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Flood lights are a great way to keep your garden or back yard well lit, they can also be used to shine a light for your garage for if you are working on your car or need some added light for a task you are doing. They often have motion sensors on them to detect movement and switch on conveniently when they feel the presence of somebody. This can be great for security reasons too as it can shine a light on a potential burglar or vandal that is trespassing on your property. They are a quick and easy way to provide the area you wish to, have light. The flood lights are simple to install and often can be done by you without the need to hire a professional, however if you are not familiar with electrical lighting, if the flood light requires wiring up and is not solar panelled it is best to get assistance.

Most Popular Flood Light

RAB Lighting

5/5 Product Rating

The RAB Lighting STL360HBW Super Stealth 360 Sensor With HB101 Bullet Floods has bullet shaped flood lights that use 150w PAR38 lamp. It will take a 120 volt input power providing good quality strength of light when in use. The white aluminium cast makes it light weight and corrosion and rust resistant and also provides a simple yet effective design for your flood lights. The sensor it uses can detect 360 degrees of view detection at a downward angle and a180 degrees of detection outwards providing maximum full coverage for your home. There is a delay timer that can be set from 5 seconds right up to 12 minutes which comes in handy when you do not wish the light to come on every second causing a nuisance. There are 3 LEDs for constant scanning with a surge protection of up to 6000V with an override to automatically reset.

  • Can sense 180 degrees outwards and 360 degrees downwards
  • 100 watts at 120 volts
  • Fully shielded circuits for maximum radio frequency
  • Adjustable sensitivity including hot and cold detection

Best Overall Flood Light

Lithonia Lighting

4.9/5 Product Rating

This flood light is well presented and has a simple yet effective solution to lighting the way. The bulbs are easy to change and the adjustable head makes moving the stream of light to a preferred angle easy and quick to do. The lights are wall mounted and fix on well to provide a secure and flush mount to any wall surface. The Lithonia OFTH 300PR 120 WH M12 Twin Par Holder will withstand all weather conditions without moving or becoming rusty, it is robust and will not perish. In a traditional white colour, this flood light will provide your home with the security and illumination that it needs in order to feel safe and sound when in need. Elderly people will feel a sense of relief and content to know that they have a light way for their path, or to warn vandals or burglars off. The dimensions are 6 x 5.5 x 7 inches and it weighs just 9.6 ounces.

  • Wall mounted
  • Durable for all weather types and rust resistant
  • Adjustable head with easy action
  • Gives great illumination for outdoor use

Best Budget Flood Light

Mr. Beams

4.5/5 Product Rating

These Mr Beams MB390 300 Lumen Weather-proof Wireless Battery Powered LED Ultra Bright Spotlight with Motion Sensor are an intelligent wireless LED light that will illuminate your selected area with great ease. They are perfect for driveways and walkways, yards, paths, entry ways, stairways and any other areas you wish to light up. The design of the light makes it usable for commercial properties as well as warehouses and storage buildings too. They really are the best sensor light that is out on the market. It gives off 300 lumens of bright white light that will cover 400 square feet each bulb. The light comes on instantly when any motion is detected once it has turned dark; it can detect the motion from as far as 25 feet away and provides 160 degrees of motion sensory. The lights have been made weather proof by using tight seals allowing it to work in all weather conditions with a no rust guarantee.

  • Ultra bright LED with low power consumption
  • Uses a motion sensor to turn on the LEDs automatically
  • Simple and wireless installation
  • 400 square feet of coverage illumination
  • Senses 25 feet away

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