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Best Automatic Dog Feeder

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Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews

Dog feeders that are automatic are ideal if you have a dog that is impatient or causes a fuss when it comes to feeding time. As the food will come out possibly on a timer or specific setting, the dog has no choice but to be offered the food and it saves the owner from the added stress of coming under attack when it’s feeding time. The feeders are attractive to look at, they are stylish and modern and give every dog a great sense of training and obedience and although it may take a while to get used to in the end they will be thankful and reliant on the brilliance of the automatic dog feeder. Feeders are programmed so that either a flap or a tray will dispense the dogs food at a given time, some even have a voice recorder to give out the food on your command.

Most Popular Automatic Dog Feeder

Little Giant

5/5 Product Rating

As far as automatic dog feeders come this is definitely up there with the strongest and sturdiest of the feeders. It is made from immensely strong galvanized steel that will withstand even the strongest of dogs’ attempts to knock over or break in to the product. Miller Mfg CH25 Dog Feeder has a magnetic door to retract quickly and safely stopping food escaping and also keeping what is inside fresh and tasty. The product can also be hung on the wall or kept on its frame, entirely up to the owner’s preference. The angled shoot in which the food comes down from gives a nice and easy flow of food for your dog, good for when they are hungry at meal times.

  • Made using a 24 gauge galvanized steel for immense strength and durability
  • Magnetic door feature to help close and keep the food dry
  • Can hang on the wall or frame
  • Completely assembled in packaging

Best Overall Automatic Dog Feeder

Pet Self Feeders

4.7/5 Product Rating

The large automatic pet feeder is a reprogrammable feeder that can change its portion size and the frequency of feeding for your pet making it an easy and new generation in the way you feed your pets. The LCD display makes for changing the functions easy to read and follow to create the perfect, tailored programme for your pet. There is an anti-jamming food hopper to stop any food getting stuck in the feeding chute and this also keeps the food fresh and tasty inside the container. The pet proof lock and specialised lid makes the food unreachable for your pet until it is time for feeding, with a heavy base which prevents tipping from happening. Recording a personal message for your pet is also comforting for them if you are not around when the feeding program has a scheduled feed. The feeder is suitable for all dogs and cats of every size.

  • A top seller in automated feeders
  • A programmable function to organise portion size and frequency of feeding
  • Pet proof lock and hopper style lid with a bottom heavy base to stop tipping
  • You can record a personal message for your pet to hear

Best Budget Automatic Dog Feeder


4.3/5 Product Rating

Petsafes Dog and Cat food and water station is the first gravity food system that has a removable stainless steel bowl that comes away with ease for the ability to wash and clean both bowls; it can also be used in the dishwasher. Sanitizing the stainless steel bowl at high temperatures in your dishwasher will eliminate any bacteria that may be lurking in the bowl after use that could be potentially harmful to your dog. Common infections or allergic reactions on your dogs’ skin or even nose irritations can all be caused by not washing up your dog’s feeding bowls and the surrounding areas properly. The food bowls are great space savers and look their place in anybody’s kitchen, laundry rooms or other indoor areas. The automated feeding action lets your dog have food on demand without any hassle or accidents in the process. It really is the healthier way for your pets to enjoy their dry food.

  • Provides fresh food to your pet automatically whenever requested
  • Sturdy plastic lock in hopper and removable stainless steel bowl
  • Can be used in dishwashers
  • Suitable for indoor use only

Automatic Dog Feeder Buying Guide

Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Sometimes, dog owners may not have the time to feed their pets because of busy schedules. Fortunately, the invention of automatic dog feeders has ensured that your dog will eat even if you are away from home. You can now go out with your kids or friends without worrying about your dog.

Why You Should Have An Automatic Dog Feeder

An automatic dog feeder is useful if you frequently travel, own several pets, or work long hours. Dogs should be fed on a schedule to keep them happy and healthy. A regular feeding routine can boost the dog’s health. When a dog misses a meal, they can start feeling miserable and begin to misbehave.

Also, an automatic dog feeder can prevent overeating. Overeating can cause laziness, diabetes, obesity and other problems. Dogs will overeat if they don’t have a regular feeding routine. Additionally, automatic dog feeders save you money and time. Feeders measure the exact grams of food that your dog needs. Also, it relieves you from the hassle of feeding your dog for every meal.

3 Types Of Automatic Dog Feeders

1. Gravity-Fed Dog Feeders

This type of feeder stores food in a compartment and releases it slowly into a bowl. It doesn’t use power and is suitable for dogs that don’t overeat. You can use this feeder to dispense water. Note that you won’t worry about power outages since the dog will still feed even if there is no power.

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2. Rotary Dog Feeders

Rotary feeders have multiple bowls that open when it’s mealtime. A timer controls when the compartments open. The chambers open at different times. The rotary feeder works with all types of foods. It helps you split the food into small portions, controlling the pace and amount that your dog will eat.

3. Programmable Dog Feeders

This feeder stores the dog food in one compartment and dispenses a portion when it’s mealtime. You can program the portion and time.

6 Things To Consider When Purchasing An Automatic Dog Feeder

Choosing an automatic dog feeder can be daunting. The following are factors to consider when purchasing a dog feeder.

1. Safety

You should ensure that the feeder is made from non-toxic materials. You should ensure that your dog will be safe even if he/she chews the feeder. Also, make sure that the feeder is shatter-proof in case the dog knocks it over. You will find that some feeders are made of anti-bacterial materials.

2. Construction and Durability

The unit should be tough enough to resist teeth and paws. There is a chance that your dog will try to get the food once he figures out that there is food inside. The storage container should be sealed tightly.

Automatic Dog Feeder

3. Power Supply

You should consider the type of power that runs the machine. Feeders can be plugged on the wall or use battery to run. You should check out the battery life and availability. A unit which uses batteries as a back-up when the power goes out is ideal. You don’t want your fluffy friend to stay hungry because of power.

4. Ease of Cleaning

You should consider how easily you can clean the storage compartment and the food bowl. Dishwasher safe feeders are ideal since they relieve you from much work. A dirty feeder can bring nasty digestive disorders to your dog.

5. Feeder Capacity

Feeders come in different capacities. You can get feeders that can store up to 10 litres of food. You should ensure that the amount of food matches with the portions to prevent the feeder from over-dispensing the dog food.

Automatic Dog Feeder 1

6. Food Type

Most automatic dog feeders are meant for dry food. However, you can still find feeders that can dispense wet food and homemade meals. Some allow you to use icepacks for perishable foods to keep the food fresh until the next mealtime. You should check out the size of the kibble to ensure that the dog doesn’t get stuck. A feeder with anti-jamming properties in more appropriate.


There are other considerations to bear in mind when buying an automatic dog feeder. Ensure that the feeder suits your budget and your dog’s needs. Also, make sure that you buy a reliable feeder. This guide will help you buy the right automatic dog feeder that suits your needs.

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