Dog-ear Infections? How to Clean your Dog's Ears Safely

Dog-ear Infections? How to Clean your Dog’s Ears Safely

Does your dog have an ear infection?

If you are a dog lover then you strive to provide the very best in care for your pet. This includes choosing healthy food, providing a warm and comfortable place to sleep, good grooming and medical attention as needed. Did you know that dogs are susceptible to many of the ailments that humans get? Ear infections are a common in dogs and your dog is likely to have at least one during their lifespan. It is important to know how to properly care for this condition to maximize the comfort and safety of your dog.

Dog-ear infections? How to clean your dog’s ears safely

Dog-ear InfectionAfter the veterinary has diagnosed and treated your dog for ear infection, there may be an excess discharge of fluids from the infected area. This is a normal part of the healing process. You will need to cleanse the area to speed up the healing process. This can be very painful for your pet but it is necessary. There are a few techniques that you can use to make it a less unpleasant experience.

Ear cleansers and supplies

Your choice of ear cleaning solutions can make a difference in how well it works. Your vet can make recommendations or you can use the following tips. Look for a cleanser that is free from alcohol, steroids, antibiotics and any other ingredients, which could be toxic to your pet. You’ll need a couple of disposable towels to absorb excess cleaning solution and drainage and cotton balls for gentle cleaning of the area. Avoid using Q-tip swabs at all costs because even though they provide greater agility for cleaning small areas, they are very dangerous for your pet’s delicate ears and may cause more intense pain.

What to do if your dog has an ear infection?

Start by comforting your dog and making them feel at ease. Begin by gently moving the earflap to expose the ear canal. Fill the canal of the affected ear with cleansing solution. Place a cotton ball over the opening of the ear so the fluid won’t leak out before it can do its job. Gently massage your dog’s ear at the base to move the cleanser up and down the ear canal to loosen debris. The cotton ball will absorb the contents. If your pet will tolerate it, repeat the process until the cotton ball that you use is free from infection and other particles. When done with the cleaning process, allow your pet’s ear to dry, giving it about 10 minutes. If your pet is still on prescribed antibiotic eardrops, this is the time to put them in.

Cleaning for prevention of ear infection

You can also clean your dog’s ears as a part of the grooming regimen. This may help aid in the prevention of ear infections by eliminating molds, allergens, weed seeds, dust mites and other foreign particles. While most dogs are resistant to ear manipulation, they will be less apprehensive if they are used to it prior to the onset of an infection and the accompanying pain. This is one of the most compelling reasons why it is a good idea to start when your dog is young.

When your dog has an ear infection they are more sensitive to pain and may be apprehensive about allowing you to touch or cleanse the area. By providing comfort before, during and after the process, you can help them to be more receptive. Following the recommendations will help in making the process less unpleasant for both you and your dog.

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