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Best Football Glove

Football Glove 4

Football Glove Reviews

Football gloves are not worn by players to keep their hands warm in winter months, even though they will do that, but they are worn to add performance to the player. A football player chooses to wear football gloves because it can help them catch the football, then it can assist the player in having the grip to not drop the football. The football gloves can also provide protection to the hand and fingers in sticky situations. The gloves will protect from being stepped on and being injured. Many players choose to wear football gloves. The majority of players that wear football gloves are lineman, receivers, defensive backs and running backs. These players wear the gloves to have added assistance when catching or throwing the football. Many football gloves come with a sticky grip that gives the player an added edge on the football field. The thumb and fingers have this sticky grip that works great for the player for catching, throwing and holding onto the football. All football players are wearing football gloves to maximize their performance on the field.

Most Popular Football Glove

Under Armour Boy’s F6

5/5 Product Rating

The Under Armour Boy’s F6 Football Gloves are lightweight and comfortable. The football gloves come with a Superior Moisture Transport System designed by Under Armour. This design allows for the hand to stay cool and comfortable without the gloves becoming wet, hot and sticky. The football gloves feature an amazing sticky grip that allows for maximum grip and mobility on the field. The gloves have a silicone hand and back overlay which will add a maximum speed along with flexibility. The gloves are not only meant for performance, but for protection. Fingers and hands will be protected in these gloves. The Under Armour Boy’s F6 Football Gloves is advanced to provide players with that added edge they are looking for on the field. The gloves are perfect for any weather condition and turf. These football gloves are the choice for all professional football players worldwide.

  • Fabric with 4-Way Stretch
  • Moisture Control
  • Added Flexibility
  • Silicone Hand and Back
  • Lightweight and protective

Best Overall Football Glove

Under Armour Boy’s F7

4.9/5 Product Rating

The Under Armour Boy’s F7 Football Gloves are incredibly constructed to provide a form-fitting wrist. The form fitting wrist construction forms to fit each individual player perfectly. The fabric is breathable that stretches to provide extra mobility. The tack that has been applied to the gloves goes from the wrist all the way down the fingers so the player has added control and catchability with the football. The palm on the glove is seamless which will keep the hands cool and comfortable without turning the hand into a hot, sticky uncomfortable wear. Under Armour has added a special GrabTack design to the palm, which has the maximum stickiness and grip. This will provide total control to the player in any situation on the field. There are reflective details on the gloves that stand out and demand attention. The Under Armour Boy’s F7 Football Gloves are the professional football player’s choice. These gloves not only provide excellent performance, but they have met all NFHS, NOCSAE and NCAA standards. These gloves are top of the line football gloves.

  • Seamless Palm
  • Added Ventilation
  • Special Wrist Construction
  • NFHS, NOCSAE and NCAA Standards Met
  • Reflective Details

Best Budget Football Glove


4.5/5 Product Rating

The Adidas Adizero 5-Star Football Receiver Gloves come in a variety of colors that will surely match any football uniform. The gloves feature a custom fit closure along with a vented mesh finger crotch, which allows the fingers to stay cool and comfortable while moving in any difficult position. The gloves are lightweight and when they are put on they conform lightly to the hand and fingers. The palm comes with a grip tack, which allows for holding the ball without dropping it. There will be no restraint with these football gloves as they are custom made to stretch fully without bringing any constraint to the player. The Adidas Adizero 5-Star Football Gloves are perfect for any player, but outstanding for the receiver. The football gloves have met and exceeded the NOCSAE standards. The Adidas Adizero are high quality and outstanding football gloves and the choice for many professional players.

  • Grip Tack Palm
  • Full Stretchable
  • Comfortable
  • Form Fitting
  • Great for all Weather Conditions

Football Glove Buying Guide

Football Glove 2
The use of protective equipment is highly important in a collision sport like football where there is a high level of physical contact between players, making them prone to various kinds of injuries. A complete gear including helmets, paddings, cleats and gloves, will not only ensure protection from injuries but also aid in helping the player perform to the best of his abilities.

One of the most essential protective gears is the football glove, which is especially important for the receivers as well as the running backs and defensive backs. Aside from protecting their hands, football gloves help them get a good grip whenever they catch the ball. Similarly, the linemen also benefit from using the gloves due to the added protection and warmth.

Having the best and most appropriate gloves can provide an advantage during play; hence, it is important to take into consideration the factors that make up an effective football glove.

There are two ways in determining what kind of football glove to buy. One is based on the player’s position and another is based on the features of the gloves.

Based On Player’s Position

When buying football gloves, the position to be played is one of the most important factors to consider. For receivers, the gloves should be made from a fabric material that can maintain a tacky or sticky texture, which can be very helpful in getting a good grip in any weather condition. When playing in the cold, the atmosphere can be very drying resulting to difficulties in holding the ball. Therefore, it is desirable that the gloves have the ability to retain their tackiness even during low temperature conditions. In the same way, it is also important that the gloves are able to maintain their tackiness despite the significantly high humidity during the hot season.

For increased shock absorption, the gloves should have padding on the back. The cushioned material of the padding reduces the impact on the hands, empowering the players to perform well with lesser risk of fractures and dislocations.

Football Glove 3

Commonly referred to as “tact gloves”, football gloves for receivers tend to be soft and flexible, enabling the players to move their hands more freely. This allows the players to have full control of their hand movements despite the bulkiness of the paddings from the gloves.

On the other hand, gloves for linemen should offer protection for the hands as well as support for the wrists, especially since playing on the line is a physical battle. Unlike receivers, linemen spend almost all their time fighting off opponents on the field. When choosing gloves for a lineman, it is crucial to look for one with thick paddings to protect the hands and fingers in case he gets stepped on during the game. It is also vital for the gloves to have the ability to withstand repeated exposure to impact to ensure the safety of the players.

At the same time, the gloves should still allow for flexibility in the hands to enable the player to have excellent control of the ball and provide no chances for opponents to steal the ball.

Based On the Features of the Gloves

Considering the player’s position when choosing football gloves is a very effective way to determine which is the most suitable to purchase. In contrast, gloves can also be chosen based on the feature one desires. For some, getting one with a snug-fitting wrist closure is a must. This will ensure that the player will have a secure fit of the glove while playing on the field. The glove should neither be too loose or too tight or else it will significantly decrease the performance of the player, especially in cases when the glove falls off or squeezes the hand.

Aside from flexibility, another feature to look out for when buying gloves is the stickiness of the palm and finger area. This particular feature allows the ball to stay in the hand of the receiver and prevents it from slipping or being easily stolen by the opposing team. Furthermore, this is highly crucial during the cold weather condition when the atmosphere becomes very dry. If the gloves do not have the ability to maintain the sticky texture of the palm area, it results to a poorer grip of the ball, which then definitely affects the performance of the player.

Another thing to consider is if the glove benefits from moisture-wicking technology. This innovation allows the hands to be kept dry and comfortable throughout the game.

Breath ability of the football gloves is also crucial. It is important that the glove is not padded too thick, which may prevent the player from feeling the ball and easily controlling it.

Determining the weather condition during the game is also a good thing to do. If playing in the cold, for example, then having an all-weather glove equipped to withstand the low temperatures is an excellent option.

Lastly, gloves should be lightweight and comfortable to use. Those made of stretchable materials, such as leather and spandex, are highly ideal.


Whether you play football competitively or just for leisure, ensuring safety by using the appropriate protective gear is of utmost significance. In a physically draining sport like football where players are subjected to all kinds of injuries, protection is of primary concern. The protective equipment not only provides protection from physical injuries but it is also able to enhance the speed and agility of the players, resulting in a very good and highly engaging play.

Most importantly, never buy football gloves merely based on the looks and design. The color, pattern of design will never guarantee good quality; hence it is important to be extra careful when choosing the gloves to buy. Never settle for what looks good, settle for what’s the best in terms of performance it can provide. Here’s one last tip – if you have lots of money and you’re shopping for the perfect glove, don’t just go for the most expensive variant (doing so would most likely lead to disappointment).

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