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Best Hockey Skate

Hockey Skate 2

Hockey Skate Reviews

Do you enjoy feeling the wind race through your soul as you glide the steady ground beneath your feet? If you enjoyhockey, one of the first pieces of equipment you will need is a pair of hockey skates. By having your own pair of hockey skates your feet can form to the skate preventing blistering and allowing you to be comfortable in a consistent skate rather than having to rent your equipment. The following hockey skates will help you perform your best during your hockey practices and games.

Most Popular Hockey Skate

American Athletic

5/5 Product Rating

The American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates will help you glide across the ice with speed and precision. The sizing on the American Athlete is equivalent to your shoe size. With this benefit you can easily purchase hockey skates that will fit you without the challenge of finding the right size. This pair of hockey skates comes in black and will match any color gear and uniform. They can be used at indoor rinks as well as outdoors on a pond or other stable patch of ice. With these hockey skates you are certain to improve your skills as you enjoy being on the ice. The American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey are meant for beginner hockey players. They will offer new skaters stability around the ankle and lining within the skate that will allow you to break the hockey skate in quickly.

  • Size is equivalent to your shoe size
  • Black in color
  • Affordable price
  • Meant for hockey skaters that are just beginning
  • Offer new skaters stability

Best Overall Hockey Skate


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Tour Hockey Thor 909 Inline Hockey Skates will allow you to glide across the pavement with ease. This pair of hockey skates has four wheels that are 76mm in size. The four wheels will allow you to move with speed and accuracy. The frame is 6000 and made of aluminum allowing the hockey skates to be durable. The strong aluminum material will also allow the skates to maintain their shape over years of use. The Tour Hockey Thor 909 Inline Hockey Skates have a lining that will dry quickly meaning that when you sweat your equipment will stay dry increasing your performance levels. The material around the ankle that will keep the hockey skate stable and the bearings are ABEC 7. This pair of hockey skates will allow you to enjoy your practices and games even more by being comfortable in your new custom fit hockey skates.

  • Four wheels that are 76mm in size
  • Frame is 6000
  • Made of aluminum
  • Lining allowing your skates to dry quickly
  • Material around the ankle that will keep you stable

Best Budget Hockey Skate


4.5/5 Product Rating

The PowerSk8r Super Tacks Ice Hockey Skates are a great pair of hockey skates that will provide comfort and secure your feet while gliding across the ice to score a goal. There are several style options that will provide a hockey skate that will secure your feet comfortably while being stylish. This pair of skates will offer you padding around your ankles making the skate fit securely. The padding will form to your feet making these hockey skates mold into your personal skates. The nylon technology is 3D and will form to your foot. With the nylon features, thePowerSk8r Supreme Senior One hockey skates are very sturdy and will help you move freely without worrying about the performance level of the skates. The hockey skates also have support on the heel to help you play comfortably while giving your feet the support they need. Theyare also very light which allows you to skate faster during your games or practices.

  • Padding on the ankles
  • Padding will form to your feet
  • Nylon technology in 3D
  • Support on the heel
  • Light in weight

Hockey Skate Buying Guide

Hockey Skate 1

Any Hockey player can tell you that regardless of the players’ ability to skate well, the quality of the skate will help to determine the quality of performance. Finding the most suitable pair of hockey skates is a vital aspect of preparing for play. There are quite a few different brand names, types and styles out there, so the task of finding the best pair for you can seem like an overwhelming task. Indeed it can be, that is unless you know precisely what it is that you are looking for in a pair of hockey skates. This guide is designed to help you know what you must look for when shopping for a new pair of hockey skates. The recommendations and tips provided will prepare you to more quickly and easily find the hockey skates that will help to enhance your comfort and performance when in play.

The Basics of Hockey Skate Construction

There are three main parts of a hockey skate. These are; the boot, the plastic holder and the steel runner. This does not vary among different manufactures. But this is where the similarities may end from brand to brand. There are a variety of variations on each of the three parts that can make a difference in how well your natural abilities are enhanced, or detracted from.

The Purpose of Holders and Runners

Holders and runners are designed to provide mobilization for the skater. Most skates that are designed for beginners feature a one-piece combination of holder and runner, but more advanced skates use a two-piece design.

Finding the best quality possible for what your budget allows for comes first, followed by selecting the best possible fit. The reasoning behind this is that when playing hockey, a high velocity impact can shatter the holders and runners, which are generally made of high impact resistant plastic materials.

The two piece construction type allows for easier replacement of broken or damaged parts which is most likely to occur with more experienced and competitive skaters. In the end, the type of design amounts to a matter of preference and practicality. If you have a tendency for breaking these parts, it makes more sense to go with hockey skates that are easily replaced as this can prevent the need for replacing the entire pair of skates.

Depending upon the price of the skates to begin with, replacing the runners in some cases, can be nearly as expensive as replacing the pair of skates in totality. This however; is not true of the more expensive skates, in which case, two-piece construction is more strongly recommended.

Hockey Skate 3

Boot Portions

High levels of technology currently go into the construction of high quality hockey boot parts. The goal of most manufacturers in a competitive market is to construct a boot that features the most lightweight design possible, which provides high levels of support and responsiveness. A few of the more popular materials include carbon composite or texalium glass with thermo-formable foam that features an anti microbial hydrophobic liner. When attempting to distinguish the quality of the boot, some things to take into account are the weight, protection offered, comfort and durability.

Purposes of Boot Construction Components and What to Look For

The boot shell should feature a quarter package that is precision stitched to provide the best flexibility and support possible. The ankle padding foam should provide comfort and support for the ankle areas. The heel support should help to comfortably secure the foot inside of the skate boot. The padding in the tongue should provide ample protection for the top of the foot and the front area of the ankle without making too tight of a fit, but should fit snugly.

The outsole of the boot must be rigid and securely hold the holder and runner when properly mounted. The foot bed should be removable. It is a padded insert that fits into the bottom of the skate boot upon which your foot will rest. Finally, the liner should contain the right amount of padding to provide for a comfortable yet secure fit that is neither too loose, nor too snug.

Determining Your Foot Type

One of the most important parts of choosing the best hockey skates is to identify your individual foot type. This can affect the overall fit of the skate and determine the model that will be most suitable for you. Some of the distinctions that are made in different models of skate include the depth and the width and this will affect the way the skate fits your foot and the comfort level that you will experience. Some skates are designed for people with narrow feet, others for those with average or wide widths. Some people have higher arches in their feet while others may be more flat footed or have an average type arch. When considering your options, bear in mind that the skate will need to fit your specific foot type in addition to the size in accordance to the length of your foot.

Choose Hockey Skates Intended For Your Level of Play

The level at which you are playing can also be a determining factor in the type of hockey skates that will be best suited to meet your needs. For example, if you are a dynamic and competitive player, the skates should be of the quality of materials and construction that will hold up under the intended type of use and provide you with the highest degree of performance and protection. Less competitive players may not require the same level of precision and durability required for those more actively involved in the sport. The intended purpose of the skates and the quality requirements will be reflected in the price that you will pay.

There are distinctions made in the design and construction of recreational hockey skates and those which are preferred and most highly recommended for competitive or professional hockey players.


When you know precisely what it is that you are looking for, purchasing a new pair of hockey skates becomes a much easier task. Being prepared in advance by knowing what the skates will be used for, the level of precision and protection required, and having a ball park idea of the budget allowance will narrow the choices that are available. Regardless of your level of play, finding a well fitting pair of comfortable skates that enhance your performance will help you to avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse down the road.

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