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Best Fitness Tracker

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Fitness Tracker Reviews

Working out to maintain good physical condition is important for a long healthy life. There are a lot of tools that can help you get into shape and stay in shape, but you still have to exercise. Tracking your exercise progress with a fitness monitor will help you improve your workout habits, and keep you informed on your health status. Fitness monitors use heart rate monitors and other tools to determine what we do in our daily life and how we can improve on it. They also keep track of many other things that are important to our long-term health like our sleep patterns and our resting rates. These advanced trackers keep data on everything going on with your body and they use that data to improve our habits and exercise programs.

Most Popular Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Surge Fitness

5/5 Product Rating

Fitbit Surge Fitness is a complete fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels, temperature, steps and perspiration. The complete monitoring of your body functions helps you keep a close eye on your health so you can make positive changes. This fitness tracker is able to check your vital information with just a wrist watch sized monitor, so it’s not an inconvenience to wear.

The smart technology is constantly scanning your health and tracking data without making adjustments. Advanced sleep data tracking system keeps data on your sleep patterns including REM, light and deep sleep. Sync the Basis health tracker to your bluetooth enabled devices to track your progress with apps. Healthy habit-forming program helps you develop habits that you’ll enjoy.

  • Easily tracks important body functions without a chest strap
  • Keeps data on your exercise and other body functions
  • Bluetooth capability allows you connection with mobile devices
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear
  • US Version
  • GPS Tracking- See distance, pace and elevation climbed & review routes and split times
  • Modern design with a stylish look

Best Overall Fitness Tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

4.7/5 Product Rating

Fitbit have improved their fitness trackers since they first came out, and the Fitbit One uses everything learned from earlier models and improves on it. This extremely comfortable fitness tracker is worn anywhere on the body that the Fitbit has contact to get a reading. Sync the Fitbit One with your bluetooth enabled smartphone or laptop to constantly track your health.

This fitness tracker tracks your sleep habits letting you know how much sleep you get per night, and uses a silent alarm to wake you up from naps. Track your steps and calories burned and helps you set, meet, and improve on your goals. Program rewards you for meeting your fitness goals by giving you an accomplishment badge. Tune the Fitbit One in with other apps available online to paint a full picture of your health. Log your meals and caloric intake to meet your health goals faster.

  • Tiny 10 gram chip fits anywhere
  • Helps you maintain fitness goals and nutritional goals
  • Easy to use
  • Works with other apps and programs to paint a full picture of your health
  • Rechargeable battery lasts several days

Best Budget Fitness Tracker


4.7/5 Product Rating

This Jawbone fitness tracker monitors your sleep patterns, exercise patters, and caloric intake with just a little bracelet around your wrist. Tracking important information on your sleep habits, eating habits and exercise habits allows you to make positive changes. Compatible with bluetooth devices with android or iOS operating systems to link with fitness apps.

Sleep tracker counts the continual sleep, wake ups, and how long to fall asleep with an alarm that wakes you up from naps when you’ll be perfectly rested. You can log what you eat and drink by taking a picture or scanning the nutritional value or bar code to keep an accurate calorie count. Activity tracker counts the amount of steps you take, distance and calories burned, the time that you’re active and the time that you’re idle. At less than one ounce and two inches wide you will barely notice you’re wearing it.

  • Easy to use: Just put it on and sync it to your bluetooth device
  • Comfortable lightweight design means you barely know it’s there
  • Helps you meet exercise and nutrition goals
  • Food logging helps you stick to your diet plans
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 7-10 days per charge

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Fitness Tracker

People are becoming more health conscious these days and with the tremendous advances in technology it is now possible to monitor your fitness activity through the use of a fitness tracker. They offer a convenient way to discover how much exercise that you get on an average day. There are several different brands, styles and models available, which is a plus because it offers you variety. It can also make choosing among them a difficult task. This guide is designed to provide you with the information about fitness trackers that will help you to narrow the choices based upon your personal fitness needs and what is currently being offered.

Determining What Types Of Information That You Want To Monitor

The most common reason for using a fitness tracker is to monitor daily activity and later compare the data with health goals which have been established. If you have not yet established fitness goals, then doing so before you purchase a fitness tracker is recommended. Some considerations for fitness tracking include how much cardio exercise you’re getting, the amount of time that you are inactive during the day, the number of calories that are being burned, and the amount of calories that are being consumed. Perhaps there are other things that you want to track. After viewing the functions and features that are available in the various models, you will be better able to select a tracker that will help you to know where you are at in accordance with your fitness goals.

Features Available In Fitness Activity Trackers

Not all fitness trackers provide the full range of functions that some of the higher end units do.Some offer limited tracking options, which may suit the needs of people who want to simply monitor the amount of exercise that they are getting daily. Others include features such as recording the total number of steps that are walked with the speed, floors climbed, total distance walked, walking and jogging speed, estimations of calories burned and tracking of sleep times and inactivity.

Additional features

Ease of wear, sensors for tracking, various charging options, and extended battery life, resistance to weather, syncing and compatibility with applications and projections that make recommendations for any changes needed to meet fitness goals. Some come equipped with heart rate sensors which monitor and record heart rates prior to working out, during and after activities and alarms that tell you when you have been inactive for a set period of time.

What to Look For In a Fitness Tracker

The first things to look for in a fitness tracker are the features that are the most important to you. The basics are included in all types and models which include activity and inactivity monitoring. By choosing one that offers only the features that you will actually find useful, you can save money by not going with the higher end versions that can be more expensive. If you can say that you’ll use all of them, go for the gusto.

Fitness Tracker 1

Consider where on the body you want to wear the tracker as they come in different sizes and styles for use on the chest, arm, and wrist or inside of your pocket.

Look for a device that features a display that shows the date, time and step count as this information can serve as a motivation to keep you moving towards your goals. It can also inspire you to get up and do more. Some trackers do not use a built in display and so statistics must be viewed on a smart phone.

If you select the wrist band option, make sure that it is the right size to comfortably fit your wrist. It is preferable to purchase one that has an adjustable band as not all models come with this option.

Select a unit that features a battery with long life and has versatile charging options. There is nothing more frustrating than having a unit that contains a battery that does not last long and cannot be charged. Those with the capability for charging through a micro USB slot in addition to proprietary chargers are less likely to cause lapses in service.

Make sure that the syncing and compatibility with apps are compatible with the devices and the operating systems that are used by the devices that you will be using to retrieve the data. You’ll need to have a reliable way to gather the information.

If you are going to be exposed to different weather conditions, you will need to have a fitness tracker that is weather resistant. Considerations for moisture, extreme heat and extreme cold exposure must be made. This is important for swimmers, mountain climbers and others who participate in extreme activities.

Finally, look for a fitness tracker that includes a reasonable warranty, especially if you select a high end model that is fairly expensive. When comparing the various brands, styles and models this is an important factor to take into consideration.


There are many considerations to be made when looking for the ideal fitness tracker. Much of it has to do with the kinds of activities that you want to track. While all of the fitness trackers provide the basic service of tracking periods of activity and inactivity, some provide many more additional features. The most important thing that you can do is to choose a model that provides all of the services that you will need to help you successfully monitor your fitness activities to meet your established fitness goals. Beyond this, look for a device that will be compatible with the retrieval devices that you plan to use for viewing the data.

Look for a reasonable warranty program which is found in most high quality products.

By following the tips and recommendations found within this guide, you should have no trouble identifying a fitness tracker that will adequately meet your activity monitoring needs. Keep in mind that the most expensive device is not necessarily the best for you. There are reasonably priced versions that provide the same quality functions as some of the more expensive items.

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