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Greeting Card Software Reviews

Greeting cards are made, bought and sold throughout the year. They are the perfect small gift for any occasion. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to find just the right card for your occasion. For this reason, many people use greeting card software to make their own, customized greeting cards. Not all greeting card software is created equal, however. Some include features others don’t, and still others may have the same features but poorly implemented. Some greeting card software have a much more complex user interface, while others are much more user friendly. The many differences and similarities among greeting card software makes it essential to do your homework before actually buying any software. You want to know that you can work with what you are paying for. You don’t want to buy software to make greeting cards and end up not being able to work well with its features or user interface. An important thing to remember when deciding which greeting card making software to use is that because they are not all the same, they are not all meant for you. You need to look around and find one that you can work with, one that will provide you all the features you need in a way that’s easy for you to use.

Most Popular Greeting Card Software

Nova Development US Studio Deluxe 2018

5/5 Product Rating

Everybody knows what a Hallmark card is. Many have even been to the Hallmark store. Needless to say, Hallmark cards are very, very popular, and Nova Development Hallmark Card Studio 2013 comes with over 13,000 of them already made. With this software you can customize the cards to add your own personal touch, or make completely new, unique cards that are perfect for the occasion. The Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2013 edition features yes more revisions to the user interface, an effort to make the software easier to use, while increasing performance.

  • Over 18,000 premium clip art images means that you have plenty of art to choose from when making your greeting cards
  • More than 10,000 Hallmark sentiments to choose from, giving you a nice repository of things to say on your cards
  • Customize a calendar, photo frames and more to unleash your creativity
  • Print or share via email or social networking sites such as Facebook

Best Overall Greeting Card Software

Nova Development US Card Studio 2018

4.9/5 Product Rating

Featuring all of the same features as the previous edition, with another revamped user interface, the Hallmark Card Studio is back with another yearly edition. This edition comes with less Hallmark cards than the previous edition did, weighing in at only 14,000 cards (2013 edition has 18,000). It has the ability to make calendars, even from scratch, as well as many other project types, similar to the previous edition. In fact, there isn’t too much that is different between the two editions.

  • Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah and more templates, plus the ability to create your own
  • More than 20,000 Clip art images that you can use in your projects
  • Hallmark fonts provide an authentic touch to your greeting cards
  • 14,000 hallmark cards and projects already made and ready for you to use or customize
  • Makes calendars from scratch and have the perfect calendar all the time

Best Budget Greeting Card Software


4.7/5 Product Rating

PrintMaster 2012 Platinum is yet another greeting card making software package that has seen some success with its older versions. The greeting card maker comes with more than 3,000 premade templates to help you make good looking greeting cards. The templates are very decent looking, as is the clip art library, with over 100,000 pieces of clip art.It also features a wizard to help you create cards quickly and easily, making sure you have your cards properly lined up for printing. This is helpful so that you don’t waste paper with trial and error.Images and text can be mirrored allowing the possibility of iron-on printing. It has a reputation of not being easy to use, and has lost its preference as a greeting card maker. The developer has been criticized for his modern business practices as well as for decisions made regarding the development of the software, claiming that it is much too complex and less secure.

  • 50,000 more images than previous version
  • Avery templates preferred
  • Template search function

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