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Best Football Sock

Football Sock 3

Football Sock Reviews

A football players wears socks for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons that a football players has to wear socks is to protect their bare legs from the intensive activity on the field. A football player shouldn’t just wear any type of socks, but socks that are designed especially for the sport of football. Wearing the wrong type of socks can not only bring discomfort to the player, but can actually cause damage to the feet and legs of the player. When a player has to consider football socks, then they should choose socks that are not too tight or restricting, but also socks that aren’t too loose that the socks fall down and bunch down around their ankles. A great football sock should have shaped heals and toes. This will provide comfort for the player. The socks should also have special fabric that keeps the feet dry and moisture free. There are many benefits that players will get from choosing the correct football socks.

Most Popular Football Sock


5/5 Product Rating

The Nike Nike Classic II Cushion Over-the-Calf is an excellent football sock. They come in a variety of colors that will match any football uniform. The socks have a shaped heel and toes that brings added protection to the player. The socks will fit perfectly to the size ordered. The socks are durable and form fitting. They won’t bunch down and fall down when running, jumping or performing on the field. The Nike Nike Classic II Cushion Over-the-Calf stays dry and moisture free. The socks keep the feet dry no matter the weather conditions. The socks come up to the knees, which is perfect in the winter months for keeping the legs warmer. The football socks are machine washable and the socks won’t shrink or stretch out. The Nike Nike Classic II Cushion Over-the-Calf are the perfect choice in football socks and all players choose these socks as they are easily matching to all uniforms.

  • Durable and Form Fitting
  • Moisture Free
  • Machine Washable
  • Knee High length for full leg protection
  • Comfortable

Best Overall Football Sock

Under Armour

4.7/5 Product Rating

The Under Armour Men’s Allsport Sock provides maximum air flow as they are vented on each side of the sock. The sock doesn’t hold moisture, which is perfect in any weather condition. The arch of the sock has a knit-in support added. This support will increase circulation to the foot along with increasing energy, stamina and reduces unwanted fatigue. The football socks cover the calf and comes up right under the knee. There is added padding on the heel and toe area for added comfort and maximum speed for the football player. The socks are machine washable and won’t shrink in the dryer. Several colors are offered with the football socks to match most uniforms. The Under Armour Men’s Allsport Socks are perfect for football players, but can be worn by all sport players. These are the choice by all sports players as they cover the calf and protect the legs fully. Under Armour has been the leader in sports gear for decades; they understand the needs of all players. There is no exception in the Under Armour Men’s Allsport Sock. They are the top selling socks for football players as they provide excellent comfort and maximum comfort.

  • Vented Side helps reduce moisture
  • Fully Cushioned with added Arch Support
  • Added Circulation
  • Reduces Fatigue

Best Budget Football Sock

Red Lion

4.3/5 Product Rating

The Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks are an excellent football sock. They come in a variety of colors to match every football uniform, which is essential for professional football players. The ankle and arch of the foot has added support for comfort and speed. The foot has an added acrylic foot padding for performance and stability. The back of the football socks have added bars for comfort as well. The Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks are machine washable. They won’t shrink or loose shape. These socks are designed for all types of sports, but excellent for football players. The added cushion and support that has been added is excellent for protection and performance for any football players. The socks have been designed to resist moisture, which will keep the feet dry and comfortable. There is nothing more important that having a football sock that is comfortable, moisture free and provides safety. The Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks does that and much more.

  • Arch Support
  • Heel and Toe Padding
  • Added Bars for Support
  • Form Fitting and with extra padding for stability

Football Sock Buying Guide

Football Sock

Football socks are an important part of the player’s equipment. They provide comfort, which in part helps in increasing your endurance. Plus, getting the right ones would help reduce friction, which would prevent any form of injuries in the field.

Socks do more things like absorb your sweat during a game, provide protection from infections and blisters, give you an added push of comfort and balance, protect you against the grass, and keep sweat from entering your shoes.

These football socks come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They reach all the way up to the knees and the colors depend on which team you are in. They are durable, lightweight and stretchy. Which is important as you’ll be running laps all day long trying to score more. They are also uniquely designed with extra paddings on the heels and toes, cushioned soles, and have ventilation features.

In getting the socks that you need, it is important to consider the size of the one you will be getting. Many of us think that socks have a universal size but not necessarily. Football socks have specific parts to protect, and you have to make sure that these paddings and cushions rest well in your heels, toes and soles. Do not fret, for included in this article is a table to help you pick the right size you need.

Men’s Shoe Size Men’s Sock Size
6.5-7 10
7.5-8 10.5
8.5-9 11
9.5-10 11.5
10.5-11 12
11.5-12 13
12.5-13 14
13-16 14-16


Women’s Shoe Size Women’s Sock Size
3-6 7-9
6-9 9-11
8-13 10-12


Types of Fiber

Next would be choosing which fiber would fit best based on your preferences and needs. For this one, we would be separating the socks made from natural fiber, and ones made from synthetic fibers.

Natural Fibers

It include those that are made from cotton or wool. These are really comfy and help in making sure that you are in your A game because of how comfortable they could get. Of course, every sock in the league use natural fibers in the past because synthetic fiber has yet to be introduced. One important thing to consider though when looking at socks made of natural fibers is that they tend to swell when they absorb the sweat, which would reduce the sock’s ability to breathe and makes it a bit bothersome on the player’s foot.

Synthetic Fibers

On the other hand, gets sweat and moisture away from your skin without going through the process of absorbing it. What it does is it evaporates the moisture out of the feet and the fabric, which would keep your feet and those socks dry for the entirety of the game. Synthetic football socks include acrylics, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and spandex. Let’s go ahead and talk about these stuff.

Football Sock  5

Type of Synthetic Fibers

First up are acrylics. These are lightweight and durable socks that keep your feet dry because of their moisture-wicking properties which would keep your feet dry for the rest of the game. They also are good for holding up the color of your team and they cushion your feet well.

Next are polyesters. Like acrylics, they are also durable and have moisture-wicking properties as well. The thing that separates them from acrylics is their ability to blend with other fibers which makes polyesters the jacks of the trade.

Nylons, on the other hand, are to be reckoned with for being one of the strongest fibers. They sometimes blend with other fibers to help in adding strength and durability.

Last ones are Spandex, which are elastic and could be helpful in providing  to your feet and legs. They are used to replace rubber to make sure your socks embrace your feet and legs all throughout the game. We would not want saggy socks running around the field, would we?

Now that you know the properties and capabilities of good socks and the right size to get, let’s go ahead and find out where to shop for them.

Football socks are not that hard to find at department stores and of course sports retailers. However, the socks that you would be getting in those outlets might only offer minimal features. Fancy stuff like moisture capabilities and the premium padding and support might not be included in the list. This is why it is really important to read the features included in the socks before getting a pair, this is to make sure that you can perform at your fullest because again, socks increase endurance and protects you from any form of discomfort and injury. If you fail to see the pair you need for the game, then the next option would be buying them online.

It’s really simple to buy stuff online now that there are tons of trusted websites to visit. You just have to know what specific type of football socks you are looking for and viola, next step would be waiting for them to arrive on your doorstep. If it makes things any easier, you can choose to only look at the pairs that meet your needs. Narrow the choices by searching for your brand, size and color of choice.


Now you are equipped with the tools to get yourself a perfect pair of socks. Just consider the sock size to get depending on your shoe size. Also make sure to also consider what type of fiber the sock is made of. You can actually ask your coach or observe for yourself if you need one that has more strength capabilities or one that helps you run faster without reducing comfort. In the end, the type of socks that you would be getting would depend on how you play the game. Just make sure that you would be able to get the one you really want. So if you would not be able to see them in your local retailer, then make sure to shop online for the chances of you getting the pair of socks that you want are a lot higher online than in a brick and mortar store.

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