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Gym Bag Reviews

Sports when you’re younger and the gym when you’re older, one thing that you’ll have with you both times is a gym bag. We overlook the importance of a good gym bag because we’re more focused on where we’re going and what we’re going to do. Without a gym bag you would certainly have your hands full. If you purchase a high-quality gym bag it should carry your stuff around for several years like it was built to do. We all probably tried the bargain bin gym bags that you can find, those plastic ones that last about 2 months before they rip. Think of those as a lesson learned, and get yourself a good gym bag that you can depend on for the next decade. Modern gym bags use durable polyester materials that resist rips and tears better than ever, and they are lighter than ever.

Most Popular Gym Bag


5/5 Product Rating

When you hear the Puma name you automatically think of sports and professional quality gear designed for athletes. The Brasilia 5 is a chip off the block when it comes to the dependable Puma quality. It uses tough 300 and 600 D polyester material so you have a gym bag that will last you years. Strong and lightweight are the first words to describe the Brasilia 5 as it tips the scales at just over 19 ounces.

Convenient wet/dry storage compartment keeps your wet clothes or shoes away from your other items. It has a sturdy padded shoulder strap for a comfortable shoulder carry. Puma didn’t overlook anything with the Brasilia 5, even the zippers are premium quality and durable. Extra durable bottom to resist cuts and tears. The overall dimensions for the Brasilia 5 medium are 24.5 in. long x 10.25 in. high x 18 in. wide.

  • Durable build is designed to last a long time
  • Light enough for younger children
  • Shoulder strap adds great comfort
  • Vented wet/shoe storage prevents odor
  • Protects contents from moisture and damage

Best Overall Gym Bag

Under Armour

4.7/5 Product Rating

Under Armour is a name you think of when you think super tough professional grade equipment. This duffle bag offers the superior strength that you expect from Under Armor. Construction uses a lightweight polyester material that is extremely durable. Keep your valuables safe and secure in the waterproof UA Storm pocket. The exterior of this bag is treated with a DWR finish to protect your gear from the elements.

Comfortable carrying handle and adjustable padded shoulder straps offer you convenience of carrying the UA hustle bag the way you want. Two large vented end pockets offer maximum security without sacrificing breathability. Large expandable center pocket is ideal for carrying shoes and laundry. Abrasion resistant bottom resists scratches and rips. The overall weight of this bag is 2.2 pounds, and the dimensions are 23 in. long x 12 in. high x 11 in. wide. Available in 10 color choices making this bag a great choice for men or women athletes.

  • Large internal volume stores items easily
  • Waterproof security compartment keeps valuables dry
  • High quality build will last years
  • Treated finish repels water to protect contents
  • Comfortable to carry with hand or shoulder options

Best Budget Gym Bag


4.4/5 Product Rating

Adidas produces great quality products at a professional and consumer level, and this duffel bag is another one of their great products. This women’s bag is designed for girls and women with its vibrant feminine color selection. The strength of this bag comes from high quality polyester material. At 1.9 pounds this durable bag is light enough for even the smallest of athletes.

An adjustable and removable padded carrying strap adds comfort to the design. The interior of this bag offers 5 secure storage compartments for easy separation of your goods. Mesh end pockets are designed for carrying water bottles. FreshPAK shoe tunnel offers ventilation to reduce odor and risk of mold. Compartments use zippers for quick but secure storage. Overall size 10.75in x 20in x 9.75 inch. This women’s squad bag is available in ultra-pop pink, blaze pink, pink zest.

  • Durable design resists rips and holes
  • Zipper compartments offer secure storage
  • Vented shoe compartment dissipates odor
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry
  • Adjustable/Removable padded carrying strap adds comfort

Gym Bag Buying Guide

Gym Bag

A gym bag can be used for several different purposes. Obviously, when going to the gym for any type of physical activity, it can help you to conveniently carry any extra clothing, toiletries and gear or equipment in one trip. It can also help to protect your possessions from weather if you are in the great outdoors. They can easily be packed and taken on camping trips, hiking trips or on busses or airlines. There are several different brands, styles and sizes available which can make selecting the best one a bit overwhelming. This guide provides information and tips that will help you to narrow down to choices by giving you tips on what type of bag will be best suited to meet your needs.

Determine What You Will Be Using the Gym Bag For

Knowing what purposes you will use the bag for will help you to identify the features that will be useful in a gym bag. If you have a specific use for it, such as taking gear to the gym, the football field, camping, traveling, etc., this will give you some idea of how large the bag should be. Another consideration is what type of things you will be placing in the bag. How many compartments will you need? Would it be easier to organize your possessions if the bag loads from the top or from the side? These are some things to keep in mind prior to making your purpose so you avoid the possibility of being disappointed with your purchase.

Types of Gym Bags

There are three main styles of gym bags which are popular for keeping possessions organized, secure and safe from the effects of weather.

Gym Sacks

They are smaller and weigh less than some of the larger varieties. They are designed to be carried on your back. This type of gym bag only has one compartment and you can easily fit an extra set of clothing, shoes and miscellaneous small items such as a phone, keys or water bottle. The majority of them are opened and closed at the top with a drawstring. These bags are useful when you don’t need a large bag, but you do need something to carry or store a small amount of items.

Duffel Bags

These are among the most popular for gym enthusiasts. They are shaped like a cylinder and most commonly crafted from canvas material for durability. There is usually a set of handles at the top of the bag for easy carrying and they consist of one large compartment for storage. Duffel bags are considered to be standard equipment for storing gym equipment, gear, toiletries and changes of clothing. They are also popular ways of packing for trips such as hunting, fishing, camping, going on an airline or a bus.

Backpack Style Gym Bags

These are popular among gym goers who need a little more space than the gym sack provides. This style is easy to carry on the users’ backs and allow for freedom of the arms to carry other items.

Materials Used In Gym Bags

Gym bags are produced from a wide variety of materials. Canvas is one of the most durable and is used frequently for duffel style bags as the weight of the bag can cause intense pressure on the material used. Some are made of heavy duty nylon and others of leather.

Gym Bag 11

Features of Gym Bags

The features are what make the largest difference from one gym bag to another. Some of the features which are available are smaller compartments that are closed with zippers, elastic, or flaps and Velcro. These come in handy for organizing smaller items and making them more accessible to the user. Water bottle holders, phone holders and key holders are also popular. Some come with handy loops for affixing equipment that will be carried on the outside of the bag.

What You Should Look For In A Gym Bag?

First and foremost, the style of the gym bag, the size and the features included need to match what you intend to use it for. For example, if you need a bag for carrying items for a trip that will last a week, a larger duffel bag may be the best choice. If you plan to pack items such as toiletries, electronic devices and other smaller sized items, make sure that the bag comes with compartments that you can easily and securely store the items inside.

Make sure that the materials used are high quality and tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the use it gets from you. Check the seams for any sign of loose stitching or fraying. If the style you choose has zippers, it pays to check out the quality to ensure that they are durable and will not separate when the gym bag is filled to capacity.

When you have settled on the size, style and features that are important, then it is time to start comparing prices of the gym bags that meet your requirements. The cheapest may not be built to the quality standards that you will appreciate. The most expensive bags are not necessarily the best. You should be able to find a bag in the middle price range that will provide the service that you need. Just make sure that it is well constructed and made of durable materials.


Finding the right gym bag should not be a problem if you know what it is that you’re looking for. By following the tips and recommendations made in this guide, you will know what it is that will meet your needs and this will cut down on the amount of time that you need to spend reviewing the different styles and sizes that are out there. It isn’t difficult to find a high quality gym bag that includes all of the features that will make you glad that you made the purchase. A good gym bag can help to keep you organized and keep your possessions safe in a variety of different settings.

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