sucks up debris as it cleans.

Steam mops can be wonderful cleaning aids that leave your hard floors clean and germ free. It is important to note that killing all of the germs with this appliance can only be accomplished if you use it properly. This means that your mop will reach a temperature of at least 200 degrees F and that you allow enough time per pass for the heat of the steam to have its full effect in killing the germs that lie beneath. Take your time, do it right and you can eliminate many of the harmful germs that can make you and your family sick.

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