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Hockey Bag

Hockey Bag Reviews

While playing hockey you are required to wear a lot of equipment. To help you carry your equipment to and from practice and games a hockey bag is very convenient. Hockey bags will help keep you organized and will fit all your protective equipment, hockey skates, uniform, change of clothes, etc. in one place. The following hockey bags are the best on the market and are made of top quality materials that will last from heavy use.

Most Popular Hockey Bag


5/5 Product Rating

The Tour Hockey Team Series Player Ice Hockey Bag has a very colorful design making it a perfect bag no matter what color your uniform or preferences may be. This bag can be easily carried. This will save you both time and energy when transporting your hockey equipment from place to place. The bag feature will reduce strain on your back and neck because your hockey equipment can be very heavy when accumulated. The Tour Hockey Team Series Player Ice Hockey Bag is 32 x 18 x 15 inches in size and is perfect for goalies. Goalies can even more equipment than other hockey players and this bag will fit all of your required equipment in one bag. To make the hockey bag more durable, it is made with strong nylon to allow the bag to maintain its shape and last a long time. The nylon material also allows the hockey bag to have reinforced protection against tears. The straps are adjustable giving you a lot of room for all of your equipment.

  • Colorful design
  • Can relieve potential stress
  • 32 x 18 x 15 inches in size
  • Ideal for goalies
  • Made out of strong nylon

Best Overall Hockey Bag


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Grit AirBox 32″ Hockey Bag will allow you to store your many pieces of hockey equipment securely allowing you to focus on your game or practice without having to worry about keeping your equipment together. It can be difficult having to carry so much equipment from place to place. With this hockey bag you will be able to carry your hockey equipment with ease. The bag is 32 x 18 x 16 inches in size and is large enough to keep all of your equipment within one bag. The Grit AirBox 32″ Hockey Bag is made of polyester material which will allow your bag to withstand outside hazards along with your equipment. The material also water resistant. Therefore, even if you put your hockey skates and other semi-wet equipment in your hockey bag, your bag will not be damaged. The handle is made of a strong webbing material that is two inches thick making it easy to carry. The handle is very strong. There are two pockets on the end of this hockey bag that you can put your skates in. This will prevent the hockey bag from being torn on the inside as well as making your hockey skates easily accessible. There is also a zipper on the hockey bag that are made out of nylon to allow you easy entrance into your bag.

  • 32 x 18 x 16 inches in size
  • Made of polyester material
  • Water resistant
  • Handle made of strong webbing
  • The handle is two inches thick

Best Budget Hockey Bag

Hockey Canada

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Hockey Canada Bag [Senior] is certain to help you transport your equipment wherever you need to go. This hockey bag comes in one large size and is black. Because of the large amount of equipment needed in hockey, bags can get very heavy. The Hockey Canada Bag addresses this by adding wheels. Being able to roll your gear relieves back, neck, and arm stress that can occur from carrying heavy bags. The hockey bag is made of tarpaulin and ripstop material making the bag very durable. There is a separate area to hold your helmet. The pocket that holds your helmet is lined with fleece to protect the helmet from scratches or damages while transporting. There is also a section of the bag that will securely hold your hockey sticks. The section was designed to prevent them from breaking or being damaged when you are carrying or rolling this hockey bag.

  • Rolls to prevent back, neck, and arm pain
  • Made of tarpaulin
  • Very durable
  • Separate portion to hold your helmet
  • Section of the bag meant to hold your hockey sticks

Hockey Bag Buying Guide

Hockey Bag 1

Hockey players know the value of having the right bag to haul their gear. There is little more frustrating than having a bag that won’t accommodate all of the equipment and accessories that are required, and this is doubly important when traveling to and from games in different locations. One brief glance shows that there is a wide variety of brands, sizes and styles available. Finding the right hockey bag, can present somewhat of a challenge unless you know precisely what it is that you are looking for. This guide is prepared to help you know what to look for in a hockey bag, so you will be able to more easily narrow down the choices and end up with a bag that will be the most suitable to meet your needs.

What Do You Need from Your New Hockey Bag

The type of bag that will work best for you will depend upon a few different factors. To begin with, how will you be using the bag? Will you be using it to transport the gear for long distances? Are you a player or a coach? How much gear and how many accessories will you be taking along with you? When you have an idea of how much room you will need and if you will require additional storage compartments of various sizes, you’ll better know what size and style of bag that will work best for you.

Different Types of Hockey Bags

Depending upon the position you play, or if you are a coach or referee, not all bags provide the same room or features. The major types of hockey bags are Hockey coaches’ bags, Equipment bags, referee bags, goalie bags, helmet bags, puck bags, stick bags and wheel bags.

Coaches’ Hockey Bags

There are duffel styles that feature a shoulder sling and handles for ease in carrying with a large zippered opening either on the top or the side, side pockets featuring either zippers or mesh elastic. Duffel style is the most popular for coaches. Puck bags designed to hold the pucks and keep them separate from the other equipment can be either carried separately or stored inside some of the larger duffel style bags. Some bags come with a separate zippered toiletry bag which can also be stored in duffels.

Referee Hockey Bag

The referee bag is designed for a fast and easy way to transport all of the equipment that a ref would need. Although smaller in size, it is also good for coaches or anyone who is carrying less than a full set of hockey gear.

Hockey Bag 2

Hockey Equipment Bags

Equipment bags come in a variety of sizes and styles from junior and youth sizes to senior full sized bags. They also come in duffel or backpack styles. Backpack styles feature two shoulder straps for carrying and the duffel type feature top handles and a shoulder strap. Most models of the larger duffel style equipment bags come with wheels for ease in transport. Many of the backpack style bags also have the option of wheels for ease in pulling. There are many options when it comes to storage compartment style. Different bags are designed with a variety of layouts so accommodate gear and accessories of different sizes for keeping them separate, safer and more accessible.

Hockey Goalie Bags

Goalie bags are designed to meet the needs of goalies with room for all of their equipment and gear, plus any additional accessories that may be needed. The most popular style is the duffel, but backpack varieties are also available. They come in either duffel or backpack style with the options for having wheels for greater ease in transport when walking on a smooth and even surface.

Hockey Stick Bags

Stick bags are designed to safely store and transport hockey sticks. These bags are more of a duffel style and are longer, with a range of features and options. Smaller and more lightweight bags can be used for stick storage only, while some of the larger bags accommodate sticks, puck bags, other gear and equipment and additional accessories. The type of stick bag that you use depends upon whether you want to use the bag solely for transporting the hockey sticks, or if you want to include additional gear in the bag.

What to Look for in Hockey Bags

Consider your space and equipment needs first, then select a bag that will accommodate the amount of gear and if applicable, accessories. Check to make sure that large enough to suit your purposes. Look for a bag that includes the features that you need and sizes of additional compartments that you will require, if any.

Consider if you will need wheels for pulling the bag for long distances while walking. If you plan to take the bag on road trips, you may want to consider a bag with room enough to store additional toiletries and clothing.

When selecting a bag, make sure that the materials and workmanship are of high quality. This will help to ensure that the bag will hold up under use for a reasonable period of time. Zippers should be made of high quality materials and properly installed, working well when tested prior to purchase. Find the style that best meets your needs, for example, if you carry your hockey sticks in a separate bag, the backpack style may be more convenient for you to carry.


With the large array of hockey bags available, it can be a little overwhelming when you first begin your search. By narrowing down your choices by following the tips and recommendations provided in this guide, you are better able to eliminate all but the bags that will best meet your storage and transporting needs. It’s really simple, when you know what you’re looking for. Find a hockey back that you can most easily carry, but also one that will hold all of the gear, equipment, accessories and any personal items that you will need to carry with you. Compare the prices of bags that are made of high quality materials so you can get the best deal possible.

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