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Best Football Cleats

Football Cleats

Football Cleats Reviews

A football player wears football cleats for several reasons. The main reason is to have ultimate traction. The football cleat allows the player to have traction and grip in any situation on the field. The cleats dig into the turf or ground and provide the perfect grip, which gives a player a secure movement for running, sprinting or jumping. The football cleat also provides comfort and stability to the wearer. The boot provides stability to the ankles. A football cleat is an important and essential part of a football player’s uniform. A well-made cleat can keep the player safe and secure while on the field. The football cleat has improved over the years. The football cleats are lightweight and stylish too. The cleats are form fitting and add speed and acceleration along with providing safety. The performance can drastically improve with the correct football cleat. Selecting the right football cleat is important and vital for the player.

Most Popular Football Cleats

Under Armour

5/5 Product Rating

The Under Armour Men’s Nitro Highlight MC Sneaker is an attractive and stabile football cleat. The cleat provides performance and stability. A lightweight cleat that has a foot forming 4D foam mold that forms to the foot to provide a perfect and customized fit. The tongue of the cleat has a 3D molding that protects the top of the foot. The tongue is lightweight and hardly noticeable. The cleats on the bottom are bladed and provide acceleration and speed for the player. The blades won’t rust, but are durable and long lasting. A natural motion and flexibility is provides for the player with the UA Core speed chassis that has been provided on the cleat. The football cleat can zip in and out and provide faster speed for the player. The cleat is snug, but not tight. The football cleat will be a designed fit to the feet. The Under Armour Men’s Nitro Highlight MC Sneaker provides performance in any situation. Speed and acceleration and tight maneuvers can be accomplished with these cleats.

  • 3D Molded MPZ Tongue
  • Bladed Cleats Promotes Acceleration and Speed
  • Foot Forming and Supportive
  • Affordable Price

Best Overall Football Cleats


4.7/5 Product Rating

The adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Men’s football cleats is made of 100% leather. The shoe provides outstanding grip for the player for all maneuvers. The boot is form fitting and molds to the foot to provide a professional fit. The boot comes up and wraps around the ankles to add stability to the player. This is the perfect football cleat for all turfs. No matter what turf the player is playing on this football cleat will provide speed, grip and traction. The adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Men’s football cleat is football player’s choice as it provides all a professional football player needs and wants in a football cleat. This is an attractive football cleat that will go great with any football uniform. It is essential to select the perfect football cleat. The football cleat should provide comfort, style and maximum performance. The perfect choice is the adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Men’s Football Cleats and is the choice for professional football players worldwide.

  • Excellent grip, perfect for any turf
  • Wrap-around ankle stability
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Outstanding speed and traction

Best Budget Football Cleats

Nike Alpha

4.4/5 Product Rating

The Nike Alpha Pro TD Black/Challenge Red/Metallic Silver football cleats are not just stylish, but are made for the professional sportsman. The Nike Alpha Pro football cleats outsole has a Pebax plate that is the full length of the shoe. This plate provides excellent control and movement along with edge traction that is needed on the field. The midsole has a low profile cushioning that is needed for comfort along with stability. The top of the football cleat is tapered. The tapered effect provides a perfect fit and mobility. The Nike Alpha Pro cleats provide excellent traction, mobility and comfort for the player. An excellent cleat is an essential part of the football uniform. This football cleat is stylish, but also provides excellent mobility, traction and performance for the player. It is excellent on all soil and turfs. The Nike Alpha Pro TD Black/Challenge Red/Metallic Silver football cleats are the choice of many players. Excellence and performance is a given with these football cleats. Nike has been producing sportswear for all sports and they stand out and are a favorite choice for football players.

  • Full length Pebax Plate
  • Midfoot cushioning
  • Added support and traction
  • Excellent mobility

Football Cleats Buying Guide

Football Cleats Review

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new football player, you’ll need to buy a new pair of football cleats from time to time. Choosing the right football cleats prevents injury and maximizes performance on the field. Due to the many varieties of football cleats in the market today, choosing the best can make you dizzy with information. However, to get the best cleats, there’re some important factors to consider as follows:

Points to Consider

1. Type

The first thing to consider when choosing football cleats is the available types. Usually, there’re two major types of cleats, i.e. Molded and detachable. The molded cleats have permanently attached studs at the bottom of the outsole. They need less maintenance, are less costly and are generally specialized on one ground type. The molded cleats are either made from rubber, metal or hard plastic. The only downside of molded cleats is that their studs wear out easily.

On the other hand, we have detachable stud cleats. They have removable and replaceable studs which makes them more versatile but more expensive. They have longer studs that allow better traction when playing on the field. Depending on the field and weather conditions, you can change the studs to suit your needs perfectly.

2. Cut Length

Football cleats come in 3 different cut lengths, i.e. High tops, mid tops and low cuts. Each cut length has its own pros and cons.

High Tops – They provide a lot of stability and protection. They’re ideal for players who make more side to side movements. Their only downside is that they’re heavier and expensive.

Mid-Top – These types sit around one’s ankles and offer enough support and protection when compared to their counterparts low cuts. Mid tops don’t restrict movement and mobility like the high tops. They’re also the most popular styles of cleats.

Low Cuts – They usually stop before the ankle and offer less support and protection. They are lightweight, maneuverable and enhance easy cutting and speed. The low cuts are ideal for quick and agile players who often make a lot of runs in the field.

Football Cleats 1

3. Right Fit

When choosing football cleats, comfort is a key factor to consider. Comfort is determined by the right fit. When you’re not comfortable, you won’t perform well on the field. Choose a pair of cleats that’s flexible and comfortable to prevent pain, and allow dynamic movements.

4. Material Used

Football cleats are constructed from a variety of materials that offer different types of support in different conditions. Some of the materials used in making football cleats include thermoplastic polyurethane, polyurethane and ethyl vinyl acetate. The polyurethane material is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also offers more flexibility when playing. The thermoplastic polyurethane material is light in weight and water resistant. It’s a strong material that isn’t prone to dents, wear and tear. Lastly, the ethyl vinyl acetate is a more flexible and durable material that can withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions without cracking. It’s also water resistant and will keep the feet dry when playing in wet climates.

Football Cleats 3

5. Weight

Different football cleats come with different weights. The weight of the football cleats you purchase will depend on the speed you require when playing. For instance, if you’re playing at a higher speed, you need to look for light-weight football cleats. On the other hand, if speed isn’t of the essence to you when playing, you can wear heavy-weight cleats and play comfortably. However, when it comes to weight, it’s more of a personal choice and preference.

6. Price

Football cleats come in a wide range of prices depending on the material used, model, and the manufacturer. If you’re a beginner player or you just need them for leisure playing, look for cheap football cleats. On the other hand, if you’re participating in a serious tournament, you need to invest in high quality and expensive cleats. It’s recommended to go through different online customer reviews to see what people are saying about different types of football cleats.

In conclusion, these are some of the top factors to consider when before purchasing football cleats. You can also check the appropriate color depending on your taste and preference.

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