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Fishing Bag

Fishing Bag Reviews

Fishing is a sport that requires a lot of gear, and a lot of gear requires thoughtful organization. Having all of your lures, bait, and various tackle stowed away in one, easily accessible location gives you more time to focus on finding (and catching) the fish. Tackle boxes and bags come in many shapes and sizes for every style of fishing. A good tackle box/bag should be large enough and organized in such away to hold all of your gear, with enough room to expand and add a few extras. Though choices of size and style abound, the first step is to decide between a hard, plastic tackle box or a soft tackle bag. Hard, plastic tackle boxes have been around forever and the design has mostly stayed the same over time. Soft tackle bags are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightweight, versatility, and convenience. They are typically made of waterproof shells that can store a number of different-sized utility boxes so you can take what you need for the day and leave the rest at home. Additionally, tackle bags utilize external storage pockets and compartments for storing anything else you need while out on the water.

Most Popular Fishing Bag


5/5 Product Rating

The Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag was designed to take anywhere fish are biting and set you up for success when you get there. The bag is constructed of polyester with a durable PVC backing and molded bottom for all-around protection and element resistance. The bag can conveniently carried around the shoulder with the adjustable polypropylene-webbing strap. The inside compartment of the bag comes with adjustable dividers for organizing your tackle boxes, reels, and other gear. Four large tackle boxes are included with the Spiderwire Wolf bag with more than enough compartments to store all of your baits and lures. On the outside of the bag are two front pockets with fishing organizers, two slots for pliers, and removable fishing line dispensers on either end. Aside from casting out and reeling them in, the Spiderwire Wolf bag virtually does the fishing for you.

  • 4 tackle boxes included
  • Front pockets and accessories designed for efficiency
  • Suitable for multiple styles of fishing in any environment/conditions
  • All-weather molded bottom and PVC backing
  • High quality zippers, latches, and buckles

Best Overall Fishing Bag


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Plano Tackle Box with Chill Bag System blends the traditional hard-shell tackle box with a removable soft-sided cooler bag for the perfect blend of sporting efficiency and leisurely recreation. The top of the box features 5 bait/lure storage compartments covered by a clear, hard plastic lid that snaps shut. These are flanked by two molded cup holders for keeping a cold one within arm’s reach on the boat and onshore. The top storage compartment detaches to reveal a modular internal compartment with 3 removable sections. Included with the box are two Plano series 3600 stowaway boxes that fit into one of the sections, with enough room to fit a total of six boxes in the 3 sections. The removable soft-sided cooler bag has enough room to carry a lunch and drinks and has four zippered side pockets for phone, wallet, keys, and other accessories.

  • Molded cup holders in lid
  • Ample space for food, drinks, tackle, and accessories
  • Convenient size for occasional or lone angler
  • Room for 6 Plano utility boxes – 2 included
  • Sturdy carrying handle

Best Budget Fishing Bag


4.3/5 Product Rating

Okeechobee is a Soft Sided Tackle Bag measures 7.5″x5.25″x1.5″ and has enough room for anything you could need on a fishing trip. Though not included, the bag is designed to coordinate with other R2F tackle boxes and accessories. It has pockets on nearly every panel designed to stow your gear and keep your valuables protected and dry. Two zippered side pockets on the front and side of the bag have room for tools, line, and your personal belongings, while a separate zippered pocket is dedicated to protecting your electronics (phone, camera, GPS). A side mesh pocket keeps a cold drink within reach and a cable net can keep a jacket, hat, and gloves on standby in cold weather. Also on the outside front of the bag are 7 individual carabiner loops, and two black carabiners are included with the bag. The leakproof and easy to clean interior is spacious enough to keep a lunch and a few drinks alongside several tackle boxes and the rest of your equipment with room to spare.

  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Total of 3 external accessory pockets
  • Interior pocket for map and fishing license
  • Dedicated electronics pocket
  • 7 carabiner loops and 2 included carabiners

Fishing Bag Buying Guide

Your fishing bag is just as important as any other equipment you carry in it. The ideal fishing bag should support all your needs in every aspect. So, how can you tell which bag will be ideal for your fishing trips? Answer: take every factor into consideration. Here are some of the things to look for in a fishing bag.

• Size

Size is an essential factor, especially considering that the bag’s main purpose is to carry everything you need. The size of your fishing backpack will determine how much you can carry with you on your fishing trips.

How much equipment do you carry along for your fishing trips? If you are a simple fishing enthusiast, a medium-sized bag will suffice. You can carry all your essential fishing equipment and leave some room for personal essential such as a water bottle and lunchbox. It also becomes easier for you to carry around. If you are all about the bare essentials, a small-size backpack will do. However, it wouldn’t be prudent to settle for the smallest size, as you may need to carry more than you usually do once in a while.

If, however, you like to bring out the whole fishing arsenal, then you should go for a bigger bag. However, you must realize that a big fishing backpack will weigh you down and make maneuvering difficult.

• Storage Compartments

Size is not everything; the fishing bag should also make it easy to store and organize your fishing equipment. This depends on whether or not the bag has customized storage compartments.

Some common fishing equipment contains unique shapes and designs that require customized compartments. Check to see that the bag has a space for every basic fishing tool in your arsenal. It should also have multiple standard compartments where you can store non-fishing equipment and other essential personals.

Some fishing bags are also customized to accommodate a cooling compartment. These cooling compartments are handy for preserving baits and fish. However, most of the bags that have fishing slots are considerably larger in size.

• Comfort and Versatility

Fishing means a lot to different people. Besides, most people find it therapeutic. However, it can also be tiring. Unless you live close to your favorite fishing spot, getting there can be quite tiring. It is even more cumbersome when you have a bag slung on your shoulders.

Your fishing bag should be so comfortable that you feel good carrying it. The shoulder straps should be well-padded with soft materials to make the bag comfortable on your shoulders. The rear side, which is directly in contact with your back, should also contain pads. Additionally, the bag should be ergonomically designed to distribute the fishing equipment’s weight evenly.

The backpack should also be easy to use. For instance, the zippers should be easy to open, and it should have easy-to-reach pockets for essential things like a water bottles and snacks.

• Construction and Durability

A fishing bag should be strong enough to carry everything you want it to and maintain its integrity. A fishing backpack, in particular, should be tough and resilient against all the rough aspects of a fishing trip. If not, you may find yourself in need of a new fishing bag every other season.

The ideal fishing backpack should be made of strong and durable material. The straps in particular, need to be tough enough to support the weight of all your fishing equipment. The compartments should also be hard and impenetrable, as some fishing equipment is sharp enough to cut or pierce through any soft fabric.

• Weatherproof

The ideal fishing conditions involve a calm and quiet lake plus the open sun in the clear blue sky. However, things do not always turn out as desired. Sometimes the sun will be too hot to bear, and at other times the rain will be just as wet as the creek. This is why your backpack should be weatherproof. Particularly, it must be waterproof to prevent the water soaking in, in case it falls into the water or whenever the rain pours down.

Final Word

A good fishing bag can make your fishing expeditions more efficient and comfortable. A bad bag, on the other hand, can make everything more cumbersome. As such, take heed of every tip in this buying guide when you go shopping.

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