How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Some of the best aromas and appealing coffee beverages can come from using a brand new coffee maker. When the aroma and flavor become less appealing, it is probably time for a cleaning. It is important to clean your machine the right way so your coffee doesn’t end up tasting like soap or the cleaner. Using vinegar is among the most highly recommended methods. This discussion will give you some useful tips and instructions to show you how to clean a coffee maker using vinegar.

How frequently should you clean your coffee maker?

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One of the most notorious germ factories in your kitchen is your coffee maker. It gets worse when grounds are left in the maker in paper filters for any length of time. Bacteria quickly form in the moist paper and grounds, especially after they have cooled to a warm temperature and below. The reservoir of your coffee maker is no exception. Studies have shown that coliform bacteria, mold and yeast form quickly in both of these areas. This means that in addition to maintaining great smelling and tasting coffee, cleaning is necessary to cut down on the number of germs that live in this appliance. In order to keep your maker reasonably clean, you should wash all of the removable parts with warm and soapy water after each use, open the lid to the reservoir and allow it to dry completely.

Heavy duty cleaning with vinegar

The more frequent cleaning strategy of simple soap and water is great for killing germs, but a more intense cleaning is required to keep your machine running at its best, and enhance the flavor of coffee. Cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar should be done once per month to help decalcify the machine and keep the drip strong and steady.

How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar

White vinegar is the best cleaner for coffee makers. Start by filling the reservoir of your coffee maker with one half vinegar and one half clear clean water. Make sure that you put a paper filter into the filter basket. Turn the machine on to the brew cycle. After the machine has brewed half of the vinegar and water solution, turn it off and allow to sit for a half an hour. This allows the vinegar to sit in all of the important internal parts and give it a good and thorough cleaning. At the end of the 30 minutes, turn the maker on again and finish the brewing cycle.

Empty the carafe of the vinegar solution and rinse. Remove the filter from the filter basket and discard. You will see the evidence of how well this process works by the amount of debris that is collected into the filter. Put a new paper filter into the basket and repeat the process one more time. There should be less debris in the filter on the second cleansing. Using a new paper filter, run a pot of clean clear water only through the coffee maker.

This process is one of the most effective ways to thoroughly clean the inner workings of your coffee maker. It dislodges and removes build-ups of calcium from hard water, residual oils and other debris from the coffee, and it kills any growing germs and bacteria in all of the parts of your coffee maker.


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