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Best Firepit

Firepit Reviews

Firepit Reviews

There’s nothing more enjoyable than owning your own fire pit to enhance backyard barbecues and parties. Relaxing in front of the fire, roasting marshmallows, singing songs, and just taking in a sunset are memories no one can soon forget. When buying your own fire pit to place in your yard, some things you should consider are how big you want it to be, what special amenities you’d like it to have, and how much you’d like to spend. You can also choose between a traditional pit or an electric one, which adds convenience and in many respects is more safe. Also note that fire pits are made in a number of different materials, so you may want to choose something that fits with the decor of your home and the ambience of your yard. The best pits are easy to start and easy to clean. You’re not going to find a cheap fire pit, but there are certainly some models out there that are more affordable than others. Once you have your pit installed, you’re guaranteed years of pleasurable evenings in front of the crackling flames.

Most Popular Firepit

Landmann Savannah

5/5 Product Rating

This fire pit from Landmann Garden Lights comes in a lovely black color and is the perfect addition to the beautiful ambiance of your yard. The sturdy steel construction is built to last and perfectly easy to assemble. The decorative ring handles make it so easy to transport the pit anywhere you need it to go. It is a large 23-1/2 inches in size, so this means that you can get a really great size fire going in no time. The spark screen helps to keep the flames contained at all times, and the design allows you to see 360 degrees of fire at all times. The cutouts on the firebox are really what make this pit stand out from the rest. The wonderful glow this creates at night is just mesmerizing, and makes for the perfect outdoor party ambience. All in all, this is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to add to the elegance of your garden parties.

  • Large fire bowl measures 23-1/2 inches
  • Made of sturdy steel and easy to assemble
  • Spark screen and poker included
  • Attractive cutouts create a beautiful ambiance

Best Overall Firepit

Endless Summer

4.8/5 Product Rating

The sturdy construction and wonderful details on this pit make it a popular choice for those looking for something that is easy to use and looks elegant. The slate and marble finish is very well designed, and adds a richness to your yard decor. There’s a fantastic porcelain fire bowl in the center that measures 22 inches that safely contains the flame and gives it a nice visual effect. It’s very easy to load and tend to the fire in this pit once you get it going. The heavy steel grate helps to keep everything contained just right, and the wrought iron stand is durable and effective. The whole thing weighs 58 pounds and is easy to install on your own without the help of a professional. The fire pit is backed by a 1 year warranty that ensures you that the pit will function efficiently. All in all, this is a fantastic purchase for those who are looking for a beautifully designed outdoor fire pit that is built to last.

  • Stunning slate and marble construction
  • Black porcelain firebowl elegantly contains the flame
  • Easy to load firewood
  • Comes with heavy steel grate and wrought iron stand
  • 1 year warranty

Best Budget Firepit

Bali Outdoors

4.6/5 Product Rating

This fire pit from Bali Outdoors is simply stunning to behold at night. Thanks to its wildlife cutouts on the firebox, you see a wonderful parade of glowing animals when the fire is ignited. There’s also a cooking grate included, so this fire pit performs double duty. Enjoy sitting by the fire in the evening, or make a full barbecue out of it and grill some burgers and hotdogs. This is the perfect addition to any backyard or garden, and is certainly built to withstand the elements outdoors. The black finish is an added touch that means that you’re going to have to do a lot less cleaning to maintain the beauty of the fire pit. The full-diameter handle makes it easy to carry the pit around and move it to new spots in your yard. This is a marvelous choice if you want to add a touch of beauty and whimsy to your yard, and is especially great for those who love wildlife images. It’s large enough to accommodate a number of people around the perimeter.

  • Includes spark screen and poker
  • Wildlife cutouts glow at night
  • Handsome black finish
  • Measures 23-1/2 inches
  • Comes with cooking grate and handle

Firepit Buying Guide

Firepit Landscape

Getting to enjoy the outdoors is a good way of spending quality time with the family. Still, there is no need to go far just to have a fun time outside the home. The backyard can always be put to good use. A Firepit, especially one of quality material, can set the mood for that perfect outdoor family experience.

Things to Consider

Before going out to buy that all-important fire pit, a few essentials need to be taken into account. The most important consideration is the type of energy that will power the fire pit. A Firepit is usually available in two distinct models. The first is the gas-based fire pit, the normal design of which links conveniently to the gas line inside the home. The second runs on wood which is generally more inexpensive.

At times, it can be difficult to determine if the fire pit runs on wood or gas. This is a common experience so there should be no need to be embarrassed. For a quick reference though, try to see if the fire pit is being sold along with a fire screen. If the screen is available, it should be safe to say that the fire pit runs on wood.

Types Of Firepit

For gas-powered fire pits, propane is commonly used, but this does not mean that other fuel types should not be explored. It can come down to personal preferences, although it should be remembered that it is best to settle for the gas normally used at home. This way, issues about gas compatibility will not be encountered.

In any case, propane gas has many advantages especially when used to power fire pits. For starters, propane is significantly more affordable when compared to regular gasoline. This stems from the fact that much of the available propane gas in the US is derived domestically.

A Firepit that runs on propane is thus a generally affordable option. More importantly, this is safer to use with many models having built-in features that allow users to have complete control on the amount of fire that they intend to consume.

Homeowners who take environmental concerns seriously should find gas-based fire pits an ideal outdoor companion. These are not known to produce smoke, embers, and the like which can have adverse effects on the ecosystem.

On the other hand, fire pits that depend on wood for energy are the perfect choice for people who want to experience that unique campfire setting right in their own backyard. This definitely beats an actual outdoor activity deep in the forest which will not only involve unnecessary expenses, it can even prove to be dangerous. This is especially true for those with little or no survival skills.


Environment-wise, settling for fire pits powered by fire logs may not be a good idea. Ash and smoke are practically expected whenever a piece of wood is burned. Thus, in terms of saving the ecosystem, a wood-based fire pit is hardly recommended.


Firepit Design

Other than energy source, style or design is another factor to consider when purchasing a fire pit. This is one aspect of fire pits that usually sets one model apart from the rest. The design chosen should take into account the backyard settings where the fire pit is set to be placed. Ideally, the fire pit should complement the design of the outdoor home.

A wide variety of fire pit styles are currently available. The table or mantel style is easily one of the more popular fire pit designs. This is because they are available in different heights, although the model as tall as a standard dining table is the most common.

If portability is preferred, tabletop fire pits come highly recommended. A Firepit of the tabletop variety is undoubtedly small. As such, the need to place this on top of a table is imperative although this may not be totally necessary especially if the backyard happens to be paved. In this case, sitting down beside the fire pit will not be uncomfortable.

Spheres or urns are likewise popular fire pit designs. These are normally circular in shape which is the reason they are also called fire pit bowls. Many sphere models are known to have vents; thus, they can also be used when cooking barbecues.

Meanwhile, chimineas follow a similar design with its circular foundation. Its most prominent feature, however, is the built-in chimney from where the brand name was derived. The chimney is a bit narrow and often extends from the base where a pair of large legs serves as support. For this reason, the typical chimineas closely resembles the shape of a large flower base.

The chimney is also removable mainly to allow for easy cleaning. However, this also serves another function, particularly when planning to do real-life camping in the great outdoors. As the chimney can easily be removed, transporting the chimineas to other places is hardly a problem.

Firepit Material

When it comes to the materials, most fire pits are made from stainless steel as well as cast iron. The latter is preferred by many as this can retain heat for a generally long period of time. In a way, fire pits made out of cast iron are highly economical as cooking remains possible even if the fire has been effectively put out.

On the other hand, fire pits fashioned from stainless steel are surprisingly lightweight. This is because the metal used is often of the lighter variety. Of course, since the steel is of the stainless type, rust is not expected to easily set in.

Aluminum-based fire pits meanwhile are ideal not only because these are lightweight, but also because of their ability to resist rust. Durability is also a known quality of aluminum and for this, fire pits made from this particular metal can be conveniently placed on tabletops.

Several accessories are likewise worth considering for purposes of designing the fire pit. The basic appearance of fire pits remains the same regardless of the model. Still, this can become unique the moment attractive accessories are used as decorations.


Fire rings, for example, are highly effective in highlighting the beauty of a burning fire. For those who are safety-conscious, however, fire tools are the most essential of accessories. These can come in the form of attractive covers than can be used to keep gas tanks away from public view. A Firepit may be naturally attractive but this can also become the source of accidents at times. Given this, there is often a need to keep them safe even as they are used as outdoor enhancements.

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