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Best Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings Reviews

Electric guitar strings are important for anyone who plays the electric guitars. If you play with any level of regularity, you have come to realize the importance of using top quality strings. We have selected the best electric guitar strings on the market. They will provide better sounds, longer tuning and provide greater comfort while playing.

Most Popular Electric Guitar Strings


5/5 Product Rating

The DAddario-EXL110-3D-Electric-Strings-Regular comes in package sets of 1, 3 or 10 string sets. The strings are corrosion resistant and are built to be long lasting strings providing premium sound. The steel core is wound tightly with nickel plated steel which creates a distinctive and bright tone. The DAddario-EXL110-3D-Electric-Strings-Regular strings come in either steel or nickel wound construction. The plain steel gauges come in .010, .013, and .017. The Nickel wound strings come in gauges .026, .036 and .046. The hex core design is unique to the DAddario strings and creates a long lasting string that will withstand heavy use. The strings are made in the USA.

  • Come in Plain Steel or Nickel Wound Gauges
  • Long lasting strings that remain tuned with a clear sound
  • Hex core design for highest quality strings on the market
  • Corrosion Resistant strings
  • Made in the USA

Best Overall Electric Guitar Strings


4.9/5 Product Rating

The Fender-Original-Bullets-Electric-Strings create the perfect sound for jazz, blues and classic rock. These strings are made in Germany and fit the guitars precisely creating a strong stable sound. They are able to stay tuned for longer periods of time. They will also resonate sound better than standard ball end strings. They are made of pure nickel construction which reduces finger noise and creates a smooth feel. The bullet end design is patented and unique to the Fender brand. This design provides a coupling between the string and the bridge of the guitar. The result is longer periods between tuning and increased sustainability of the strings.

  • Patented pure nickel construction
  • Softer feel for less finger noise
  • Remains tuned for longer periods of time
  • Clear sound great for Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock
  • Made in Germany

Best Budget Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball

4.7/5 Product Rating

The Ernie-Ball-2721-Electric-Regular guitar strings are silky and soft creating strings that bend easily and feel great on the fingers. The patent pending design bonds the string together to maximize the clear sounds guitarists are seeking. This design creates a magnetic relationship between the strings and the pickups due to the alloy design. This is unique to the Ernie Ball brand. These strings are comfortable to play and provide a premium sound. The design allows for an extended range and superior harmonics while playing. This feature increases the low end sound and provides for crisper high end sounds. The Ernie-Ball-2721-Electric-Regular guitar strings come in gauges .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, and .046.

  • Latest patent pending technology
  • Built to provide maximum output and high clarity levels
  • Provides an extended range and crisp harmonic sounds
  • Soft strings that are comfortable to the touch and flexible to tune
  • Stronger alloy provides stronger strings

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