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Best Football Girdle

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Football Girdle Reviews

Football can be an aggressive sport that involves players being involved in all types of physical maneuvers. A football girdle can provide protection for a football player, as it is an extra layer of padding. Many players think that a football girdle will constrict their movement and speed, but the football girdle has advanced over the years.

A football girdle is actually very thin. It is worn under the first layer of the football pants. It will protect the thighs, tailbone, hips and waist area. There are many benefits for players to wear a football girdle. The football girdle will provide maximum safety for the player, but will also keep all protective padding in place. The girdle will keep the padding from sliding around and exposing the players body to added injury. Extra padding is beneficial for any football player, especially for a running back who is always in line for excessive contact. A football girdle should be considered an essential key to their whole uniform

Most Popular Football Girdle


5/5 Product Rating

The Champro 7-Pad 3D Armour Girdle is lightweight and comes with an amazing 4-way stretching fabric that stays in shape along with keeping all protective padding in place. There has been a special Signature Moisture Transport System applied to the girdle to keep the girdle dry, cool and always comfortable to wear for the player. The girdle also has ventilation added to keep airflow at flowing. This is important and vital to a football player as when the player starts to get heated, they will be cool where it matters most. There is a flatlock stitching added to the girdle. The stitching won’t scratch or chafe the player’s skin. The Champro 7-Pad 3D Armour Girdle won’t weigh a player down, but provide protection, speed and comfort. These are one of the best girdles for football players worldwide.

  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable Fabric
  • Flatlock Stitching
  • Cool and Comfortable
  • Added Ventilation

Best Overall Football Girdle


4.6/5 Product Rating

The Alleson Adult Core Integrated Seven Pad Football Girdle provides comfort and safety. The football girdle comes with pockets for thigh, tail and hip pads. The football girdle comes with an amazing anti-odor blocker added to prevent unhealthy and nasty microbes that causes unwanted odors that commonly occur with some football girdles. There is a panel provided in the rear that is ventilated. This keeps the girdle cool and rids heat from the girdle. There is a two-inch wide waistband provided that keeps the girdle in place along with providing a form fitting and comfortable fit. The stitching on the football girdle is done with a flatlock stitch, which keeps the girdle from chafing or scratching the player’s skin. It is important for a football player to be protected, but also to be able to move with ease in all situations on the field and the Alleson Adult Core Integrated Seven Pad Football Girdle provides that and much more for the player. The Alleson Adult Core Integrated Seven Pad Football Girdle is the top of the line in football girdles. The heat removal and anti-odor blocker are outstanding features and benefits of the girdles. This football girdle is the choice of most professional football players.

  • Rear heat removal
  • Breathable
  • Ventilation
  • Seven Pads
  • Flatlock Stitching

Best Budget Football Girdle


4.3/5 Product Rating

The McDavid Protective Pants are excellent for protection and speed. The protective pants come with five pads that are strategically placed in the girdle. The pads are built in on the hips, thighs, and tailbone. The protective pants come with a high hip padding for added safety and support. There is a pocket added for a support cup. The protective pants can be machine-washed and still remain its shape and form. The protective pants are not restrictive, but comfortable. Rawlings has been provided protective gear for all sports. They are the leaders in sportswear. The McDavid Protective Pants are excellent for maximum movement and protection on any turf and field.The McDavid Protective Pants are excellent for any football player. The protective pants will provide safety, comfort and maximum performance. They are affordable and come in all sizes to fit every football player.

  • 5 Integrated Pads
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Pocket for Support Cup
  • High Hip Protection

Football Girdle Buying Guide

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Football girdles are especially important in protecting the lower body of the football players from all the shock and impact as they play in the field. They provide comfort and at the same time, improve the players’ performance during the game by enhancing their mobility and delivering maximum shock absorption.

In a contact sport like football, protective equipment is necessary in ensuring the safety of the players. They provide increased protection during aggressive games where players are exposed to a high amount of impact and shock. In addition, they enhance the speed, agility, and overall mobility of the players, effectively boosting their performance throughout the game.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when choosing which football girdle to buy. Here are some important tips when buying football girdles:

1. Flexibility

Check the flexibility. A girdle of good quality should be made from elastic material that enables it to flex and move freely with the body. On that note, it should not be too tight or it will strain the leg muscles and thus, detrimentally affect movement. At the same time, it should also not be too loose or the paddings may shift away from their designated positions, which would certainly heighten risks of injury.

In essence, the football girdle should be fit enough but at the same time, it should have very good flexibility to allow the player to move as freely as he wants.

2. Ventilation and Moisture

Account for ventilation and moisture wicking. It is highly important that the girdle is able to deliver improved air flow or have topnotch breathability, as well as an excellent moisture wicking property so as to ensure that the players are kept cool and dry when playing in the field.

3. Weight

Take note of the weight. A heavy girdle will definitely hinder the player’s performance by decreasing agility; hence, it is best to consider lightweight ones when buying football girdles.

Lightweight girdles are ideal because they provide protection without compromising the speed and agility of the player.

4. Customizability

Consider customizability. Some football girdles already feature built-in paddings which are permanently sewn into them, while others come with pockets or slots where pads can be inserted for a more customized protection. Depending on the needs of the player, the thickness of the paddings to be inserted can be altered and chosen accordingly. This is particularly helpful to those who play as linemen because it gives them the option to adjust their paddings in order to achieve the desired fit.

5. Anti-Microbial Fibers

Look for anti-microbial fibers. To help reduce unpleasant odors while perspiring during the game, girdles equipped with anti-microbial fibers may also be considered. These fibers have bacteria-fighting properties which prevent the growth of germs that cause bad odors.

6. Paddings

Examine the paddings. Paddings help reduce the impact received from highly violent and aggressive opponents. They should be made of a resilient material that has the ability to endure repeated exposure to impact. A highly resilient padding blends comfort and protection that serves as an effective shield without jeopardizing the speed and mobility of the player. Furthermore, paddings ensure protection from injuries and at the same time, boost the performance of the player.

Football Girdle

7. Right Size

Know the right size. It is very important that the player chooses the football girdle that has a perfect fit on him. Otherwise, a poorly-fitted football girdle may not only hinder the player from performing well, but also become the reason for serious injuries.

8. Position

Consider the position. Each football player has different roles and play so it is also good to consider the position of the player before buying the football girdle. Linemen, in particular, are very much exposed to bruising, making them highly prone to injuries and physical damages. Hence, they need football girdles with thicker paddings and greater flexibility to ensure increased protection from physical harm.

9. Durability

Check the durability. Aside from having superb flexibility and breath ability, girdles should also have excellent durability. Durability means that they should have the ability to withstand wear, increased pressure, and damage, keeping players from sustaining physical injuries such as dislocations and bruises. Highly durable girdles are especially ideal for linemen.

10. Material

Take note of the material. The fabric of the football girdle should have enough flexibility, durability and breath ability. Ideal materials are spandex and polyester which combine ease of use and comfort, enabling the player to perform very well throughout the game.

11. Waistband

Check the waistband. The waistband of the girdle should be made of an elastic material that gives a secure fit around the waist, providing exceptional comfort for the player as he plays in the field.

12. Seam Lines

Examine the seam lines. Ensure that the girdles you’re going to purchase have very smooth seam lines in order to ascertain that they are intact and of very good quality. Rough seam lines signify poor quality and may result in the misalignment of the paddings, eventually making injuries much more likely to occur.

Girdles are very important as they keep all the padding for the thighs, hips and tailbone in place, ensuring maximum safety and protection. Football players are highly prone to injuries; therefore, wearing appropriate protective gear is of utmost importance. Those who don’t pay much attention to protection end up having shorter-than-average careers.


When buying girdles, it is very much necessary to take note of all the factors in order to get the best and the most suitable one to use. Whether playing leisurely or competitively, getting football girdles of high quality is important. A high quality girdle will not only provide protection and ensure safety but will also undoubtedly help improve the performance of the player during the game.

Never buy a girdle based solely on the design. A cool-looking design does not necessarily guarantee increased protection and productivity. More than the design, what matters is the protection and performance that the football girdle can deliver. Therefore, it is highly important to be keen and critical when examining which girdle to get through proper consideration of all the factors, before making the final purchase.

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