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Family Tree Software Reviews

Family Tree Software Reviews

Family Tree Software Reviews

The Internet has made it easier than ever to connect with people all over the world. That link to family and friends in the present has caused many people to start wondering about the links to their past. Fortunately, the process of building a family tree and tracing one’s genealogy has become easier than ever thanks to a number of software programs available for free or for purchase. These programs make the process simple and allow you to enter your family name(s) and any information you have and build a customized family tree viewable in a variety of formats. Choosing the right family tree software depends on your individual needs and your intended purpose, whether you want to make poster-sized trees, create a family history book, or make a family website with images and video.

Most Popular Family Tree Software

Nova Development US

5/5 Product Rating

With Family Tree Maker for Mac, you’re not just getting an intuitive family tree-maker, but also 6 months free membership to Ancestry.com, where you can find additional photos, data, and documents to enhance your genealogy tree. The Mac version of Family Tree Maker allows you to use your Mac’s built-in camera to directly import photos of individual family members, plus users of OS X Lion can opt to make the Family Tree Maker interface fill the entire screen. Use the blended family view feature to see combined families, including step and adopted relatives, and see the relationship between individuals with icons next to each name. The software’s TreeSync feature allows you to sync your created family trees from your desktop to your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad and automatically update each so your tree is up to date.

  • Included 6-month access to Ancestry.com and over 5 billion U.S. historical records and photos
  • Interactive maps allow you to create ancestor immigration maps or pinpoint locations of important events
  • Included Companion Guide and Family History Toolkit DVD to take you through the entire record tracing/tree-making process
  • Green leaf icons and pop-up hints show you when records have been matched to a relative or ancestor

Best Overall Family Tree Software

Nova Development US

4.9/5 Product Rating

Family Tree Maker Platinum is the ultimate suite of genealogy-tracing and family tree-making software. An easy to use interface with FTM’s TreeSync mode allows you to create customizable family trees in a variety of formats and share them across your devices, all with foolproof step-by-step instructions. The Platinum series of FTM makes the tree-making process as easy and versatile as possible, allowing you to add charts, tables, photos, and videos to enhance your project. You can also view interactive timelines and maps to trace your family genealogy throughout history. In addition to the traditional FTD programs, the Platinum version includes Family History Toolkit, a series of 6 historical reference books compiled on DVD, along with photo-retouching software, 6-months access to Ancestry.com, and a bonus gift disc to give to a friend or relative.

  • Improved reports display allows you to view/share your tree by family name, location, migration path, birthdays, and more
  • Full suite of software with classic FTD, Family History Toolkit, photo-retouching software, and 6-month free membership to Ancestry.com
  • Improved Smart Stories feature updates automatically with each edit, includes improved page designs and templates
  • Bonus FTD disc for gifting to family/friends

Best Budget Family Tree Software


4.7/5 Product Rating

Try a free version of RootsMagic before purchasing to find out why RootsMagic 7 is considered one of the best genealogy programs on the market. The RootsMagic interface offers six different main views and a sidebar to make navigating the screen easier, done using the mouse or arrow keys. You can click an individual person’s name to bring up their data, or open multiple databases and compare information side-by-side. The program’s innovative editing function allow you to submit a virtually unlimited amount of data for each family member; even if it isn’t in the RootsMagic registry, you can make your own fact types. The RootsMagic Explorer is arguably the software’s most important tool and the feature that makes the program operate more efficiently than the competition. Search the system by family name, genetic lineage, and other distinguishing factors, found and edited with the click of the mouse.

  • Intuitive source list allows you to add, edit, delete, and print source information – SourceWizard helps you correctly cite your sources regardless of experience
  • RootsMagic Publisher lets you organize charts, reports, and documents into a book form complete with table of contents and full index
  • Create full color ancestry, descendent, and hourglass wall charts with customized text, pictures, graphics, and backgrounds
  • Publish your family trees online, make Sharable CDs, and map your family history

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