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Best Hand Drill

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Hand Drill Reviews

Hand drills are great to have in the tool box and they provide fast and efficient drilling with no need for electricity or batteries. These hand drills are perfect for soft woods that tend to splinter when too much force is applied. They are designed for efficient operation. We have selected to best hand drills on the market. Ones that will be durable and provide efficient drilling when needed.

Most Popular Hand Drill


5/5 Product Rating

The Swpeet-Powerful-Speedy-Hand-Drill is built with solid materials and contains a running gear that is very smooth. This single pinion hand drill has a solid steel frame and is finished with a nickel plate for sturdy construction. The Swpeet-Powerful-Speedy-Hand-Drill has three jaws. It also includes an iron steel chuck that is sintered. This drill fits ¼” drill capacity. This heavy duty hand drill only weighs 1.86 pounds and offers a smooth operation. The total length is 10.4 inches. The Swpeet-Powerful-Speedy-Hand-Drill is perfect for woodworking projects and will protect wood you are working with. The hand drill provides fast and efficient drilling and is excellent on soft woods that have a tendency to splinter. Drill sets are not included with the hand drill. Accessory kits are available in various sizes.

  • Hand drill needs no electricity
  • Drills ¼” diameter
  • Chuck for holding bits and pinion gears
  • Made of iron steel construction
  • 10.4 inches in total length weighing 1.86 pounds

Best Overall Hand Drill

Schroeder Hand Drill 1/4-Inch Capacity

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Schroeder-Hand-Drill-4-Inch-Capacity works with ¼” drill bits. The hand drill provides excellent control while drilling without the use of any electricity. The Schroeder-Hand-Drill provides a smooth gear and a wooden handle that is comfortable to operate. It is easy to turn and control the RPMs. The smooth operation can be used for home improvement projects as well as professionals. The grip is built to be comfortable and not create hand strain even with prolonged use. There is a 3 jaw chuck that is included with the drill. Schroeder drill has a total length of 9 ¼” inches and is only 8.8 ounces. This is a great drill for working with soft woods that have a tendency to splinter. The drill is made in Germany of top quality material.

  • 4 inch drill that fits ¼” drill bits
  • No electricity needed
  • Total length is 9 ¼” inches
  • Includes a 3 jaw chuck
  • Great for soft wood with a tendency to splinter

Best Budget Hand Drill

Fiskars Hand Drill

4.3/5 Product Rating

The Fiskars-PowerGrip-Hand-Drill-85116984J is the perfect drill for jobs that are on the go. This hand drill does not need any electricity or batteries to operate. It uses standard drill bits (which are not included with the drill purchase). The Fiskars-PowerGrip-Hand-Drill-85116984J is perfect for small jobs that need quick drilling. The gear system provides for smooth operation. The gears are enclosed completely by a housing which is made of durable ABS material. The Fiskars-PowerGrip-Hand-Drill-85116984J only weighs 8 ounces and is 9.8 inches long. The drill is angled to provide easier drilling in hard to reach locations. The crank is on the side of the drill which provides easier drilling and more precision. It takes a maximum bit size of ¼”. The handle provides a comfortable grip. It comes in black and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Uses standard drill bits
  • Side crank with gears enclosed in ABS housing
  • Angled for ease of use in hard to reach locations
  • Maximum drill bit size is ¼”
  • Lifetime warranty

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