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Best Dog Freshener

Dog Freshener Reviews

Dog Freshener Reviews

Dog’s dental health plays a major part in the overall well being of the dog. Making sure the dental hygiene is of a good standard will keep harmful bacteria and decay from causing the dog to become unwell. Choosing to use a good form of dog breath freshener can help to give encouragement towards that dog keeping a clean bill of health until they reach old age. Chewing on raw bones that are fragranced or using specialised dental brushes manufactured for the structure of the dogs mouth are easy to use and, by themselves, as most dogs naturally handle large bones or the like in their mouths well. Products like dental sticks can be used as a treat therefore they double up as a cleaning aid, which will remove plaque as well as the dog feeling they have been given a treat, giving both the owner and the dog satisfaction.

Most Popular Dog Freshener

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

5/5 Product Rating

There are a number of things that make the Summer Infant Change Pad Cover stand out from the rest, and one of these is the cute design. There’s no reason for your changing cover to be drab, and this model looks a lot more sweet than some of the other ones out there. Also, this cover is completely machine washable, which is a wonderful feature that you’d be surprised to hear is not the case with some of the other styles. It fits comfortably onto any commercial changing pad on the market, and the elastic straps hold it snuggly onto the pad for no sliding. Its super-soft material feels nice on baby’s skin, and when you put it in the washing machine it doesn’t disintegrate into a ball of fuzz. Also, the price of this cover is very reasonable, making it a great purchase that will add to the comfort and happiness of your baby.

  • Super cute and fun design
  • Easy to clean in your washing machine
  • Works with most changing pads up to 16″ x 32″
  • Ultra soft for baby’s comfort

Best Overall Dog Freshener

Greenies Original Regular Size Dental Dog Treats

4.8/5 Product Rating

These dog chews by C.E.T are designed for larger dogs weighing in at around 26-50 pounds. They contain a natural antiseptic combined with an abrasive attacking action that has been proven clinically to remove and reduce plaque. The chews use a dual enzyme system to battle the plaque and tartar which is entirely exclusive to C.E.T’s products making it a truly unique way of keeping your dog’s oral hygiene at its best. To achieve this incredible level of oral care only one tablet chew is needed per day. It is bursting with enough ingredients to keep the bad bacteria at bay all in just a single chew which results in less aggravation and hassle for both your dog and yourself. The chews also contain beef hide which attracts the dog to the chew in order to consume it. Having a selected taste that encourages the dog to want to take and eat the chew makes the whole process a lot easier.

  • Natural antiseptic for proven plaque control
  • 1 chew a day reduces plaque and calculus
  • Uses beef hide
  • A dual-enzyme system eliminating formula to attack bacteria

Best Budget Dog Freshener

TropiClean Dental Fresh

4.5/5 Product Rating

The TropiClean dental fresh liquid for dogs and cats comes in a 1 gallon bottle that will last for many uses. The additive can be added to drinking water for an easy and hassle free way of keeping your pets teeth and oral hygiene at its best. The solution helps to fight and protect against gum disease and tooth decay problems and even whitens the teeth for a brilliant shine. Your pet will have fresh breath just from using this dental fresh additive mixed in with your pet’s drinking water bowl. Every time your pet goes for a drink of water they are refreshing and improving their oral hygiene, as easy as that. The TropiClean product contains chlorophyll which is organically derived which aids the coverage of bad breath resulting in brighter, whiter and fresher teeth and breath while removing the built up plaque and tartar that is present on the animal’s teeth and gums.

  • Reduces and removes plaque and tartar
  • Freshens breath and brightens teeth
  • Use as drinking water additive for all dogs and cats

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