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Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Dog Ear Cleaner

Dog Ear Cleaner Reviews

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of regularly cleaning your dogs ears. Too much moisture in the ear makes it a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and build-up. The result is inevitably an ear infection, odor, pain, and itching. Ear cleaners are the only way to keep these problems at bay, therefore keeping your dog comfortable and fresh smelling. A good cleaner is going to remove the excess debris within the ear canal, as well as the buildup of wax and other particles. Those who have floppy eared dogs should take especial care with the health of their dogs ears. Cleaners serve to not only clean out the ear but also to deodorize. With regular use, this process will protect the ears from infection. The best formulations provide anti-bacterial benefits, anti-fungal power, as well as odor-fighting perfumes that are non-irritating. Also, if your dog must use ear medication, it’s important to clean out the ears before administering the drugs, thus making the medicine more effective.

Most Popular Dog Ear Cleaner

Pet King Brands – Enzymatic

5/5 Product Rating

If your dog suffers from otitis externa, a form of ear infection, then you know what greats lengths you’ll go to to find your dog some relief from the discomfort. This formulation from Pet King is called ZYMOX PLUS Otic HC, contains 1% hydrocortisone, and helps to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms that your dog is experiencing. This is an inexpensive solution to persistent ear infections, with greater effectiveness than prescription antibiotic creams. Bacterial infections within the ear can be so tricky because once the bacteria is temporarily killed, it has a big chance of coming back quickly. But the antibacterial and antifungal properties of this formulation make sure that you’re covered when it comes to a broad range of microorganisms that could be in your dog’s ear. Make sure you check with your vet before you try any new product, but most veterinarians really approve of this and suggest it to dog owners.

  • Potent antibacterial and antifungal formulation
  • Does not interfere with any other medications your dog is taking
  • Tough against resistant microbes
  • Fasting acting and lasting effects

Best Overall Dog Ear Cleaner

Pet King Brands with Hydrocortisone

4.8/5 Product Rating

Chronic inflammation of the external ear is quite common among dogs and cats, and is mostly due to infection from bacteria, yeast, or viruses. ZYMOX Otic is a great solution to the itching and discomfort, whether the condition is acute or chronic. When used once a day for 7 days (for acute cases) or 14 days (for chronic cases) there is tremendous alleviation of symptoms and a low rate of recurrence for most pets. Not only is this shown to be more effective than prescription antibiotics, but it’s also much less expensive. Hydrocortisone is the active ingredient that makes this treatment so powerful, without being too harsh on the skin. It’s a proven anti-inflammatory that kills bacteria, viruses, and yeast. The bottle is easy to use and lasts quite a while, which is great for dogs who have a chronic condition. Because there are so many organisms that are resistant to antibiotics, this is the perfect solution when nothing else seems to work.

  • Treats inflammation caused by bacteria, viruses, and yeast
  • Hydrocortisone formula without antibiotics
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Tough against resistant organism

Best Budget Dog Ear Cleaner


4.7/5 Product Rating

Zymox Ear Solution is a clever ear cleanser and medication in one that is free of antibiotics. Hydrocortisone is one of the most effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances you can find, and this treatment successfully cleans the ear and kills the infection. It’s the ultimate defense against excess puss and debris, and consistently kills microorganisms without irritation. In fact, it soothes inflammation and helps your dog to feel more comfortable. The product is made in the USA, and works great for some of the most chronic and persistent ear infections. The formulation is perfectly safe to use on both dogs and cats, and within just 7 days your pet will receive effective relief from uncomfortable symptoms and odor. You’re really getting two steps combined in one, so there’s no need to pre-rinse the dog’s ears before administering medication. This is a strong and gentle treatment that helps to keep infections at bay for longer than any antibiotic cream that has been prescribed.

  • Non-invasive treatment solution that cleans and heals
  • Great for antibiotic-resistant organisms
  • Kills bacteria, fungus, and yeast
  • Made in the USA

Dog Ear Cleaner Buying Guide

Dog Ear Cleaner 5

Hygiene has an impact on your dog’s overall health. Your dog’s ears can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can bring nasty infections to your dog.

Dog ear cleaners can help flush out these infection-causing bacteria.

3 Benefits Of Using Dog Ear Cleaners

1. Prevents Infection

Wax and dirt accumulate in your dog’s ears over time. Failure to remove this dirt encourages the growth of germs. Dog ear cleaners can get rid of wax and dirt before they become a threat to the health of your dog. They are formulated to flush out germs and bacteria from the ear canals of your dog.

2. Balances the Inner Ear pH

The Ph of your dog’s ears must remain optimal all the time. This is because there are friendly bacteria that reside in the ear of your dog. Too low or too high pH can kill these friendly probiotics, encouraging the growth of harmful microbes. Dog ear cleaners regulate the Ph in the ear canals, providing a healthy environment for important micro-organisms.

Dog Ear Cleaner

3. Promotes Hearing Acuity

Your dog can have a hearing problem if wax and dirt accumulates in the ear canals. The dirt blocks sound waves from reaching the inner ear. A dog ear cleaner will dissolve the dirt and wax, clearing the sound path. A clean ear boosts the hearing acuity of your dog. Your fluffy friend will be able to hear your commands properly. You will have a good time training your dog.

Types of Dog Ear Cleaners

Dog ear cleaners can be categorized according to preparation. You can have ear wipes or liquid otic solutions. Understanding how they work will help know when to use them. The following are types of dog ear cleaners.

  • Ear wipes
  • Ear wipes are suitable for cleaning dirt-spots. For instance, you can use ear wipes if you spot dirt in the pinnacle of your dog’s ear. Note that you can’t use ear wipes to clean the inner ear. It can be challenging to wipe out small dogs’ ears. Use ear wipes to clean the outer ear of your dog.

  • Liquid Otic Drops
  • Liquid otic drops are used for deep ear cleaning. Few drops of the solution are put into the dog’s ears and left for a few seconds. Otic drops dissolve the dirt and wax in the ears. The dirt comes out when the dog shakes his/her head.

    Dog owners should be careful when using liquid otic drops. This is because the solution and dirt may be splattered into their face or clothes when the dog shakes the head.

    Dog Ear Cleaner 1

    What To Consider When Shopping For Dog Ear Cleaners

    There are some things that you should bear in mind when buying dog ear cleaners. They include:

    1. Safety

    Your dog’s safety should be a priority when buying ear cleaners. Ensure that the cleaner contains natural ingredients. Harsh chemicals can cause health implications such as allergies and skin irritations. Go through the ingredient list to confirm if they are safe for your dog. Also, avoid alcohol-based cleaners because they can dry off and cause skin irritation.

    2. Purpose

    The primary job of ear cleaners is to remove dirt and wax. However, they can do a lot than that.
    Some cleaners have excellent antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. They can cure different ear infections. Also, ear cleaners can eliminate bad odors that may emanate from the dog’s ear.

    3. Ease of Application

    Ear wipes are easy to apply and are good for daily use. However, they can’t remove dirt from the inner ear. Otic solutions on the other hand can deodorize, disinfect and deep clean your dog’s ear. Note that you don’t have to apply otic drops every day. Buy otic drop cleaners that are easy to apply.

    Dog Ear Cleaner 4

    4. Effectiveness

    More effective preparations can be harsh to your dog’s skin. You should consider both effectiveness and safety before you settle for a cleaner. No matter how effective a cleaner can be, it should not compromise safety. Pick a product that balances effectiveness and safety.


    Dog ear cleaners are a must for every dog owner. It’s good to have the two types of ear cleaners. You can use the wipes for outer ear cleaning and otic drops for deep cleaning. Also, don’t use human ear cleaners for your dog since they have a different formula. Prioritize your dog’s safety when choosing a cleaner.

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