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Best Fan Cooling Kit

Fan Cooling Kit

Fan Cooling Kit Reviews

As your computer ages, the processor does not work as efficiently and generally the fan has to work harder to keep the computer cooler. Keeping the hard drive cool is critical to the computer working properly and the data being stored on the device safely. Fan cooling kit allow the computer to operate at a cooler temperature, which extends the life of the computer. The following fan cooling kits are the most durable and highest quality fan cooling kits on the market.

Most Popular Fan Cooling Kit

Coolerguys Programmable Thermostat

5/5 Product Rating

The Coolerguys PRO-Metal Dual 120mm Deluxe Cabinet Cooling Kit with built-in LED Controller and comes with two 120 x 25mm sleeved fans with 3 pins at 12V each. The fans provide a low speed cooling device that is amazingly quiet. The fan cooling kit comes with a programmable thermal fan controller with LED Display making it easier to see the information on the display. The Coolerguys PRO-Metal Dual 120mm Deluxe Cabinet Cooling Kit with built-in LED Controller is made of black powder coated metal making the product strong and long-lasting. This fan cooling kit is powerful enough to cool the inside of your cabinet or multimedia center. The temperature is programmable allowing you to cool your products to the optimal temperatures. The fans can be programmed to circulate air either inside the cabinet or outside of the cabinet for maximum temperature control. The cooling kit comes with a three year replacement warranty.

  • 3 pins at 12V
  • Low speed cooling device
  • Programmable thermal fan controller
  • Quiet operation, fans can circulate air inside or outside of the cabinet
  • Three year replacement warranty

Best Overall Fan Cooling Kit

Cooler Master

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Cooler Master Seidon 240M-PC CPU Liquid Water Cooling System, All-In-One Kit with 240mm Radiator and 2 Fans will allow you to cool your computer quickly without having to stop working. This fan cooling kit is prefilled with coolant and then sealed and pressure tested. The Waterblock is made with an ultrafine micro channel in order to enlarge the contact surface between the cold plate and the coolant. The water pump is long lasting and strong and will eliminate heat buildup while maintaining a steady temperature from the water circulation. The Cooler Master Seidon 240M-PC CPU Liquid Water Cooling System, All-In-One Kit was created to support high wattage overclocked CPUs. With the 120mm PWM fans and a wide range of RPMS will keep the fan noise to a minimum and performance at an all-time high. This fan cooling kit is compatible with many different CPU sockets including: Intel LGA 2011, 1366, 1156, 1155, 1150, 775, and AMD FM1, FM2, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, and AM2. It comes with a two year maintenance free warranty.

  • Prefilled with coolant
  • Made with ultrafine micro channel
  • Eliminates heat
  • Supports high wattage overclocked CPUs
  • 120mm PWM fans

Best Budget Fan Cooling Kit

Coolerguys Pre-Set Thermal Controlled

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Coolerguys Cabcool1202 Dual 120mm Fan Cooling Kit w/thermal control for Cabinet or Home Theaters is sure to keep your computer cool allowing you to work or enjoy your computer for as long as necessary. The device comes with two quiet 120mm fans along with a thermal controller that will automatically turn on when the fans are needed. There are no screws, cables, or fasteners that need to be purchased separately because everything is included with the fan cooling kit. The fans are designed to produce better flow allowing more space and larger holes on the fan’s grills. You can mount this product or place the fan cooling package in a cabinet. The fans are powered by the CS 110v AC to 12v DC power supply that is included with purchase. The fans will automatically cut on when your device reaches 86.7 degrees Fahrenheit and will cut off when your device is 81 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the systems at their optimal temperatures.

  • Two 120mm fans
  • Thermal controller comes with purchase
  • Automatically turns on when device reaches 86.7 degrees
  • Can place fan in cabinet
  • Power supply included with purchase

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