How to Install a Whole House Fan

How to Install a Whole House Fan

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There are different ways that you can go about cooling off your home to allow your family to live in it comfortably. You do not have to rely on air conditioning alone when it comes to cooling off your home or giving the place more air. There are fan options that you can choose. You might consider adding a whole house fan to your home, and if you do, you need to know how to install that. You need to know the correct way of getting such a fan in place in your home and putting it to use. Learn what you need to do to install a whole house fan in your house.

1. Choose a Whole House Fan

If you have decided to use a fan to help cool off your entire home, you have to find the fan that will work out the best for you. If you are going to go through the bother of putting a fan in place in your home, you have to know that the fan that you have chosen will do a good job of cooling off the home. You need to know that the fan that you have picked out will run well and keep on working for a long time. Choose a fan that you can rely on to work out well for you.

2. Unpack All of the Pieces

Before you can begin the installation process, you need to empty out all of the pieces that came with the fan. You need to go through all that you had received when you purchased the fan, and you need to make sure that everything that you should have is in your possession. Unpack everything and look it over to make sure that you are ready to begin the installation process.

3. Choose the Best Placement for the Fan

It is important that you pick the right place for the fan. You need to figure out which room you would like to put the fan in and where it will have the most impact. Choose the location where the fan will go so that you can begin the installation work.

4. Cut a Hole in the Ceiling

When you know where you want the fan to go, then you need to make a place for it. You need to cut through the drywall in the ceiling where the fan is going to go. You need to make a cut that is just large enough for the fan. It is important that you handle this step carefully and that you know just how big the hole needs to be.

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5. Move to the Attic to Handle Installation Work

When the hole is in place, then you need to head up to your attic with the fan to get it into place. You need to set the fan up and make sure that everything is connected properly. You need to follow the instructions that come with the fan to make sure that you have it in place just how it should be.

6. Install the Ceiling Grill

After the fan is in place, you need to put the ceiling grill on to help finish things up. This piece will give you a good appearance in the spot where the fan is in place. Put the grill in place and then fasten on the decorative cover.

7. Handle the Wiring

It is important that the fan is wired correctly for it to work appropriately and safely. You need to be careful as you figure out the wiring, or you need to hire someone who will carefully work for you. Make sure that everything is handled in the exact way that it is meant to be done.

8. Put Your New Fan to Use and Cool Off Your Home

When the installation work is completed, and your fan is in place, then it is time to try the fan out. Turn it on, and see how it changes up the atmosphere in your home. Admire the work that you have completed and the way that the fan that you installed helps to cool off your whole home. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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