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Best Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper 4

Hair Clipper Reviews

Having a lot of hair is a blessing, and perhaps a curse. If it seems like your beard reaches all new lengths in record time, or you have other areas that constantly need trimming, having a home hair clipping tool can be a huge help. Both men and ladies benefit from a good quality trimmer in the bathroom, and you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to get a good quality model. There are trimmers that are specifically for beards, heads, body hair, etc. But there are also some multi-tasking clippers that can work wherever you need them. Decide if you would prefer cordless, or remote, and what size clipper you would like. The market is full of new and innovative models that can adjust to trim at different lengths, therefore creating different styles. In the long run you’re going to save a lot of money if you have a clipper that can get you a near-professional hair trim right at home.

Most Popular Hair Clipper


5/5 Product Rating

CEENWES is the leader in retail as well as professional hair trimmers, and this kit includes 8 pieces that allow you to trim and clip anywhere on the body in the length that you desire. When you’re getting professional results in the comfort of your own home, you’re saving a great deal of money in the long-run. Also, business professionals enjoy maintaining that well-groomed appearance on a constant basis. Even thick, wet hair is easily trimmed with this tool, The soft-grip, no-slip housing makes it incredibly easy to use, and allows for a good, firm handle that enhances the precision of your trimming. Also, because it is so lightweight, it fits comfortably into the hand and makes trimming hard to reach areas more easy. The adjustable stainless steel blade makes it possible to accomplish any hair style. Perfect for creating those finishing touches around the beard, sideburns, and necklines. Included in the kit is a handy DVD that shows you how to optimally use the device.

  • For all types of hair and all types of cuts
  • 4x more powerful than magnetic motor units
  • 8 pieces included
  • Contoured housing for comfortable cutting
  • Comes with convenient storage case

Best Overall Hair Clipper


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Conair Indestructible Haircut Kit is exactly what it claims to be: indestructible. Wet, thick, coarse hair can be very hard to cut on one’s own, but the Conair can accomplish it with ease. The super torque motor is the power behind the ultra-precision blades that make for fast, clean cutting on any hair type. There are a total of ten guide combs included in the kit, as well as scissors, storage case, and much more. The tough casing and firm rubber grip adds extra durability to this device, meaning that you can count on it to last for years to come. With over a hundred setting to choose from, you can customize the device to serve your needs, and whatever style of haircut you require. The hearty pro power motor has 3 different speeds for your comfort. Also, the industrial power cord is a nice 10 feet in length, so you can take the clippers well away from the power source to find the most convenient location to trim.

  • 100 settings to choose from
  • 3-speed, pro-power motor
  • Indestructible clipper
  • Extra quiet
  • 10 combs to make your haircut as custom as possible

Best Budget Hair Clipper


4.5/5 Product Rating

The Wahl is designed to take care of all your body hair grooming needs. With a 25 piece complete pro kit like this, you may never have to go to the barber or hair salon again. This is a particular favorite among professional athletes, like cyclists, swimmers, and track and field players who need to be as aerodynamic as possible on a budget. It works great for legs, arms, chests, top of the head, and face. You can adjust the length of the trimmer to how long you’d like the hair to be. You get everything that you need in this kit, including all necessary attachments and accessories. It’s battery operated and has a nice contoured shape that makes it easy to handle. Also with the comfort grip, you always get a nice, controlled trim in no time. It’s elegant to always have a professional looking haircut, and now you can do the necessary touch-ups at home to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

  • Complete 25-piece kit comes with multi-cut clipper
  • Premium dura-chrome finish and taper control
  • Compact and battery operated
  • State of the art s-timmer with contoured head

Hair Clipper Buying Guide

Hair Clipper 2

Purchasing your own set of hair clippers can save you the time it takes to make an appointment for a haircut and the price that is charged for each session. There are many different brands and models available so then the question arises, which is the best? This depends upon what you are looking for in hair clippers. This guide is written to provide you with all of the relevant information that will help you to more easily choose the right hair clippers to meet your grooming needs.

Decide What You Want from The Clippers

The most obvious thing that you want to get from hair clippers is a neat and even cut that doesn’t take several passes to accomplish. Clippers are also used to trim the hair by using the vibrating blades that perform like a grouping of scissors. Speed and efficiency come in handy as well.

Available Features Of Hair Clippers

Comb attachments are useful in attaining different lengths with the clippers. They help to raise the blades from the hair at varying levels for even cutting. The lengths vary depending upon the size of the comb attachments that are included.

Types of Hair Clippers

Professional quality hair clippers are similar to the average models sold for home use, but with the major difference of having more power and being more durable. They are best for powering through hair that is either extremely thick or wet. The downside of this feature is that professional clippers tend to be much heavier and more awkward when using because of the weight. In addition, they are usually more expensive than regular models.

Standard Clippers

For home use are more lightweight and easier to maneuver when cutting hair. They are also less expensive. Although they also have the ability to easily cut thick or heavy hair, they come with their own set of challenges. They are often difficult to position into tight angles when attempting to shave the shaggy hair that grows at the base of the neck. Another con is that they tend to have a shorter lifespan and lack the durability of the more expensive types.

Hair Clippers with Adjustable Blades

Offer cutting hair at different angles and lengths through the adjustment of the blades versus applying the comb guard method of changing angle and length.

Three Motor Types in Hair Clippers

The motor type of the hair clippers affects the performance of the unit in different ways. Pivot motors are more powerful for use in cutting thicker or wet hair, but the blades move much more slowly.

Magnetic Motors do not have as much power as Pivot motors, but the blades move much faster.

Rotary Motors are larger and weigh more than the other two types, but they offer the combination of fast moving blades and the power to tackle any hair cutting job.

A Universal Motor is a type of rotary motor that is recommended for anyone who plans to do a lot of heavy hair cutting as it is a more reliable and durable option that provides all of the best features of a pivot motor and a rotary motor.

Hair Clipper 1

Other Types of Hair Clippers

There are other smaller models of hair clippers available which are designed specifically for targeting certain areas such as sideburns, nose hair and beard/mustache grooming. These come in handy for trimming the hard to reach places that are just too awkward for the standard sized trimmers to reach.

The majority of these type hair clippers operate off of a much smaller sized rotary blade set that is placed behind the guard that prevents the clippers from cutting the hair too closely or from nicking the skin.

The all in one units combine the functions of clipping nose hair, trimming sideburns, beards, mustaches, and shaving the irritating neck hair after a haircut. Some of them come with a variety of accessories and features that allow for most grooming tasks. On the upside, they are light and compact making them easy to carry from one place to another. They perform multiple functions within one small unit. The downside is that they do not provide the quality functioning of the larger more standard sized units. They cannot cut through thick and wet hair, and are only useful for trimming small areas.

What to Look for in Hair Clippers

When purchasing hair clippers, you want to look for a unit that offers additional accessories. Most come standard with about 3 spacers or comb guard attachments. If you need to have additional length gradations, look for a kit that offers more options. Another thing to keep in mind is the thickness of your hair and how often you will be using them. This will help you to determine whether or not you will need to purchase one of the more powerful rotary motor driven clippers, or if you can get by with a less powerful and less expensive option.

When it comes to the price, the most expensive is not necessarily the best choice. Some are overpriced and a moderately priced unit will provide just as good of a service as they. It pays to review the warranty policies offered and select one that offers a generous warranty. Companies that are confident in the durability and quality of their products will usually offer a warranty that provides for compensation if a unit fails under normal use within a set period of time.


Finding the best set of hair clippers is not a difficult task when you follow a few simple guidelines. Choose one that is powerful enough to stand up to the type of hair that you will be cutting and one that comes with the features and accessories that you desire. It should be the size that is most comfortable for you to use and maneuver. Find a moderately priced set of hair clippers as expensive does not mean the best, and make sure that the company offers a reasonable warranty. By following these simple tips and recommendations, you should have no problem finding the hair clippers that will best meet your grooming needs.

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